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Nintendo 64

Ubisoft Welcomes Mobile Gaming, Says Wii U Is “A Great Machine”

Executive director of Ubisoft, Alain Corre, has stated that he believes mobile gaming will bring more consumers to the world of gaming, who will eventually desire a more complete experience and seek out consoles. He also commented on Ubisoft’s relationship with Nintendo, saying that Wii U is “a great machine,” but that Nintendo needs to put “more energy” into it. […]

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Michel Ancel May Leave Ubisoft After Rayman Legends?

Michel Ancel, the acclaimed developer behind both Rayman and Beyond Good and Evil, could be leaving Ubisoft to concentrate on his own projects. The move would allow Ancel to detach from a large company and find more freedom in creation and organisation. Ancel and six other developers within his team are apparently looking to leave the company. Ubisoft denies the report.