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Gameplay producer at Sony Santa Monica Studio joins Nintendo of America

giant wolf in PS5 game God of War Ragnarok

Hannah Foell, who most recently worked on the acclaimed God of War: Ragnarok, has left her job at Sony Santa Monica studio and has accepted a job at Nintendo of America .Foell will be working with the team at Nintendo to work with large third party developers and help them envision their ideas for Nintendo Switch and presumably any future Nintendo hardware. She says that her role will help Nintendo of America drive developer and publisher relationships.

5 thoughts on “Gameplay producer at Sony Santa Monica Studio joins Nintendo of America”

  1. I loved GOW 1,2 and 3 but this Ragnarok Acclaimed?? Actually the userscore was at 1/10 from angry users for weeks before suddenly Sony sends 1000 account to give it 10/10 to rise the average score, And no one care about critics reviews because of many reasons one of them big sites cant score the biggest game from the biggest advertisers spender in the industry low.

    1. The reviews for the game have been very good, I watched a few videos when it came out a couple weeks ago. The combat isn’t revolutionary but it’s very fun, relaxing and looks cool. Not a huge skill ceiling but still very good

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