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Nintendo has been registering trademarks for Zelda games ahead of 35th anniversary

The beloved The Legend of Zelda series will be celebrating its 35th anniversary very soon and ahead of this the Kyoto-based company has been trademarking a number of classic games in the series. Nintendo has issued registration application trademarks for The Legend of Zelda: Phantom HourglassWind WakerSkyward Sword, and Ocarina of Time. While Nintendo has been trademarking The Legend of Zelda games, there’s no confirmation that we will get re-releases for the Nintendo Switch, as Twisted Voxel notes. This could just be standard practice, considering most companies do it to protect their intellectual properties, but with the franchise’s anniversary in a few days it is certainly interesting timing.

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  1. Can we finally get a complete collection of every Zelda game pre-switch in one package, that would literally be the best selling collection of games ever if every Zelda game were packaged and sold in one collection on Switch, excluding Botw that is.
    I wouldn’t be mad at a Breath of the Wild complete edition with DLC on the cartridge tho, just throwing some good cash grab ideas out there is all I’m sayin O_O


    1. Yea that would just ruin all their potential profit even though I agree it should be done as a gamer but doesn’t make much sense business wise.

      They will continue to release smaller bundles at full price to maximize profits. That’s just the corporate way.

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  2. BotW 2 would suffice. Remakes don’t excite me much since we got WE and TP remastered not too long ago. I played the excellent on Wii in 2012 so I don’t miss it just yet.

    Same goes for OoT, MM, LA and to extent ALTP since ALBW is a spiritual remake.

    Tldr; BotW 2 this year please and thank you.


  3. I just loved playing Ocarina of Time and Wind Waker back to back.
    When I played Wind Waker after beating Ocarina of Time I felt like it was a true sequel seeing Link put the sword back in the pedestal then centuries later the next generation Link take the sword out. Just seeing the old Hyrule flooded under water. And when Link restores the Master Sword using my first person camera just to see where I was on Ocarina of Time. I just move these two Zelda Games.

    It is music, the characters, the game play and very emotional to me with playing Ocarina of Time and Wind Waker back to back.
    Breathe of the Wild doesn’t even come close.


    1. Skyward Sword was good and has one of the best Zelda stories, but man, once you’ve played BotW and go back to SS, the transition from being able to go anywhere in an open world to being forced to go where the game tells you when it tells you in set, defined locations, it’s jarring. I went from “Kakariko Village is on the other side of this hill; one quick climb and I’m there,” to “What do you mean Link can’t climb this wall? IT’S A 6-INCH JUMP TO GRAB THE LEDGE.”

      Just… be ready to be spoon-fed a loooooot of stuff in its first few hours.


  4. i know its unlikely, but id love to see Phantom and Spirit Tracks get remade in a more “conventional” way, like with a Wind Waker style camera maybe, or top down would still be fine I suppose, but rework the gameplay so that a lot of it can be done without the touch screen mechanics

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  5. So many things Nintendo could do that we want to see but they have a nasty habit of not doing any of them. I’ll keep my wants to myself for a change. Except Ocarina of Time in unreal engine with an augmented story that adds more story without drastically changing what’s already there. Lol


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