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Nintendo reports annual earnings this week

Nintendo is set to announce its annual earnings on Thursday this week and all eyes will be set on the Kyoto-based company. Nintendo is expected to announce the first 12 days of sales of the immensely popular Animal Crossing: New Horizons game on the Nintendo Switch system. The company will also provide updated sales figures for the Switch platform which has seen a huge rise in demand during the coronavirus lockdown worldwide.

Japanese gaming giant Nintendo will report full-year results on Thursday. Its earnings will include figures for the first 12 days of video game sales of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, which has become a global hit offering an escape for quarantined players. The Switch console has also seen a rise in demand since the coronavirus outbreak and is expected to have boosted revenue. The company revised upward its outlook for Switch in late January from 18 million to 19.5 million units.


14 thoughts on “Nintendo reports annual earnings this week”

      1. Considering they had sold 2.5 million copies in Japan (not even including digital) in that time, I think you might be surprised at how crazy these sales are. 15 million is the mad end of the spectrum, but I think 12 million is completely plausible.

  1. The leader in video games leading in video games, is God sent to us in a beautiful bow. This is as gaming should always be. The financials are 7th on the importance scale. Nintendo providing great gaming and calm relief in these perilous times is the second important paradigm we got and needed.


  2. So are the producers of Animal Crossing immediately working on another one for the next generation console to be released the first year whenever that console debuts or they not doing nothing for 9 to 12 years?

    If Nintendo’s next generation console will be weaker than PS5 and Series X then immediately get started on next Animal Crossing to release it the same time as the Console debut. That way it will get a good headstart.

    But we know that’s not happening for another 12 years so by the time that console arrives we going to get a.lot of “Please Understand.” If they started immediately then the next console would have more new games rather than ports where as for 2020 a draught in Nintendo games? Because they dont work on games immediately.

    1. Ok so… You do know that the people who make Animal Crossing or Pikmin or whatever don’t JUST make those games, right? Also did you know that Nintendo often recruits other teams to do support work for teams working on large projects? Do you also realize that there’s not employees just sitting around doing nothing because how do they make money unless they produce a product?

      I can’t speak for everyone but I know I’m just tied of seeing these nonsense comments that Nintendo is just sitting around doing nothing while, for some unknown reason, are just getting free money for making nothing.

    2. It doesn’t take 9 or 12 years to make animal crossing games lonegest time it took to make an ac game was new horizons which basicly was 6 years apart from new leaf, every since its debut its appear on ever latest nintendo console, also people are barely working on games because of the corona, its not just nintendo, many devs and other game companies have explain it’s very hard to develop a game from home due to communication issues and etc, why do you think many big and important events have been cancelled, and other games have had a hard time reciveing release dates or just getting delayed , please do some research next time, not trying to be mean or anything.

    3. ||Do us a favor Tobiyyah (JTZ) and cry us a river…||

      ||If you have any complaint about high command then write to them directly instead of crying here…||

  3. If the producers of Luigi’s Mansion 3 got started immediately on a sequel we could be paying another $59.99 rather than $459 to play it.

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