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Sega CEO says they are working towards high review scores for Sonic Frontiers

sonic frontiers

As you already know SEGA is pinning a lot of hope on Sonic Frontiers igniting video game sales for the Japanese company during the lucrative Christmas shopping season. Speaking to investors, Sega Sammy’s CEO Haruki Satomi and CFO Koichi Fukazawa both reiterated the importance of high review scores which the company is hoping to achieve with Sonic Frontiers. Like all video game companies they know that if a high profile game gets a good review score, it is more likely to entice on the fence customers to part with their cash. Sega and the Sonic Team‘s eyes will be on Metacritic and other review sites once the game is complete and code is ready to distribute to gaming websites.

“We have set internal targets, as the correlation between the scores of external evaluation organizations and sales is high in Europe and North America.”

“If the game gets a high score, it can become a must-buy game, and possibly generate synergy with sales, so we are currently working hard to improve the quality of the game toward its sales for the holiday season.”


22 thoughts on “Sega CEO says they are working towards high review scores for Sonic Frontiers”

  1. …Were they aiming for low review scores for their previous games or something?
    I’m pretty sure that aiming for positive reviews is what all game devs try to do lmao.

    1. Shouldn’t they be focusing on the quality of the game rather than review scores, I hardly ever focus on that anyway, they should be focusing on the main the critic that people have been having with their 3d modern games, if they can fix some of those issues than it will sell well.

      1. I mean I don’t think pick the words apart too much, because this might be a bit lost in translation. I take it to mean that they’re focusing on making a quality game, and in particular that they haven’t rushed it out of the door like they have with previous entries. They’ve already delayed this game, which is actually a good sign that they might be prioritising quality.

        If they make a quality game, the review scores will follow. It’s likely to them that I will look, as Sega have 0 trust from me after releasing so many awful/mediocre Sonic games.

    2. Actually not every game is made with the intent to be a 10 out of 10 games. Most games are made aiming for a 7 or so

  2. Sounds a bit promising to me. Even from the CEO aa well. Not gonna lie, but this game will be nailed down right off the bat and I’m hoping to see what elements it will take once we see the new trailer of it.

  3. This game feels like they are releasing it when it’s ready not meeting an anniversary or a business goal. Its been a LONG time since a main line Sonic game, in a franchise that knocks out poor games quickly it feels like an eternity since forces. Zelda games are crafted over time. Feels like Sonic is actually getting some TLC. (Tender loving care).

    I don’t think it’s going to get scores like BOTW, but I hope for a decent game that will stand the test of time.

    After all, if this game can’t out sell sonic origins, the entire franchise will be down the pan soon.

    love form a Sonic fan since 1991.

  4. They should focus on 2D games because it hasnt really worked out for them. Decent to mediocre. Maybe idk borrow a game engine from nintendo for 3D games.

  5. Yes, because putting pressure on employees always has good results. This is the issue with Sega, they have unrealistic deadlines, or force goals on their employees rather than give them space and a friendly work environment to let their creativity flourish. Every time the corporation sets these kind of standards the end product always seems to suffer. They need to back off for once and let the team work, and if they need more time, delay the game till next year rather than force a crunch that no doubt cause the next Sonic Boom.

    1. This is either great advice or catastrophically terrible advice, depending on whether or not the delay is reasonable and the benefits worthwhile, which is why it isn’t very useful as advice. It doesn’t tell you anything.

      Plenty of games are delayed many times due to such issues, absolutely obliterating the budget, only for the end product not to be any better than what they had 2-3 years earlier. Not only franchises, but entire companies have been killed over such project mismanagement. Its very easy to say “give them more time, increase the budget” when it isn’t your money and you aren’t seeing what they’re doing with your money.

  6. Just got a working Sega CD and authentic Sonic CD. Kids are playing it right now.

    No that’s not on topic, but it is about sonic and it is my fun news for the day.

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