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NVIDIA leaks mention NVN2, NVN is the Switch graphics API, suggesting revised Switch model on the horizon

Nintendo switch (oled model)

Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa recently stated during the company’s financials that the Switch system is still in the middle of its lifespan, meaning that we are unlikely to get a successor to the Nintendo Switch anytime soon. However, it has been now been discovered that the new and prolific NVIDIA leak makes mention of the NVN2 (the original Switch graphics API is NVN) as discovered by data miner, NWPlayer123. This suggest that the NVN2 is a revised and more powerful graphics API for the Switch which should have been in the Nintendo Switch (OLED Model) but with the ongoing chip shortages Nintendo decided to ship the system without its intended revised internals, instead relying on the 2017 internals, but with better quality of life features such as the larger and more vibrant OLED screen and better battery life, etc. Whether Nintendo announces a revised Switch model is anyones guess, but Nintendo does like to revise its product lineup to keep it fresh as we have seen thus far with the Switch Lite and OLED model.

16 thoughts on “NVIDIA leaks mention NVN2, NVN is the Switch graphics API, suggesting revised Switch model on the horizon”

  1. No mention of the fact this is stolen info? and the people that stole it are threatening to release more info unless they are paid?

    This is very bad journalism.

    1. You guys are stupid as fuck. Stolen info is the truest info and hence reporting on it is the best journalism. Go read some fake news you NPC!

  2. I’m guessing this could be the Switch’s successor. We just got an OLED model semi recently and we already know Nintendo is working on the next generation. If I had to guess we won’t see it debut for another 2~3 years.

    Its entirely possible this could be the Switch refresh everyone has been talking about since the Switch’s inception, but honestly after the OLED model release its probably not the best idea to release the “Pro” model afterwards. It would be like a fake out and it would upset a lot of people that caved into buying the OLED model assuming it were the closest thing Nintendo would get to making a “Pro”.

    This is probably a first look at our next gen hardware though I would take everything with a grain of salt. Not sure if this is real and if it is it could change in time to use more modern hardware at the time of release.

    1. IKR. if this became actually true, then I’m not planning on getting it. I’m just waiting for the next gen system after the Switch. not a new version of the Switch.

  3. REAL big stretch to conclude that this has anything to do with whether or not another model of Switch is coming. Sure its POSSIBLE, but Nvidia would likely be developing similar tech regardless of whether or not Nintendo even existed. This is evidence of nothing.

  4. Like it matters. It’d be super hard to manufacture a new system currently. I wouldn’t want them to release a Switch 2 with only a handful made at launch.

    1. Unfortunately I have to agree with you on this one. I was very lucky to get a PS5 in the fall without having to pay a scalper, and that’s only because I had an invite. I won’t be able to do anything besides wait it out with a Switch 2 unless if Nintendo starts doing a similar thing.

  5. Is the Switch’s Tagra 1 Chip the only product NVIDA makes for the Switch? If so wouldn’t NVIDA get tired of making a chip this old and want Nintendo to update to a newer chip by default? Like how 3G is going away?

    1. You don’t understand chip manufacturing. The critical part here is what process is used, and NOT what architecture you “print” onto the silicon. NVIDEA might decide to upgrade their factories to a new process and usually in such a case making chips with an older process will become more expensive and Nintendo would simply decide to move to a newer process. This means there would be a Switch revision with a smaller and more power efficient chip. Such chips can even provide a small performance boost because you can run them at a higher clockspeed. And afaik that has already happened.

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