The Last Story Experiences “Small Delays”

XSeed Games claims that The Last Story has shipped to retailers in North America; however, the publisher revealed that there seems to be “small delays” and the game is not yet available in all stores. The Last Story should be available for purchase in all North American stores that sell video games within the next couple of days.

Wii U GamePad “Works Best” For JRPGs

The Last Story lead designer Takuya Matsumoto feels that the Wii U GamePad’s interface “works best for browsing and arranging information” in JRPGs. For example, thanks to its many features, the Wii U GamePad can be used as a device to locate a monster’s weak spot to help understand battlefield conditions on a second screen.

The Wii U GamePad can also be used to store information during gameplay and can add to a JRPG character’s experiences and memories. Matsumoto also thinks Miiverse, where Wii U players can share their gaming experiences with others, will be a typical feature that will be applied to most Wii U games.

The Last Story North American Release Date Confirmed

The Last Story has been given a North American release date – August 14th. If you pre-order The Last Story from, EB Games Canada or GameStop, you’ll receive a bonus soundtrack CD, – pictured above – which features seven tracks from the game’s score. Xseed revealed that all launch copies of The Last Story will be limited edition, and will retail for a suggested price of $49.99 MSRP.

Final Fantasy Creator Working On A Wii U Game?

The Last Story lead designer Takuya Matsumoto was recently interviewed by GameZone. During the interview, Matsumoto revealed that Final Fantasy creator Hironobu Sakaguchi is looking forward to making more action-RPGs, “especially for the Wii U.”

Matsumoto praised the Wii U GamePad because he believes it “will add another level of strategic elements into the action-RPG” genre. Sakaguchi and the rest of The Last Story developement team haven’t announced any plans for a Wii U game but are anticipating Nintendo’s upcoming console.

GameZone: Could The Last Story possibly lead to more action-RPGs — not necessarily in this franchise — but maybe some action-RPGs for the Wii U with a similar style from the same development team?

Takuya Matsumoto: The development team and Sakaguchi-san are looking forward to making more, especially for the Wii U because it has another [screen] right in front of you that will add another level of strategic elements into the action-RPG. So we are really looking forward to it, but we haven’t really planned anything.

XSEED Reveals Limited Edition The Last Story For North America

XSEED, the North American publishers of Hironobu Sakaguchi’s The Last Story, have revealed the limited edition version which comes with a 44-page softcover art book. All first print editions of The Last Story will come with come packaged with the game and the art book in a custom outer box. The Last Story launches in North America in the Summer for a suggested retail price of $49.99.

Sakaguchi: ‘The Wii’s SD Resolution Is A Limitation’

Final Fantasy’s creator, Hironobu Sakaguchi, was recently interviewed by IGN. He shared his thoughts and experience about making The Last Story, which is his latest video game for the Wii. Sakaguchi shared many interesting details including information about the game’s unique battle system, and what his greatest challenges were while creating the game.

When talking about the technical capabilities of the Wii Sakaguchi says, “It’s unfortunate, but the final issue that always seemed to deny certain ideas was the SD resolution limitation.” Despite the graphical restrictions of the console, Sakaguchi believes that people will enjoy the game’s refined world. The Last Story is scheduled to release in North America on July 10th.

XSEED Pursuing Limited Edition The Last Story For North America This July

XSEED has confirmed that it’s looking to release a limited edition version of The Last Story when the game makes its debut in North America in July. Presumably the limited edition version of The Last Story will be similar to the version that was released in Europe back in February. The limited edition version of The Last Story contains a copy of the game, a steel book-case, a soundtrack, and an art book.