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Japan: Square Enix filed a trademark for Symbiogenesis

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It is not just Nintendo that file trademarks. Other video gaming companies such as Square Enix will also, from time to time, file some trademarks of their own for similar reasons. For example, you may recall that, yesterday, it was revealed that they had filed trademarks for SaGa Emerald Beyond and Emberstoria.

Well, it seems that that wasn’t all of them. A third trademark was made public today, revealing that Square Enix filed a trademark for Symbiogenesis earlier this month. If you don’t know what symbiogenesis is, it’s a scientific term used for when 2 separate organisms merge to form a single new organism.

If that description sounds familiar to you, there’s a reason for that. It is the basis of the story for Parasite Eve, a video game series that Square Enix develops games for. The most recent game related to Parasite Eve had released in 2010.


2 thoughts on “Japan: Square Enix filed a trademark for Symbiogenesis”

  1. It’s another name for the Parasite Eve games.
    Tbh I hope it’s all 3 games getting remastered for the switch and other current consoles, Ireally love this series (including 3rd Birthday that everyone complained about) and I was hoping the series would get a reboot sequel similar to what Capcom did for the RE reboots, this series did not get a fair chance because everyone wanted another RE clone and imo Parasite Eve was a thousand times better than RE 1 on ps1, just like how Legend of Dragoon was a far superior, and more fun, rpg than FFVII on the ps1, want proof look at gameplay of all four on ps1 and see how how much more fun PE and LoD gameplay is compared to RE1 and FFVII is.

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