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Nintendo Switch Online members to get Missions, Rewards and new Icons

Nintendo has announced a new initiative for Nintendo Switch Online subscribers in the form of new missions and rewards and new player icons. You can now get My Nintendo Platinum Points by using the Nintendo Switch Online service and then redeem the points for exclusive rewards.To access the new missions and rewards simply head over to the Nintendo Switch Online app on your Nintendo Switch System. Each month will have a different theme i.e Mario and will see you able to choose a different set of user icons for your Switch profile which will be refreshed each week. You will be able to get customisable frames, characters, or background elements to create your very own unique Switch user icon.

Available until 3rd April:

Animal Crossing: New Horizons (March birthdays) and Super Mario Odyssey icons


12 thoughts on “Nintendo Switch Online members to get Missions, Rewards and new Icons”

      1. It does feel like a missed opportunity for introducing themes or some sort of Switch successor to Nintendo Badge Arcade.

    1. Honestly if they gave switch themes a background for you redeem your points on that would be a little better, but it still feels like Nintendo is scraping the barrel to make the online service worth it for it’s price at least it isn’t lock to just expansion that way people who pay for the normal service can also access it as well.

  1. I’ve been wanting new user icons, as well as something to do with my massive stockpile of Platinun points for a while so…yay? Themes would be better but it is a step.

  2. New icons every so often, eh?

    Watch them just be the same 3 series though: Mario, Zelda, and Kirby. No love for anything that’s not those three. I hate that there isn’t even one F-Zero icon, even if it’s just Captain Falcon.

  3. Nintendo, what is the target demographic you’re aiming for here? While this does feel like a typical Nintendo thing to do, I don’t really see this engaging the more mature player base. The younger players will definitely see the appeal, but the older and more vocal player base will see this as just another “baby step” in a long line of baby steps. The Switch is gonna be five years old, shouldn’t the Switch be walking, running, and firing on all cylinders by now? A majority of the player base is.

  4. Im kinda new on The Switch, so The Switch doesn’t have themes so you can have a custom background? I know I’ve looked and all i seen was either solid white or solid blk background. Kinda surprised “if it doesn’t have themes” or someway of having pictures in the background like PlayStation. Stupid question, but I’ve only had a switch for about 2 months. Not sure if having a custom background or themes even possible.
    I usually just screen shot pictures on PlayStation and have a custom theme, is having a theme or background picture even possible on The switch?

  5. Liking that Peach icon. I’m contemplating getting it even if I rarely, if ever, use it. Themes for Switch would have been better, though. Oh, Ninty. Themes actually do sell, y’kno.

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