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Rumour: Second DLC pack for The Outer Worlds coming soon

The Outer Worlds from developers Obsidian Entertainment is out now on Nintendo Switch and its already got DLC available to download on other platforms. While we wait for a confirmed date for the first bout of DLC to be made available on Switch, Tyler McVicker, creator of Valve News Network on YouTube, has supposedly been made aware that a second lot of DLC will be launching in a few months’ time. We won’t spoil it here, but you can view some of the assets from the upcoming DLC by viewing his tweet here. In his tweet, Tyler shows off some of the new map, items and other stuff that is reportedly in the works for the DLC.

We’re still sitting tight for the first DLC to make an appearance for the Nintendo Switch version of The Outer Worlds but we did get a substantial update not too long ago for the title not long ago that improved its performance.

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