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Earthworm Jim Creator Says Reboot Is Unlikely

Despite Dave Perry saying that he was sure an Earthworm Jim reboot would eventually happen, the character’s creator Doug TenNapel says that it’s very unlikely. TenNapel said that he doesn’t see how a new Earthworm Jim game would come about, and if it did, it would be created without him.

“I don’t have the control, and it hasn’t happened. Unless something changes, I don’t see how it’s going to happen, and if it does, it will likely be done without me. If the fans think EWJ is just a name, then they’ll want those titles.

“So is a Jim game likely? DP thinks it’s likely, I think it’s unlikely.”

15 thoughts on “Earthworm Jim Creator Says Reboot Is Unlikely”


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  1. Aww it world have been good to see a reboot to a classic series like that. Well, guess we cant have them all

        1. The port handled by Gameloft with loading times, new voices/sounds, unnecessary extras and wonky controls?

          Yeah, have fun with that version.

  2. He must not have that much of imagination if he can’t come up with new stories or games.

    And it’s not as if EWJ is as big as Mario or even Wario for that matter…

    He should take the chance to reboot the series while maintaining the key aspects of the characters and humor.

    1. “He must not have that much of imagination if he can’t come up with new stories or games.”

      … Are you serious? He’s been doing graphic novels over the past 10 years almost annually.

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