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Masahiro Sakurai confirms he is now semi-retired

Legendary video game designer Masahiro Sakurai, the creator of the Smash Bros franchise, has confirmed in a new interview with Japanese news publication Denfaminicogamer that he is now semi-retired from the video games industry. Mr. Sakurai is now 52 and has spent his life developing and producing games and he thinks that if he keeps on at the same pace as before then his life will just pass him by. Mr. Sakurai also spoke about his enlightening and educational YouTube channel saying that wants it to be an “archive of his lessons” he went on to say that after finishing Super Smash Bros Ultimate he felt like he had to aim for the next milestone in his life.

Thanks to PushDustin for the translation of the article

10 thoughts on “Masahiro Sakurai confirms he is now semi-retired”

    1. More like, I am no longer developing video games at this time. I will be overseeing projects. However in the event that my team cannot program something, or fix a bug, I will come out of retirement, and I’ll be working again. Kthx

  1. “Semi-retired” likely means that he isn’t employed and is set to not need to; however with Sakurai’s creative mindset he can’t say that he’d never make anything else ever again.

    So basically, he has no work plans at the moment, but he’s willing to get on board with something (likely won’t do another Smash Bros. though since that’s a huge amount of work)

  2. Sakurai = living legend

    Someone buy this man a plane ticket to Hawaii. He deserves a vacation after busting his ass on all the games he’s worked on over his career

  3. Just retire already Sakurai. You’re just gonna put in the wrong characters if you make the next smash. I don’t have a problem with more swordfighters as long as they’re good ones like Zero, Magnus, Rex, Dante, Nightmare/Sigfried or Mitsurigi, and Riku or Kairi, and not bad ones like Travis Tuchdown. But Piranha Plant before Toad or Waluigi? Wolf before Slippy? Min Min before Spring Man? Bayonetta and Joker before Akira Yuki? Get your priorities straight. Also, we don’t need another Sonic rep. Not unless we get another Mega Man rep for each one.

    TL;DR, If you hate making new games so much, then pass the torch Sakurai.

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