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Pokemon Sword & Shield English Overview trailer


Nintendo UK has finally uploaded the English overview trailer for the forthcoming Pokemon Sword & Shield games on the Nintendo Switch system. Weighing in at over five minutes of goodness the video gives a showcase of what to expect from the mainline Pokemon games and the expansive Galar region on Nintendo’s latest system. Pre-loads for Pokemon Sword & Shield are live right now and you get double Gold Points if you pre-order ahead of 15th November. Without further ado, here’s the English overview trailer!

12 thoughts on “Pokemon Sword & Shield English Overview trailer”

      1. Everything after X/Y also didn’t have a national dex, but hey I guess some people can’t wait to waste their life’s on getting 800+ pokémon ready for battle and not use 700 of them.
        Unfortunately people like the guy above ruined every hype I had left for this game with all their whining and whiteknighting instead of just playing a game like it’s supposed to be played – wishing everyone that gets it fun – Cause I know I won’t

        1. It’s not a waste of time if they enjoy collecting things. It’s like telling people they are wasting their time trying to get all of their favorite Yu-Gi-Oh! or Pokemon cards. Or collecting stamps. Or collecting bottle caps. Or collecting rocks. Or collecting amiibo. Or collecting video games. Them being digital code shouldn’t change the person’s enjoyment of collecting them if they actually enjoy it. So some people are still playing the game for fun because some people find collecting things to be fun. Nothing wrong with that.

        2. Oh & you shouldn’t let the “whining” or “white knighting” of others effect whether you go see a movie or buy a video game. If you can enjoy what others don’t, then say why you enjoy it & then go enjoy it. If you hate what others enjoy, say why you hate it & then go find something else. Never keep your opinions to yourself just because it might offend someone else. As long as you aren’t stalking & attacking others for having a different opinion to your own, carry on & give a middle finger to those that say otherwise.

          1. I see your point and I agree on some of them… However if you look at the way some people behave, you really lose interest in some things – this time around the pokémon community really took it up a step this time and went full blown idiot mode.
            I’ve played, collected and battled pokémon for 20 years, I want to continue to do exactly that, but this might be a good place to take a break for now.
            Also, I didn’t mean to make fun of people that like collecting their 800+ pocket monsters, it’s just that some people talk about these digital codes like they mean the world to them and whatnot – I simply can’t help but get a bit grumpy, I don’t know what it is.
            Maybe I’m just strange.

      2. Yeah, Sun and Moon had 395 Pokemon in its base game. While ORAS has t̶o̶o̶ ̶m̶u̶c̶h̶ ̶w̶a̶t̶e̶r a hefty 719 Pokemon IF you transfer the Pokemon that weren’t in ORAS from X and Y.

      3. “Everything after X/Y also didn’t have a national dex, but hey I guess some people can’t wait to waste their life’s on getting 800+ pokémon ready for battle and not use 700 of them.”

        Wow. That’s an impressively dishonest argument you just made. Obviously virtually no one wants to prep 800 or even 100 of those pokemon, they just want the freedom to choose the 6-15 they actually want.

        ” instead of just playing a game like it’s supposed to be played”

        You do not get to define how other people have fun. You only get to define how you have fun. Other people can love or hate the game for absolutely any reason they want, no matter how little you personally relate to how they play the game.

        “wishing everyone that gets it fun – Cause I know I won’t”

        If your enjoyment of a property is dependent on the internet at large loving it too, get off the internet immediately. You must be living a miserable life.

    1. Sun and Moon only has 395 Pokemon in it, that’s less than 400+ Pokemon… Also, while you can have 719 Pokemon in ORAS, that’s only if you transfer the Pokemon that weren’t in ORAS’s base game from X and Y. So if you don’t transfer from X and Y, you’ll only be stuck with 454 Pokemon and that’s including the Pokemon you need to catch on the randomly appearing islands that need an internet connection and the Hoenn dex only has 211 of that.

      1. “this new game cut the best and worse Pokemon in the game.”

        Ok. I’m extremely curious. What’s your objective measurement for the best and worst Pokemon?

  1. Everyone, i would be very careful, because software pirates and some youtubers will get the game early from retails and from Nintendo before the release and they will upload it on there channels to spoiled the game’s story mode and other gyms that have not been shown off yet. Yeah, i know its gonna happen again for the third time.

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