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XSEED Reveals Limited Edition The Last Story For North America

XSEED, the North American publishers of Hironobu Sakaguchi’s The Last Story, have revealed the limited edition version which comes with a 44-page softcover art book. All first print editions of The Last Story will come with come packaged with the game and the art book in a custom outer box. The Last Story launches in North America in the Summer for a suggested retail price of $49.99.

Sakaguchi: ‘The Wii’s SD Resolution Is A Limitation’

Final Fantasy’s creator, Hironobu Sakaguchi, was recently interviewed by IGN. He shared his thoughts and experience about making The Last Story, which is his latest video game for the Wii. Sakaguchi shared many interesting details including information about the game’s unique battle system, and what his greatest challenges were while creating the game.

When talking about the technical capabilities of the Wii Sakaguchi says, “It’s unfortunate, but the final issue that always seemed to deny certain ideas was the SD resolution limitation.” Despite the graphical restrictions of the console, Sakaguchi believes that people will enjoy the game’s refined world. The Last Story is scheduled to release in North America on July 10th.

XSEED Pursuing Limited Edition The Last Story For North America This July

XSEED has confirmed that it’s looking to release a limited edition version of The Last Story when the game makes its debut in North America in July. Presumably the limited edition version of The Last Story will be similar to the version that was released in Europe back in February. The limited edition version of The Last Story contains a copy of the game, a steel book-case, a soundtrack, and an art book.

The Last Story Will Have A Limited Run In North America

XSEED the publisher behind The Last Story in North America has revealed that the game will have a limited run when it launches later this year. XSEED say they have a rough idea of how many copy’s of the well-received JRPG they will distribute. Sounds as though you will need to make sure you pre-order the game if you fancy getting hold of it.

“…we do anticipate a limited run for the game as we already have a number in mind of how many units we can expect to sell of this title, and all our pre-production efforts will be geared towards being able to manufacture a final number somewhat close to our initial estimated number. It’s too early to start thinking of doing additional runs, but as a general policy we haven’t been very active on doing reprints of our other titles so far.”

The Last Story Developer Mistwalker Is Working On Several New Projects

Mistwalker, the famed development studio behind The Lost Odyssey, Blue Dragon and more recently The Last Story, has revealed to Siliconera that the team is working on several projects. We already know that Mistwalker has three projects in the works for iOS, but let’s hope some of these ‘other projects’ involve either the Wii U or Nintendo 3DS.

“We are working on several projects. We appreciate your interest.”

How Did The Last Story Do When It Launched In The UK Last Week?

As the majority of you will be aware the fantastic The Last Story launched in the UK on Friday. The game managed to reach number fifteen in the UK all-formats charts, which to be honest isn’t too bad. The Last Story made its début at number two in the Wii Charts. The Last Story has already been confirmed for release later this year in North America.

Watch The First Two Hours Of The Last Story Online In High Quality

Mesut from Nintendomination has uploaded the first two hours of the majestic The Last Story for Wii. The footage itself is extremely high quality, so if you can’t wait to purchase the game then feel free to waste away two hours watching the spectacular action unfold. The Last Story is available to purchase today is Europe, and is coming to North America sometime later this year.

GAME Cancels All The Last Story Pre-Orders At The Last Minute

I reported earlier in the week that GAME was cancelling pre-orders for the limited edition version of The Last Story, but now it turns out the troubled retailer is cancelling all pre-orders of the game. Consumers who have pre-ordered the game, which is due out tomorrow, have been notified that their pre-orders have been cancelled.


Unfortunately we are no longer stocking The Last Story on Wii. If you return to the store they will be happy to refund your £5.00 deposit.

I apologise for any inconvenience caused.