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Nintendo shares new Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl commercial

The release date for the Chibi-styled Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl remakes for the Nintendo Switch is fast approaching. We have just a few weeks to go until Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Pokemon Shining Pearl are released and to celebrate and advertise the upcoming games, Nintendo of America has shared a new TV commercial which is a spectacular mix of real world and Switch footage to get the hype machine rolling. Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Pokemon Shining Pearl are due to be released on Nintendo Switch 19th November.


  1. I would be excited for Victorybell but energy ball, sludge bomb, hyper beam and thief are not infinite use TM’s.

    1. Then……how about just save those TM’s for when you get a Victorybell? Since this is gen 4, the best pokemon who can use those tm’s already either learn them via level up or by move tutor (Gengar, Roserade, Venasaur, vileplume, Houndoom, etc). Or better yet, study gen 4’s breeding mechanics. I’m pretty sure Sludge Bomb & Energy Ball can be egg moves.

  2. I wish I could filter out Adrive videos on youtube. I really hate his fake spoilers. I don’t even look for his videos. I stopped watching them in 2016. His videos clog up results when I look for legit trailers. He should lose monetization for his fake news discussing new pokemon games.

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