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New Gameplay Details Emerge For LEGO: The Hobbit, Plans Teased For Third Movie

TT Games has divulged new gameplay details for LEGO: The Hobbit after Warner Bros. announced the title’s release for multiple platforms this April. In an interview with Polygon, the game’s executive producer Nick Ricks spoke about a brand new gameplay mechanic which allows the dwarves of Middle-earth to team up.

Ricks emphasised the nature of team work, which sees dwarves lifting heavy objects and even stacking on top of one another to access an out-of-reach platform, saying that it was a “really important” moment to capture in the game.

“We thought that was a really important, emotional moment throughout all the films which we naturally wanted to capture. The fact they they do combine and work together seemed fit for the idea of Lego play. You combine bricks, you build things together. They seemed like a natural fit.”

With LEGO: The Hobbit focusing on the first two films, many fans wondered if extra content would be provided for the third film. It’s certainly something TT Games has considered with Ricks issuing the following tease below.

“At the moment we’re completely focused on making Lego The Hobbit the best it can be. We know there’s another film coming out, and we’ve got very excit[ing] plans about that, but I’m afraid there’s nothing I can say today.”

Here’s The E3 Trailer For Lego Marvel Super Heroes

The new trailer for Lego Marvel Super Heroes has just landed, and it promises some of the usual comic book comedy from TT Games. It’s certainly going to be a week of madness during E3, but let’s hope the Hulk doesn’t come to the party by showing his true colours. Lego Marvel Super Heroes will be available this fall on Wii U, PlayStation 3, Nintendo DS, Nintendo 3DS, PlayStation Vita and PC.

LEGO Friends Will Build Up To Autumn 3DS Release

lego friendsLEGO is about to get a spritz of feminine couture in TT Games’ new title announced for the Nintendo 3DS and DS. LEGO Friends is based on the building set collection of toys, which was launched in 2012, and has proved very popular for the younger generation of girls.

LEGO Friends, based in the tranquil area of Heartlake City, will allow players to explore their unique sense of style, dance until their feet drop off and take pictures with the 3DS camera at the studio, as well as focus on building relationships with their group of friends.  And even if you’re a bit of a tomboy, LEGO Friends has got you covered, as you can have a kick-around at football practice.

TT Games Managing Director Tom Stone said in support of the title:

“We are very proud to welcome even more girls into the world of LEGO videogames with a title based on the best-selling LEGO Friends line. LEGO Friends allows players to build personal fun adventure while expressing their individual style and personality along the way.”

The game is set for release this Autumn. Is it good news that the LEGO franchise is expanding to another audience? Let us know your thoughts below.

LEGO Legends Of Chima: Laval’s Journey Announced For Nintendo 3DS

ChimaWith the success of LEGO City Undercover on the Wii U, LEGO fans may be itching to play a new IP by this summer and that’s where LEGO Legends of Chima: Laval’s Journey enters. Set in a fantasy world sporting eight animal tribes, foes battle it out to claim control of ‘Chi’ – a powerful element which is a both a source of life and ultimate destruction. In Laval’s Journey, you play as a warrior (Laval) and, along with a band of allies, must fight for justice in Chima.

So far, details are scarce on the action-adventure game developed by TT Games, but it’s set to release for both the Nintendo 3DS and DS in the coming summer months. Will you be adding it to your collection?

LEGO City Undercover Hit By Shipping Error?


I’ve received a number of emails this afternoon from disgruntled people who pre-ordered a copy of LEGO City: Undercover which was meant to be released today in North America. Several people who contacted GameStop have been told that the game won’t be in stock until Wednesday, March 20th. It’s thought that a shipping error is to blame. Did you get your copy of LEGO City: Undercover today?

LEGO City Undercover Launches In the Nintendo eShop On Wii U

lego_city_undercover_screenshotThe digital version of LEGO City Undercover has launched in North America. Instead of waiting for retailers to open in the morning, you can download the game from the Nintendo eShop on Wii U right now. The digital version costs $59.99 and requires 22GB of space, which means Wii U Basic Set owners need an external hard drive in order to download it. Will you be downloading LEGO City Undercover, or are you waiting to pick up a physical copy?

Update:  LEGO City Undercover Actually Costs $49.99 In The Nintendo eShop On Wii U

LEGO City Undercover Requires 22GB To Download From The Wii U eShop


The digital version of LEGO City Undercover requires a whopping 22GB of space, according to reports. Of course, if you own a Wii U Basic Set, which has approximately 3GB available for data storage and downloads, you need an external hard drive to download the game. If you are a Wii U Deluxe Set owner and want to download the game, you may also want to invest in an external hard drive, as that bundle has about 25GB for data storage and downloads, which means you’ll have approximately 3GB of memory after downloading LEGO City Undercover.

Meet Ellie Phillips In The Latest LEGO City Undercover Webisode

Nintendo has released the fourth LEGO City Undercover webisode, in which characters from the upcoming Wii U sandbox-style game are introduced. In the latest episode, Ellie Phillips is introduced as being main character Chase McCain’s co-worker. Throughout the game, Ellie’s task is to help Chase navigate around Lego City. LEGO City Undercover launches in North America on March 18th, and in Europe and Australia on the 28th of the same month.

You Can Ride A Dinosaur In LEGO City Undercover For Wii U


New screenshots released by developer Travellers Tales show that lead protagonist Chase McCain can actually ride a dinosaur in the vast LEGO City Undercover which is exclusive to Wii U. You can also see him in his fireman disguise and flying a helicopter in some of the other screens released. The game which takes roughly 40 to 50 hours to complete is due for release on March 18th in North America and March 28th in Europe and Australia.

Thanks, Mike S

LEGO City Undercover Could Take Over 40 Hours To Complete

LEGO_City_Undercover_chase_mccainLEGO City Undercover is supposedly a huge game, but how many hours does it take to finish it? According to its executive producer, Loz Doyle, it could take players 40-50 hours to complete the game. Granted, if players just wanted to finish the main story, by completing its 15 missions, it’ll take a shorter amount of time, but there are numerous unlockables and collectibles that players need to finish the game 100%, and the in-game world is expansive and could take several hours to explore. LEGO City Undercover launches for Wii U on March 18th in North America, and March 28th in Europe and Australia.

There are so many vehicles, characters and missions. There’s so much content in the game already – you’re talking 40-50 hours to get 100%, it’s difficult to imagine what we could put in. We wouldn’t rule it out, but it’d have to be the right thing to fit with the rest of the game.

…Initially in the San Francisco area at the start of the game you’re really focused on the story, but as you get more abilities you’ll see things that had locked icons before that you couldn’t use, and now you can. That’ll encourage you to explore and use those different game mechanics and abilities.

-LEGO City Undercover Executive Producer Loz Doyle