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Team Gear wins first post-launch Splatoon 3 Splatfest

This weekend marked the first Splatfest to take place after Splatoon 3 had officially released on the Nintendo Switch earlier this month. The Splatfest asked players what they would bring to a desert island, and they were able to pick between Team Gear, Team Grub and Team Fun.

With the weekend over, so is the Splatfest, so a winner has been declared. According to the official North American Splatoon Twitter account, Team Gear has managed to win the Splatfest with a 25p win. You can see the announcement tweet down below.

10 thoughts on “Team Gear wins first post-launch Splatoon 3 Splatfest”

  1. I was on team gear but the matches still felt so unfair played for hours and barely no tricolor matches, compared to being forcefuly throw in from the demo the splatfest seem to be a bit more broken in my opinion so many balancing issues tbh.

    1. I had the same issue! Once half-time hit and Tricolor was an option, I always picked it. Guess how many Tricolor battles I got to do?

      NONE! After two minutes of waiting in the lobby I got thrown into a regular match, more often than not against a fellow Team Gear team. This Splatfest felt even more broken than the standalone World Premiere one did, though at least the leading team didn’t go from first to dead last this time.

      Poor Team Grub, though- got no points…

      1. I was on team fun and that is just the thing you might have won but did you have fun. that is what this game is about, but since you picked a team most knew would be the most popular, at least I knew gear would be the most popular. I intentionally picked the team I felt would be least popular. So that way I never felt I was wasting my time playing my own team in matches because that is normally what happens if you are the most popular team. And since there was such an imbalance almost 60% of the vote was gear, grub and fun were basically spit with 21% are you really that surprised you never got tricolor and had to play your own team most times. I never had to play my own team and got tricolor 5 or more times, and I did not even get to chose it because we where the winning team come halftime. I was able to be the defending team in both the primer with team scissors and this one with team fun. So when the next splatfest comes around maybe instead of going with the most logical answer knowing full well most people will pick it therefor having to play your own team the majority of the time and most likely unless you’re the winning team come halftime not play tricolors, because Big Man and his legion of followers dominate the first half . Go with the team you think will get the least amount of votes because really the vote thing is just 10 points so if grub would have won something fun would have taken the win because are point were from skill where one of your point just came because most people were basic and chose the logical option. This is a game where squids and octopus shoot ink at each other why are you being logical. Also the winning team only get 3 extra snails and with the way the game is set up right now there really is not a use for them at least not a use for 24 of them.

  2. I’ve played all Sunday and only got a single Tri-Color Match, despite trying again and again. My girlfriend didn’t get even one.

    Apparently, that was intentional, though. During the Splatfest demo, they got some pretty bad feedback on Tri-Color Matches, so they decided to greatly reduce their frequency until they could make some actual improvements to them. That’s from what I understood, anyways.

  3. I got my butt truly kicked in one match, the opposing team were just too damn fast for me XD Played as Team Fun. Well done to everyone, regardless of team.

  4. I love Splatfests! I did have to be patient waiting on Tricolour games this time. But they were insane fun. I was on Grub (last in every category!) and I went total kamikaze trying to get the sprinkler thing in the middle. I got splatted soooo many times, but managed to win a few games. Had a blast.

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