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New “rebootless” update released for Switch firmware

When Nintendo normally releases an update to the Nintendo Switch‘s firmware, it results in a version number change and, at the very least, a handful of changes that had been made. For these updates to finish, the console is required to reboot itself.

Every once in a while, however, the company will release an update for the firmware that does not require a reboot. These “rebootless” updates are usually very small in nature, and patch notes are typically not released for them, but they are very much a thing. For example, Nintendo released one tonight. You can see a tweet relaying the news, along with what the update changed, down below.

6 thoughts on “New “rebootless” update released for Switch firmware”

  1. Mine glitched right out and required me to manually reboot it. Joycons stopped working, then the touchscreen became unresponsive until I held the power button to get the shutdown options menu. My Switch OLED is only a couple of weeks old at the most. Now I know why

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