Leak: LEGO Nintendo Entertainment System coming 1st August 2020

A LEGO Nintendo Entertainment System has leaked via a Chinese site VJ Gamer. The special system will be available on Saturday, 1st August. It will cost 229.99 Euros and contains 2,646 pieces. The device comes with a little TV and a cartridge. A teaser for the device has just been tweeted by the LEGO Group.



  1. I have no sense of scale on this thing… I wonder how big it is?

    The Nintendo – Lego partnership is producing some very unusual sets. I would have expected just a big old Peach’s Castle playset or something before we started getting stuff like this.

  2. Is this like nostagial bait, I mean yeah its cute but will it actually play games, or do something interesting like the mario set, I already heard that some of mario legos parts, and sets are a steep price and some of them don’t look worthy of there price, I’m not buying this but I hope its around 30-40 for people who wants this

      1. Dang isn’t that almost around the price for a switch, how in the world does anyone come up with that type of price, this really is some nostalgic bait, I feel like it’s gone sell anyway especially for people who are Lego collecters

    1. all lego kits are way pricey. check it out on google or amazon. I don’t think a good price means it actually works, thats just how much legos go for somehow

      1. The short answer is branding.

        The slightly longer answer is that once upon a time, lego did not really leverage intellectual properties to sell blocks. They had generic pirate sets and castle sets. Eventually, lego sales started to dip. They reinvented themselves leaning VERY heavily on lego sets made from familiar franchises. This was quite succesful, though it meant paying an arm and a leg for those rights. Then Lego established a place of market dominance, and started charging a premium for their branding as well. So in essence you’re paying for (at least) two brands in one product.

  3. -“I wonder if Lego and Nintendo are working on cool Zelda sets, like Hyrule Castle, or cool Metroid sets like the battle against Ridley or…”
    -Here’s a literal NES, fam.
    -That’ll be $250.

  4. I’m tellin ya… they could make a fun DIY Fire Emblem lego game. I mean… it could definitely work as a Lego video game but they could also use literal lego’s to make FE maps, custom units, etc. It’d probably be a lot more engaging than the weird Mario game they’re making.

  5. This isn’t what I expected from a Nintendo LEGO set. It’s not bad, but it’s certainly bizarre. Where’s the more conventional stuff like a Hyrule Castle Zelda set? Or LEGO Planet Zebes with Samus, Ridley, and Mother Brain?

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