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Nintendo confirms it won’t be at E3 2023

E3 2023 official logo June 2023

Nintendo has confirmed that they won’t be attending E3 2023 which was hoped to be a restart for the annual event which is held in LA. ReedPop took over the event in the hopes that they could bring it back to life, but that dream appears to dead due to today’s announcement. Nintendo will presumably hold its own digital Nintendo Direct presentation, which usually happens in June. IGN has previously stated that neither Microsoft or Sony will be participating at E3 2023 either.

“We approach our involvement in any event on a case-by-case basis and are always considering various ways to engage with our fans. Since this year’s E3 show didn’t fit into our plans, we have made the decision to not participate. However, we have been and continue to be a strong supporter of the ESA and E3.”



25 thoughts on “Nintendo confirms it won’t be at E3 2023”

    1. Learn the difference between the words ‘rumored’ and ‘confirmation.’, before you want to present yourself to be a snarky know it all.

        1. The first link you posted IS just rumors. IGN reported that “Reputable Insiders” told them that Nintendo wouldn’t be at E3. This is NOT an official statement by Nintendo at all. Even if it is by reputable insiders, that is still a textbook case of a rumor and not an official statement. The second link is just ESA’s response to IGN’s claims, so I don’t know what you think that proves. The ESA even said “While we are not able to comment on the specific CLAIMS in the article”, further showing that IGN’s report we only claims, and not official.

          1. They “reported”. Plus I have to point out the irony of you insisting that it was only a rumor given the subject of the post we’re currently commenting in.

            1. IGN reporting rumors is not an official confirmation. I’m not sure what your point even is. “Reporting” rumors and insider info IS NOT the same thing as an official confirmation. It doesn’t matter if it was true, there’s tons of rumors that turn out to be true. That doesn’t change the fact that official confirmations are still newsworthy.

              1. I never said it was official confirmation. I said it was reported and then not denied. That is not the same as being a “rumor”. That was my correction.

                Also it was true.

              2. I can help you out too. If you click on the first link I posted about IGN reporting this, try pressing CTRL F, typing “rumor”, and see what comes up.

                I mean I have zero respect for IGN and no praise to give them… but they reported a fact that day and it’s 100% undeniable unless you want to be snarky.

                I can’t explain myself any clearer so I’m not going to keep talking in circles here.

                1. Except it wasn’t a “fact” at the time, it was a rumor that hadn’t been confirmed by official sources. That it ended up being true is irrelevant to this conversation.

                  The word “rumour” not being present in the article doesn’t stop it being one, what a dumb arguement lmao

        2. +CFG Bruh, if you’re using IGN as a source of confirmed information no wonder you end up looking wrong.
          Tables turned? More like you tried to turn it but instead stumbled off your chair.

  1. Feels like E-3 is not really that fun anymore despite the crazy circumstances that we all have to deal with. Maybe gamers will find something suitable for them to watch something online honestly.

  2. As I said before, I knew this already, just because the big N decided to open their big mouth, doesn’t mean that I didn’t know before hand. Let’s get used to E3 being dead, and get used to the September directs having their big reveals.

    @CFG Thankyou, and I agree wholeheartedly 😁

      1. There’s a real irony to you calling other people “snarky know-it-alls”.
        I’ll leave you to figure out why that is.

        1. Yes, I was using someone else’s insult against them. The irony was that they came down hard on another commenter and called them a snarky know it all when they themselves were actually being the snarky know it all… except they didn’t actually “know it all”.

          Good luck.

          1. Yeaaaah… you’re still missing some major irony here.
            Once again you’re acting like a “snarky know-it-all” yourself (much moreso than the original person who used the phrase) when you yourself is the one that clearly doesn’t “know-it-all”.

            Just thought I’d let you know that your “using someone’s insult against them” has backfired on you magnificently.

            Good luck.

  3. Yes Nintendo, we know.

    You like being unique and different. You like surprising people out of the blue and making them scramble their savings over which of your new releases and content are worth buying. No need to keep reminding us, we get it.

    It’s very easy to be facetious with this company nowadays.

  4. Snarky know it-alls on this website … “ya don’t say” i AM shocked! That’s about 90 percent of the reason why i don’t go back to post that i submit, because some snarky know it-all probably replied once they thought they had something of importance to say.

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