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New Nintendo Direct Set For Friday

The latest Nintendo Direct is scheduled to air in Japan at around 9pm PST Thursday US time. During the last Nintendo Direct, which aired during E3 week, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata delivered new information regarding Wii U and introduced the Wii U Pro Controller. The next Nintendo Direct isn’t going to be about Nintendo’s upcoming console; it will be about Wii and Nintendo 3DS. Expect to hear more information regarding Animal Crossing: Jump Out, since it was absent from E3. What will Nintendo announce for the six-year-old Wii?

Update: Nintendo Europe will also be streaming the event at 5am BST. You can watch it here.

75 thoughts on “New Nintendo Direct Set For Friday”

    1. The Last Story and Pandoras Tower have already been released in Japan so you wouldn’t see those.

      Probably Fatal Frame 2 and Kirby Anniversary.

      1. They have already announced The Last Story is getting a US release in an earlier Nintendo Direct, though i think the date is still up in the air. All 3 ‘Operation Rainfall’ games have been released in Europe/Australia, but only Xenoblade Chronicles has hit the US. The Last Story needs a solid date, and im hoping Pandoras Tower also gets a US release.

        1. I’m aware of what has and has not released and where, but this is the Japan Nintendo Direct so mentioning those games is unlikely. Info on them would be on a US ND, I’d imagine. You never know though, so if it is mentioned then that would be great for you guys in the US.



    1. I’m interested in hearing what bad news you heard. Was it when Iwata said that developers are barely using half the WiiUs potential at the moment? That should be good new………OHH you’re trolling us. My bad.

      1. Well I think he was kind of serious. I was also disappointed to hear they’re not talking about the Wii U, but at the same time I realize it hasn’t even been 2 weeks since e3, so I understand it might be a little soon yet. Maybe a month or two from now would be a good expectation. Nevertheless, releasing the demos for KH3D, Paper Mario, or Luigi’s Mansion would still be awesome news. Hopefully the release dates for both the demos and the games aren’t far apart from the rest of the world. Here I still have my fingers crossed for MH TriG US release.

    1. heheh, I hope they do. It would kinda make sense to do it now, so they wouldn’t take any of the spotlight away from the Wii U at E3…but at the same time, E3 would be the best time to announce something Zelda related, so I doubt we will hear about anything until next E3 :(

        1. Some people prefer Action games over RPGs. Personally, Pandora’s Tower is a good game, I really enjoyed it, kinda boring though.

    1. Yeah, really if I had to give 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places I would go for The Last Story, Xenoblade, then Fragile Dreams, THEN Pandora’s Tower. Just my opinion. And yes, I didn’t mention a 4th place. The game isn’t bad, it’s very artistic and creative, just very boring.

            1. It’s a new rumor on the Internet where it says Nintendo will hold a summer conference with big third party companies like EA, RockStar Games and Capcom.

  1. I’m so looking forward to this. With Nintendo direct it’s like we have more than one E3. Leave luck to heaven.

  2. Since this is a Japanese presentation, it might be a good setting for more info on Monster Hunter 4. Might also be the right time to show off some Dragon Quest X since at least Japan is getting a Wii version.

    1. With DQX just over a month away from JP release, mentioning that may very well be in the cards.

      Showing a new trailer for MH4 would be real good, it’s been a long time since I’ve heard anything about it since it’s initial unveiling.

  3. Dragon Quest X coming in August, So I believe they will obviously talk about it . also hope we hear more news about Professor Layton Vs Ace Attorney, Projectt X Zone and Monolith softs 3DS game.

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  5. The Wii U GPU is made by AMD and is based on a modern Radeon HD design. Nintendo has been working with AMD for two console generations now, and this will be the third time AMD/ATI supplies the graphics processor in a Nintendo console. The Wii U CPU will be made and supplied by IBM. According to reports, the Wii U GPU is based on the Radeon HD 5000 series GPU, which was introduced to the PC gaming market in 2009. However, while the based architecture will be the same, the Wii U GPU will be custom made with additional features. For more on the console hardware, check out the complete Wii U system specs.
    Wii U GPU specs
    The Wii U GPU specs have yet to be announced, but based on developer comments and on the already available design sheets from AMD, we can estimate the following features for the graphics chip:
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    Unified shader architecture
    GDDR5 memory support (memory is likely to be shared with CPU and system)
    Shader count: 400 unified shaders (rumored)
    75 GB/S bandwidth
    Low power design, 50W TDP
    Full 1080p, 60 frames per second support
    The Wii U GPU has been in development since 2010 according to sources, and it’s likely that AMD created a highly specialized chip for Nintendo, with many modern features incorporated into the 3 year old Evergreen design.
    Wii U GPU power and performance
    While the above specs don’t sound much compared to the current generation graphics chips from AMD, where up to 2000 unified shaders are possible, the specs are feasible for a console. Due to pricing, power, and resource issues, the GPU is estimated to have 400 unified shaders with extra features added. This would still make the Wii U GPU many times faster than what’s found in the Xbox 360, which only has 48 shader units. It has been rumored that the Wii U GPU includes a small amount of RAM (32 MB) embedded with the graphics processor and aside from the main system memory, although this report hasn’t been confirmed. This RAM is supposedly used as a framebuffer and to assist with some of the other GPU features.

  6. New StreetPass Puzzles (the new Mario game will obviously have that gorgeous gold piece of art featuring the Koopa Kids in the Clown Car) and StreetPass Quest/Find Mii 3 with character outfits for your Mii rather than hats is what I’d like to see announced.

    1. Oh and all the 3DS E3 demos to download on the eShop would be nice. Don’t see why they can’t do it as the demos are already made. That’s the kind of things all companies should be doing after E3.

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