Sonic Brand Manager Teases Fans For Third Time

Sonic brand manager Aaron Webber has pulled on the heartstrings of fans with another teaser on what is highly speculated to be an announcement of the next Sonic the Hedgehog game. Previously, the last two teasers by Webber had been posted on Tumblr with some suspicious tags. However, Webber has strayed from the norm to sneak in a cryptic message.

The suspicious Tumblr tag in question appears to follow-up on a previous teaser Webber has used to hint at information being distributed sporadically. Intriguingly, what stood out the most about the teaser was the animation that involves Classic Sonic’s head transforming into the head of Modern Sonic’s – and vice versa. A closer look reveals that some of the debris left behind by the explosions will briefly reveal numbers. Earlier this month, Webber teased these numbers in a tweet, suggesting they will play a significant role. The pair of zeroes has been speculated to be the eyes of Sonic character Big the Cat. You can check out the Tumblr post below.

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SEGA Says: “If You’re A Fan Of The Classics, Stay Tuned”

Update: Looks as though it is this!

SEGA has been doing plenty of teasing lately and for good reason as they’re celebrating Sonic’s 25th anniversary this year. The company took to Facebook to tell fans that if you enjoy classic SEGA titles then tune in tomorrow for a new game announcement. Whether this is to do with Sonic’s 25th anniversary or a remix of their older titles remains to be seen. Sounds like an interesting development either way!



Sonic Brand Manager Teases Sonic Fans Once Again

We all know something big is brewing for Sonic fans this year as it’s the speedy blue hedgehog’s 25th anniversary. What SEGA is planning remains a mystery but that hasn’t stopped Sonic brand manager Aaron Webber from getting the fan-base hyped. Yes, he has planted a number of curious hashtags into a seemingly innocent post which you can read below. In case you missed it, here’s what he had to say yesterday.

Do you know what makes a good tease good? In our opinion, it’s layers. Just like biting into a nice seven-layer bean dip! A little bit here, another taste there. And in the end all the flavors come together. And you wind up eating half of it and then regretting your voraciousness later. So for those of you starving for a little news to consume about this year there’s still some time before anything will be revealed but if you can follow the breadcrumbs who knows what you might discover in the weeks to come?

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Ant-Man Could Be Coming To Disney Infinity 3.0

There is a brand new character coming to Disney Infinity 3.0 and fans are busy speculating who it could be. Most people’s bets are on Ant-Man who is currently receiving plenty of media attention with the new film, which is currently airing at cinemas throughout the United States. As you can see from the image embedded in the tweet, Hulk is holding something tiny in his hands which is presumably Ant-Man. Guess we will get an official announcement fairly soon.

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Activision Teases Guitar Hero Announcement For Tomorrow

Activision has pretty blatantly teased that Guitar Hero will be announced tomorrow. Formats for the game remain a mystery, but it’s pretty much a given that it will arrive on the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4. I know a lot of you would like to see the next entry to the popular franchise on the Wii U so we will just have to cross our fingers and see what happens.

Rumour: Treyarch Apparently Teased Call Of Duty: Black Ops 3


Everyone’s favourite Call of Duty developer Treyarch have apparently teased on Twitter that they are hard at work on the third Call of Duty: Black Ops video game. The team is said to have posted the tweet, that you can see above, and then apparently deleted it. It would make sense for them to be working on Black Ops as it’s their franchise. Let’s hope that if it’s legitimate then this one comes to the Wii U as Advanced Warfare skipped the platform last year.

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Looks Like That Platinum Games Tease Could Have Been A Bayonetta Calandar


We all got rather excited when Platinum Games teased they had some Bayonetta related news for today, but it turns out we could have gotten excited for nothing. The company just posted a Bayonetta calendar to FaceBook showing that once again they can be master trolls. Oh well, I guess a calendar is better than nothing.

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