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The Nintendo Switch outsells the NES

Recent Famitsu sales from Japan have confirmed this week that the mighty Nintendo Switch system has outsold the classic Nintendo Entertainment System. Nintendo’s latest financial earnings report revealed that the Nintendo Switch had sold 61 million units, which is the same as the Nintendo Entertainment System. However, updated sales figures reveal that it has now sailed past the retro system as Switch sales are at 62 million units. This hasn’t even taken into account sales in other regions, so it is likely much higher now.


11 thoughts on “The Nintendo Switch outsells the NES”

  1. PS4 – 108 Million Units
    Xbox One – 48 Million Units
    Nintendo Switch – 62 Million Units

    Well if the rumours are true that the PS5 might actually be even more weaker than the Xbox Series X, then maybe they could pull a Nintendo and utilize their exclusives and controller more because it seems Nintendo Switch, despite being the weaker console, is doing incredibly well!

    Shows that no matter how weak people say you are, you can always reach for the stars and show them up!

    1. “This hasn’t even taken into account sales in other regions, so it is likely much higher now.” With this, Switch may have well outsold the PS4 now xD

      1. No no, it’s not 62 million in Japan alone. The 61 million units was worldwide sales, but the 62 million is only adding in recent Japanese sales rather than worldwide sales. It’s still got a way to go before it outsells the PS4.

    2. In Nintendo’s case, the gimmicks and marketing is what makes things sell. The Wii U had some great games but performed abysmally. Sony seems to have a more loyal playerbase who will buy their new consoles no matter what from what I’ve seen.

  2. Wow! I think the stupid coronavirus helped give it a huge boost. I’ll always love the NES, and it’s hard to imagine ANYTHING passing it up in sales. But the Switch has definitely remained strong and successful. I only wish Iwata could see how well it’s doing. I still remember complaining in the early days that there were no games on the Switch, and getting annoyed at people for saying it had over 100 games because they were counting the digital releases (which don’t count whatsoever). But there sure are a LOT of physical games on the Switch now. I now have over 140, even though I’ve only played through like 3 or 4 of them. To say I have a huge backlog of games to play is an understatement.

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