Beyond Good And Evil 2’s Chances On Wii U Appear To Be Slipping

beyond good and evil 2The sequel to the critically acclaimed Beyond Good and Evil has been in the making for a good number of years, but its chances of appearing on the Wii U has slipped somewhat.  Ubisoft’s game designer Michel Ancel admitted in a recent interview that although developing for current-gen platforms would be “possible”, in the long-run it would be “painful”. Although many consider the Wii U to be a next-generation console, in terms of its general power, the Wii U appears to have been sidelined – on this occasion – to current-gen.

“I think [on current platforms] Beyond Good & Evil 2 was possible, but it’d be painful. It’s always possible to do anything on any kind of console, but sometimes you need to spend your energy not on the optimizations or things like that. Now that we have the [new] consoles around the corner we’re working on them. We’re trying to see how we can get the power out of those consoles because there are still things we need to understand on those consoles, but yes, Beyond Good & Evil is a project I always have in mind and I hope good things will come for this project very soon.” – Michel Ancel

127 thoughts on “Beyond Good And Evil 2’s Chances On Wii U Appear To Be Slipping”

      1. But who comes here for actual journalism? I come here to read the news that big sites ignore and the trolls in the comments. It’s fun watching the arguments started by people such as Why u Mad, thebensanders, and Ness among others.

      1. oh and if you have a problem with flickering graphic glitches on windows vista/7/8 turn off HW vertex processing in the settings menu.. other than that it runs just dandy for a game from 2003

  1. So more Xbot infected fools…

    If we and the Sonyans so not stop these flawed evil Xbots then gaming will not be the same anymore…

    1. I think your Sony friends are going to be fine. They’ll get the game, so I’m sure they don’t give a shit if we get it or not.

      1. I don’t have any Sonyan friends…

        Although all Sonyans no matter how pathetic or nasty they are, they are still better than Xbots…

        BG&E2 is now more of an opinion by the developers than the machine itself which I find it sad…

    2. What’s with the childish names -_- sonyans,nintendrones,xbots are all fans really getting this stupid?

        1. I made a childish joke to a single individual that’s what humans do, we insult. However users like you come up with names like “sonyans” and “xbots” to tease or mock another fanbase for video gamers because of fanwars, what the hell are you five?

          1. Obviously the likes of you still has not gotten it…

            A childish joke? I rest my case human…

            1. Actually you haven’t gotten it yet…
              in fact you’re one of those blinded ass-kissers, who do nothing but ride the cock of the industry you follow, who think there’s nothing wrong with the company they’re so in love with, like it’s 110% pure perfection. I’ve seen you around this site too many times, spew’ing random crap from your mouth cause you think your being heard. I love Nintendo, but blind jackasses like you make me sick. Is that mature enough for you?

              1. Everything you just said is exactly what I meant by “Not getting it yet”…

                And now I bid you Adieu…

                    1. Forgot it you win x.x, you’re to annoying to get to. But i’ll get you soon someday, right now i’m tired -.-.

            2. Dear Commander,

              Don’t spend your precious time feeding trolls who like to hide themselves behind a candid, but fake, picture of a girl.

              By the way, may the force be with you, honorable Swedish Mentor.

              P.S. I like your country so much.

              1. Don’t get me wrong i’m a Nintendo fan too.
                Fake? it’s a picture from my gmail -_-. I guess now that I spoken out I’ll be ganged up on by even more blinded fanboys… I’ve been to alot of Nintendo news sites, but this by far is the worst.

                1. Doesn’t matter where your picture is from, or if you are who you’re say you are. If you don’t like this blog, get out of here ASAP. Let’s keep it simple.

                  1. So automatically if someone has a girl picture they’re a guy o.o, i feel sorry to think of what you’ve been through. I like the blogs is the idiotic fanboys i don’t like, and on here the ass kissers, have ass kissers o.o

                    1. You know what?

                      A girl never, ever, would sound like you do. Please try harder next time.

                    2. When i thought it couldn’t get worse, so girls can’t even type insults now? Maybe i actually hurt you feelings. The only thing i’m trying to do is to unplug Nintendocommanders head from out of Nintendo’s ass, so i can watch Nintendo do their best without that pain in their ass.

                2. Have you tried Wii U daily?

                  Btw, I know how you feel. If you say one thing negative about Nintendo, you’ll be attacked by a wide array of fanboys :/

                    1. You have to deal with it, and with its consequences as well.

                      Don’t tell me you haven’t been advised.

                  1. @anubis and GamingNerdLisa
                    know exactly what you mean, but seriously if you are a boy pretending to be a girl, just to get attention, you have more serious problems then a blind fan boy ass kisser as you put it, lol
                    either way boy or girl i agree with u and anubis, this site is the worst for trolls, that ben guy and a few others have serious mental health problems, maybe it should be illegal for people like them to access the internet unsupervised, anyway wiiu daily or Nintendo life are both awesome sites with much better communities, and wii u daily has a female moderator called Ashley she is AWESOME!!!

                    I wish more sites had mods like her,anyway back to your point, nintendrones are the worst of them, they all gang up and go into automatic attack mode like a bunch of rabid dogs, if anyone dares to criticize Nintendo, it makes me laugh, as i have been gaming over 30yrs, its not just my hobby its my passion too,anyway i have been through the start of gaming, to the crash,and its resurrection by old Nintendo, but most who i know who have been playing Nintendo over 30yrs agree with me that Nintendo just isn’t the same company we all fell in love with all those years ago!

                    They keep making stupid mistake after stupid mistake,all i want is the old Nintendo back, the core gamer focused Nintendo, not this casual rehash recycling mess, iwata needs to go so bad, we need new fresh young blood at Nintendo, which most likely will never happen, i love Nintendo and my wii u but no one can deny they made some stupid mistakes with the u, i mean come off it, ddr3 ram is DIRT CHEAP! how much more would it have cost Nintendo to include another 2gb stick of ddr3 ram? that would have meant the wii u would have had 3gb of ram for gaming, and this along with a proper hard drive and Ethernet port would have ensured Nintendo would get more third party support then they are getting now!

                    Anyway the only reason why i even bother to come to site is because they update more frequently, and so it has all the latest Nintendo based news quicker then most other sites, that’s the only good thing about this site, EVERYTHING ELSE IS TERRIBLE! and so is the troll like community which infests this site, like a bunch of cockroaches!

                    1. I don’t use alts at all, so I assure you that GamingNerdLisa is her own person.

                      But anyway, just like you I only visit here because of the fast updates.

                      Sadly the shitty comment section ruins the site. It’s just at the point were I’m about to leave mynintendonews for a while…

                      As for Wii U daily, yeah Ashley K is what makes me visit Wii U daily. She is probably my favorite author/moderator.

                      Also, I’m starting to think that Iwata is ruining Nintendo. If they had so much money in the bank, then how come they can’t make a powerful console. I like the idea of the gamepad, but it shouldn’t replace the traditional controller. I don’t know what the fuck is going through Iwata’s mind. I mean Smash Bros. for 3DS only?! That’s just stupid; there shouldn’t be a Smash Bros. game for a handheld period. If it wasn’t for Iwata’s dumb decisions, Retro could’ve been making a Metroid game for Wii U, we could’ve had an all new 3D Mario game for Wii U, but instead we got an unnecessary sequel from a 3DS game etc. I really hope, that past Nintendo will make a comeback :/

              2. You’re right of course, you make us all proud…

                Uhmm whoever you are…*wink*…

                I like it too, I just hate its people…

                  1. I’ve been to Goteborg a couple of years ago. Nice place, fantastic people, wonderful time!

                    That Midsummer’s Eve won’t be ever forgotten!

                    1. I see, yes Göteborg is a nice city depending on what type of person you are…

                      I find that if you are a more calm and serious person then it’s the town for you…

                      What did you do on that day?…

                    2. Basically, sightseeing Goteborg. I took some pictures (I’m an amateur photographer) and talked to some kind Swedish people as well. Also I went to some Midsummer celebrations. Very nice.

                      And, by that time, I was engaged to a wonderful lady, and we spent our vacation time together… Nice memories…

          2. Go back to the kitchen. There I made a insult but it is okay because that is what humans do. :)

            1. Heard it over 20 times before, when i’m on mic on ps3 or online, Come up with something original while you carry my bags inside the house and and fix my broken tv.

                1. -_- The fake thing again? I can’t people how many jackasses come to this site, there’re some kind, and understandable users on these blogs(Very few), but people like you and Nintendocommander deserves no form of respect, or politeness.

                    1. If you think i’m faking i’ll take you up on it, which home console do you own?

                    2. What does it matter what I think?
                      Sorry for the immature comment (which you didnt get entirely?).
                      But anyways, I do not care whether youre a male, a female or a hermaphrodite.
                      Though your choice of name is like a troll magnet that reeks of provocation.

                      And I own a Wii U, I have a ps3, which I dont use much, and a decent gaming pc.

              1. Yeah i’m fixing the TV so I can watch some Sunday night football while you’re making me and guys some wings babe. ;)

        2. Actually she is right, those are really childish names, and if you hate other console’s fans you should save it to yourself insted of making stupid arguments all the time…Let them love what they want to love….

    1. It doesn’t directly. But he said that now that the “next-gen” consoles are just around the corner….which implies that in terms of power they are not considering the U next gen but current and he is saying that it is painful for them to make a game for current gen consoles because of the technical limitations. That is how I intrepeted it.

          1. I just sent an article in where Ubi is focusing now on ps4 and xb1 wven for 2nd screen experience. After reading that, u would realize why i said what i said in my previous comment.

          2. Yeah that is what I got too. This guy seems to always talk straight forward too. I think its too early to tell what systems it will make it out for.

  2. They simply aren’t good coders. We are waiting this game so long and still i must read that there is something to understand in a x86 eight core platform with 8GB ram… and they don’t want to spend time optimizing code.
    Time to change kind of job??

  3. My god. Wii U WAS NEXT GEN. IT IS THE ONLY CURRENT GEN SYSTEM. Since it is CURRENTLY the NEWEST system out. Xbox 360 and PS3 ARE LAST GEN. The 8th gen has started. The exact second stores open their doors on the launch days of Xbox One and PS4 THEY INSTANTLY BECOME CURRENT GEN. Drives me crazy that people dont know what “Last Gen”, “Current Gen” and “Next Gen” mean. NEXT GEN MEANS ITS THE NEXT SYSTEM TO COME OUT, MEANING NOT OUT YET.

  4. Thats suck. Guess thats nintentos fault for spending extra money in a cheap useless tablet instead of putting than money in the consoles power. I heard just the gamepad cost ninty around $150 guess what? we could have a powerful machine with that extra money.

  5. this is retarded, why wouldnt you put THIS game on the wii u!!!!!! it is a game that would sell on nintendo, but you will put it on the fps only play that xbox instead!!!!!! that is retarded beyond fuck!!!!!! why delay a already finished game too, when that game makes use of the gamepad more than anything else!!!!!! now that game will be trashed by GTA5!!!!!! so for anyone of you who were going to buy it do it still. that will show them that they were wrong and will probably be a factor to bring beyond good&evil 2 to wii u, but what do i even know im just a troll.

    1. I just tipped sickr an article about Ubi saying again that they will be focusing on ps4 and xbox one even for second screen experience. =(

  6. When are people going to wake up and realize that the WiiU is not a Next Gen. console when it comes to power. Just like the Wii was on par / slightly better then the Gamecube the WiiU is on par / slightly better then the PS3. Developers were able to take a chance with games on the Wii because they were cheaper to develop and the fact that the Wii sold like hotcakes and had a huge user base. The WiiU is more expensive to develop for and has only sold just over 3 million units worldwide. No 3rd party developer wants to take that risk when only Nintendo games sell on the Wiiu.

    1. The Wii U may not be “next gen” specs wise but it is still a next generation console nontheless…

      And it is atleast twice as powerful as PS3…

      Graphics doesn’t mean everything and that’s what most base their opinions on…

    2. big mistake…… the gamepad should have been waited on. the wii u should have been more about the power and the gamepad can come next gen, when it only costs 50$ to make instead of 150$. nnnoooo instead we have to have an irrelevant console that is to weak to get any support with a useless gamepad and now makes it expensive to develop for!!!!! thanks nintendo!!!!!

      1. Really….???:/
        Then why did i paid 350 :/ for this machine if gamepad its only $50.
        Ps4 its $399 and its a powerful machine. I dont understand why ninty says theyre are selling at loss.

        1. the gamepad fucking costs them 150$!!! what a shit off that is. a useless gimmick instead of adding power, nintendo dousnt even know what to do with the thing!!!!! iwata should get fired!!!!

      2. Normally i’d insult you, but that was a good point of view o.o, it would of been perfect if they took more time on the console to make it more powerful,released it with the pro controller as a primary controller, then later next year release the ugraded version of a wiiu gamepad with added support to already released games. It’s like having the gamepad would be an option.

          1. No, later add-ons don’t work too well. Look at ps eye/move & kinect they got little support, just most non-standard feature.
            I don’t believe the gamepad isn’t the main reason why WiiU is weak.

            If you think WiiU is too weak, blame it on management. Nintendo is very conservative. They were aiming for low power consumption, small box/case, cheap, and backward compatibility. I think they wanted something good enough for Nintendo games, but without thinking much about what 3rd party devs wanted.

            The CPU is very tiny and they could have double the core count for not much more. The shaders on the GPU also don’t take much space, it easy could have been doubled. Really the eDRAM takes up the most space on the GPU/LSI die.

      1. yes this is really true, due to the differences between x86 and ppc.

        should have dropped the backwards compatibility and switched architectures as well nintendo.

        1. Yes and No, it depends.

          Yes, if developers are targeting X1 or PS4 like performance, a lot of their assets can easily switch over, easy port. So lets say they choose to develop on X1 as their main SDK, the all they have to do is spend a litle extra $$ and time and tweak a few things to port to PS4. Basically like getting two for the price of one.

          But on WiiU, they either need to heavily modify their assets or create new ones. And there are some things that WiiU might not be able to do. This all takes time and effort, it’s like (or is) essentially making a new game just with the same title/name.

          No, because a highly detailed game is obviously going to cost more that a low detailed one.
          I dont think x86 to-or-from PPC is that big of a problem. I mean UE3, is already running on WiiU no problem, the engine is doing much of the work and not many really code down to the metal to target a specific achitecture.

    3. I’m already woke about Wii U’s weak power compared to the next generation consoles. The real question is when is Nintendo’s R&D going to come out of LALA Land?

  7. You know sometimes I think why nintendo didn’t make the wii u more powerful. And I get it ; the wii u is more innovative and gameplay>graphics.But still they knew that sony and MS would produce really powerful systems, I dont get why they didn’t think this though .. they could have made it more powerful and priced it at around 400$.

    In 1-2 years devs will try to push the graphical capabilities and the wii u will be left behind and just like the it will just have great first party games and a LOT of shovelware..

    NINTENDO I really like you, but this doesn’t look promising :(

    1. I feel you i been supporting ninty since i was 5 years old. But im gonna wait tilt xmas if this console its dead by then, then i would have to sell it and buy me Ps4.

  8. God if these guys weren’t so lazy and used the power of the GPGPU it would’ve it would look just as good and just as smoothly as it would on ps4 xbox one

    1. you don’t know what your talking about.
      that gpgpu can’t touch ps4’s or xbone’s gpu for that matter, how you can say/think this is beyond me..


        the systems strongest aspect is its GPGPU nintendo actually made the cpu weaker so the GPGPU could pack a punch,the developers problem is that it would take time to master the wii u’s architecture im not an idiot and and i can think and say whatever i want to :P

  9. Look as much as I would love to play this game this year it’s not gonna happen. It’s coming 2014 at the earliest. Now, Ubi have been big supporters of the Wii U since launch. They said most of their big titles this year will come to the U but if sales don’t pick up this Christmas (which I think they will thanks to Mario, Zelda, and DK) they will stop with the support. So basically if sales pick up for the U this Christmas BG&E2 will come to it. If sales don’t pick up BG&E2 won’t come to the U. It has nothing to do with power.

  10. Translation:

    We don’t want to risk porting a game over to the Wii U with the small and flatlined install base. Instead, we are going to wait for Nintendo to get sales up and if they do, we’ll resume support.

    1. Actually, it could mean BGE2 wont be coming to Xbox 360, PS3, or Wii and would come to Xbox One, PS4 and Wii U. 💋

      1. Oh maybe, sorry I was drifting away there, I somehow thought I was bashing the Electrons…

        Hopefully it does come to the Wii U and not Xbox Done…

  11. I’m getting so fucking tired of all this bullshit! STOP sidelining or whatever the Wii U!! You want to know why the system isn’t selling that much (yet)??? It’s because you fucking assholes aren’t putting out the damn games for the console! People are passing it up because “there are no games for it” other than the launch titles (for now)!!

    Fucking shut up and put the damned games on the Wii U! Stop this stupid bullshit!

  12. Why the hell would Nintendo want developers to focus on the GPU to get the power when they are used to the CPU?Talking about so the CPU is not stressed. So what it’s still weak. If the GPU is the key, why does 3D Mario look the way it does then? Did dumb Nintendo use the GPU when working 3D Mario World? Wait Nintendo was too stupid to think online play on that game. They were too stupid to see Galaxy’s visuals on Wii looks better 3D Mario World. Nintendo is stupid.

  13. In Nintendo’s R&D, I bet you dumb Nintendo is working on making their next console 1X more powerful than PS4. We’ll see if I’m right in 2020.

  14. They didn’t say or imply what the OP suggests–the conclusion presented here is entirely based on the post author’s OPINION. Please STOP MAKING UP NEWS, guys. It’s getting *tiresome*.

  15. I think possibilities of Wii U having more support next-gen is slightly better.
    Since HD twins are basically same architecture, making and porting games on them wont be as bothersome and as expensive as between ps360.
    Unless they gets cheap on us.

    1. You should read MNN news twice before commenting.
      And you see only speculation by author, if its coming, or if Wii U is next.gen

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