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Amazon Mexico lists New Nintendo Switch Pro and quickly removes it

Amazon Mexico has perhaps jumped the gun and listed a New Nintendo Switch Pro system for sale. Pricing and a release date weren’t announced in the listing and it has since been removed. Bloomberg and Eurogamer have both said that a reveal for the revised Switch system is imminent, so hopefully we won’t have long to wait until Nintendo unveils the more powerful system which is said to replace the current Switch and will be sold alongside the cheaper Switch Lite system.

11 thoughts on “Amazon Mexico lists New Nintendo Switch Pro and quickly removes it”

  1. Rememberto include that I SuperMetalDave64 was the first ine to report the existence of this rumored new Switch, in other words in PHROphesied the Switch Pro.

    1. yeah and I remember very well the first one who was against the NX being the current switch was you.. being completely wrong about your predictions and calling nintendo stupid if they’re gonna do it (the current switch) and they are way smarter than that.. so please stop it with this now as anyone can predict from nintendo’s history that an upgraded model is inevitably coming ugh..

  2. Correct me if I’m wrong, but afaik retailers only get general information about a new product from a company. Something like the category it belongs to, possible release date and some product number. Maybe even a suggested retail price. But not a name like “Switch Pro”. No images, no specs, nothing. This alleged Switch Pro might be something entirely different like an accessory or N64 mini. Retailers don’t know much more than we do. Maybe someone at Amazon Mexico even made a joke.

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