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Reggie kicks E3 2023 when it is down

E3 2023 official logo June 2023

ReedPop was hoping to revitalise the beleaguered E3 however it hit a major snag as the big three console manufacturers Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft won’t be attending the event in June in L.A. This led former Nintendo of America president, Reggie Fils-Aime, to rub it in a little to the organiser’s dismay. Reggie likened the current emptiness of the E3 community in Miiverse to the new reality of the annual video game trade event. Reggie amusing tweet has already surpassed a million views on Twitter and even The Games Awards and Summer Games Fest organiser, Geoff Keighly, had a laugh at the company’s expense.


7 thoughts on “Reggie kicks E3 2023 when it is down”

  1. For me, E3 died ever since Nintendo started doing Directs instead of live events AT E3. But as long as they at least continue with the Directs, I’m okay with it. I just wish the Directs were a bit longer and more spectacular like E3 used to be. The way things are now, there’s SO much that I miss because Nintendo separates things into several different showings. Like, first they do their Direct. Then they do other live streams where they play and/or showcase the games shown in the Direct. Those streams etc. are usually what I never watch (or know about).

      1. Imo I think covid really slowed it down, cause microsoft and sony already had their own direct format before covid hit, they just ended up utilizing it more during covid, and it was already being stated that attendance wasn’t as big as the previous years.

  2. Who says they will still do directs at E3 time, perhaps it’s just two a year now, and I think Nintendo prefers it that way.

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