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The Witcher 3 for Nintendo Switch has been updated to version 3.7

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt for Nintendo Switch has recently been updated to version 3.7 with the patch addressing localisation for Simplified Chinese, bug fixes and more. Most notably, the update fixes issues surrounding cloud saves to and from Steam and Back in February, the game saw a huge patch that provided players with some substantial visual improvements, so it’s nice to see the developers are still at work ensuring the experience is the best it can be on Nintendo’s hybrid console.

You can view a list of changes below:

  • Updated fonts and localisation for Simplified Chinese
  • Fixed an issue with multiple file transfers to/from Steam and GOG.COM cloud saves service, which resulted in blocked progress
  • Numerous bug fixes
  • Overall stability improvements


3 thoughts on “The Witcher 3 for Nintendo Switch has been updated to version 3.7”

  1. I can’t wait until the Witcher IV comes out. I hope I’m not too old (or dead) to care about it by the time that happens. The Witcher III was one of those games that was very special to me. I bought it on a gamble that I MIGHT like it on the PS4 (back when the Complete Edition became available). And I’m SO glad I did.

    1. I’ve played it briefly on ps4 and it was great for the few hours I played. Just bought it used for switch on eBay for $30 so that is well worth it to me lol

      I have high hopes for the glory of cyberpunk coming up. Witcher 4 would be cool but I’m not sure if they’ve announced any plans for that one.

  2. I am a an ardent switch user and hope 2k will develop a fifa game for us.Also I am itching to see uncharted and batman game on switch

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