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New Shining Game Announcement Tonight, Coming In Nintendo Direct?

Shining series producer Tsuyoshi Sawada teased on Twitter earlier that a new entry in the Shining series will be announced tonight. The announcement will coincide with the Nintendo Direct which begins at 10pm in the United Kingdom. The latest entry in the  Shining series, Shining Ark, was released on the PSP in Japan last February.

“Tomorrow there will be a little announcement, so fans please look forward to it. You’ll know it when it becomes morning. We’re trying out a new genre with the Shining series. Starting with this, I’ll be doing a lot of things this year.”

“The project that will be announced tomorrow is not an RPG. I’ve changed our [Twitter] icon to a meaningful image.”


Game Informer Cover Story Coming Today And It’s 20 Pages Long

Andy McNamara, Editor-In-Chief of Game Informer, has revealed on Twitter that their cover story is coming today and will be a gargantuan twenty pages long. There’s much speculation online regarding which game will be featured, with some people thinking it could be a largely known IP such as Assassin’s Creed. Any guesses as to which game it could be?

Update: The grand reveal is Metal Gear Solid V which isn’t coming to Nintendo platforms.

Sega Teasing Something For October 29th


Sega is teasing on Twitter that it has something to announce on October 29th. The above Halloween inspired image was posted to the company’s Twitter account. There’s plenty of speculation as to what the announcement might be, with some believing it to be a new Typing of the Dead game with the word ‘spelled’ filling in the blanks. However, October 29th is also when Sonic Lost World is released in North America, so it could be something to do with that.

Next Famitsu Will ‘Lift The Info Ban On A Popular Title’


The next edition of Japanese gaming publication Famitsu will apparently ‘lift the ban’ on information for a very popular title. The news publication wouldn’t hint which game they’re referring to, but as always, there’s plenty of rumours on the internet speculating about which game it could be. Which game would you like to hear more information about?

“The ban on information for that popular title will be lifted.”