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Pokemon HOME will link up with Pokemon GO connectivity before the end of the year

During today’s Pokemon presentation by The Pokemon Company it was announced that Pokemon GO connectivity will come to Pokemon HOME before the end of the year. You’ll be able to transfer the Pokemon you have caught in the hit smartphone title into Pokemon HOME and use them in Pokemon Sword & Shield. Sadly a specific date was not mentioned, but more details are bound to be announced soon. Also when you first transfer, you’ll receive a special Gigantamax Melmetal.

4 thoughts on “Pokemon HOME will link up with Pokemon GO connectivity before the end of the year”

    1. Why would you expect that to be the case? Its an extremely unusual feature. Its a game that runs on an entirely different system, both in terms of technology as well as in terms of the base functionality of the pokemon. Transferring Pokemon from Go to Shield requires generating a lot of stats that don’t exist in Go, and doing so in a theme consistent way for all Pokemon. I can’t think of any comparable feature for any other game.

      Cool that they’re doing it, but FAR from weird that it wasn’t possible yet. GameFreak doesn’t even have anything to do with Go.

      1. Except they already have had the stat calculations in place for 2 years now. You can transfer from GO to Let’s Go, and then from Let’s go to Home. I’ve already done it to send some pokes over.

      2. @jinglefruit

        Where are you getting 2 years? Pokemon Home is less than a year old, and the stats in Let’s Go are an incomplete version of the main series stats. At absolute best you could say that they’ve had a conversion for Let’s Go since Febuary of this year, but that’s nowhere near the 2 years you’re claiming.

        Then you ignore all the other reasons this is an extremely unusual feature. Gamefreak has nothing to do with Niantic. Why is this a feature anyone would not only expect at launch, but be dumb founded and irritated at it not being there? No other game series does this with its unrelated titles produced by different developers.

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