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Nintendo will acquire Dynamo Pictures which will be renamed Nintendo Pictures

nintendo acquires dynamo pictures

Nintendo has confirmed this morning that it is set to acquire Dynamo Pictures which is a Tokyo-based company that produces CG animation has worked with Nintendo before on the adorable Pikmin Short Movies and once the company is acquired it will be renamed to Nintendo Pictures. Nintendo says that the acquisition is due to be completed by 3rd October, 2022. Presumably their skill set will be put to use producing visualisations and CG for movie and TV related content for the Kyoto-based company.


9 thoughts on “Nintendo will acquire Dynamo Pictures which will be renamed Nintendo Pictures”

  1. Inb4 “Nintendo Cinematic Universe” comments kicks in.😅

    But seriously though, I’m really interested in seeing what kind of projects Nintendo Pictures will put out.

    1. It should be noted, they have worked on many projects other than short films. They have worked on a number of anime, and worked as a high end motion capture studio for videogame projects including for Death Stranding…which say whatever you say about the game you can’t fault the mocap work. I imagine Nintendo will use them in the same capacity as a high end motion capture studio as well as for cinematic work.

  2. If you clicked on this story, please put “Marcel the Shell with Shoes On” on your watch list. Very sweet movie with little creatures doing pikmin esque things to accomplish goals. Not a dry eye in the theater.

  3. This is exciting. I loved those almost 10 year old Pikmin shorts, first released on 3DS

    Here’s a list of their complete works. They worked with Ghibli’s first ever 3D film from 2 years

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