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Grezzo, the studio behind Zelda remakes, is involved in Miitopia’s development

One of the more surprising announcements in the latest Nintendo Direct was Miitopia for Nintendo Switch. The remake of the 3DS game is coming to the hybrid console on 21st May this year and it appears that Grezzo, the studio behind the most recent Zelda remakes, has helped with the development. Thanks to the credit section on the official Nintendo webpage for the title, Grezzo is mentioned alongside Nintendo.

The studio is highly regarded with their list of projects including the likes of Zelda: Link’s Awakening on Switch, Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D and Majora’s Mask 3D. So if you’re thinking of purchasing the Mii-themed RPG should note that it’s in good hands.

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12 thoughts on “Grezzo, the studio behind Zelda remakes, is involved in Miitopia’s development”

    1. I think that we all hope that the Oracle duo is Switch-bound. Imagine NOT having to put in those annoying codes.

  1. Man, I still have the 3DS Miitopia, new and unopened. I never got around to playing it. Which is the case for hundreds of my games. Funny thing is, it was only recently that I discovered that the Switch had a Mii option/mode. I didn’t know it did. Why? I don’t know. Even more strange is that my niece didn’t know either. I guess neither of us ever really paid much attention to the options.

      1. Stupid phone.
        They really downplayed the Mii function of the Switch in order to keep it distinct from the Wii/Wii U. Other then Smash Ultimate, the only use for Miis before this was your character profile pic.

  2. Remake? Everything shown in the Direct looks like a straight upscale from the 3DS rather than a remake. Certainly couldn’t have been an important project of Grezzo’s unless there is a ton of added content they aren’t showing.

    1. It looks like there was a few new things. You don’t have horses in the original and there seems to be more Mii customization options.

      Probably still the same story and levels though.

    1. A remake of that would be nice. I hated the controls of the game but stuck with it for the story & overall gameplay. Never went back to it after that. So a remake with traditional controls would definitely make me happy cuz I’d love to play it again. Not interested in returning to it otherwise.

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