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Fire Emblem Engage Expansion Pass Wave 2 releasing today

New Fire Emblem Engage DLC characters

Today’s Nintendo Direct has revealed some more details on the next wave of the Fire Emblem Engage Expansion Pass DLC. Wave 2 will have Emblems of Hector, Soren and Camilla. Wave 3 was also discussed, confirming that Chrom and Robin will be an Emblem, as well as Veronica. Lastly, Wave 4 will have a story called “Fell Xenologue”.

There was no information on a release date for the 3rd and 4th waves, but you will be able to get the 2nd wave of the Expansion Pass later today. Nintendo tweeted the news, so you can see the trailer for yourself down below.

8 thoughts on “Fire Emblem Engage Expansion Pass Wave 2 releasing today”

        1. +Infinite Ridley
          Not to be obstinate but doesn’t Female Corrin debunk that claim? Male Corrin has always been the “canon” gender but for this game they went with the female version.
          Personally I say it’s because Male Robin is simply the more popular version.

          1. I sometimes forget Awakening had a mission where you fight in the dark future (most likely an alternate dimension future) where Robin is the opposite gender of the gender you choose to play as. Maybe Engage is not only pulling past people into Emblem rings but alternate dimension past people, too. Or they’re simply playing fast & loose with the canon. Either way, time travel & dimension hopping can make a real mess of canon.

    1. I think in this case they wanted to balance it out with female Corrin, so that each of the majorly-customizable characters had equal gender representation.

      I say “majorly” because, though Byleth is also in the game, all the player could customize about them in Three Houses was gender and name, not their appearance like with Robin and Corrin in their respective games. But this is just my guess.

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