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Nintendo 77

Nintendo Says Innovation Is Important For New Super Mario Bros, But It Can’t Destroy The Fun

IGN has recently been granted the opportunity to sit down with New Super Mario Bros U director Masataka Takemoto and producer Takashi Tezuka. Takemoto told the publication that innovation is vital for the popular series, but it shouldn’t destroy any of the fun that the series is renowned for. “When we finished [New Super Mario Bros. Wii] up, we thought,”It’s gonna be hard […]

Nintendo 112

Brand New New Super Mario Bros U Trailer

Game Informer has managed to get an exclusive new trailer for the glorious New Super Mario Bros U which is exclusive to Nintendo’s forthcoming console, Wii U. The trailer shows off new environments, the mini mushroom, and some of Yoshi’s new abilities in action. New Super Mario Bros U launches alongside Wii U on November 18th.