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Here’s A Look At Link And His Equipment In Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

Capcom Europe have given us a look at the Legend of Zelda hero Link whose design features in the forthcoming Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. You’ll be able to craft Link’s signature green tunic, Master Sword and bow in the upcoming Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. The game is coming to the west in early 2015.

Thanks, nostalgiaww

158 thoughts on “Here’s A Look At Link And His Equipment In Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate”

    1. Wow, nintendo is now putting their characters in everything…. wow, what a bunch of idiots, i can understand sony and microsoft doing that for multiplatform titles (even though i find that also retarded), but nintendo has this game exclusive for their platform, why do all fucking games need to have costumes of other games? is nintendo this desperate for games to sell that they cannot let other games be original and without their mascot characters?

        1. how can i expect a fanboy to understand that letting a game be original is better than this kind of fan service that brings nothing to the game, and just makes it feel out of place.

            1. yeah, actually link in any zelda game is called whatever you call him, so you can interpret this any way you want

          1. Lol I’m not a fanboy. How will link gear not make this game original? It’s just link gear, calm your panties.

            1. they are putting this just so more fans of zelda buy their game, they’re just like “let’s put something zelda here, i bet it’ll sell more”, the same way they did that with bayonetta, or mercedes. they put shit that are out of place in the actual game, just so more people buy it. fanboys never actually admit to being a fanboy, so…

              there’s that

              1. No trust me I’m not a fanboy. Or they’re doing it for the monster hunters who are already zelda fans. Even if they were doing it to reel in zelda fans, so what? It’s called business.

                1. oh, it’s called buisness. ok, then i guess no one should complain about cod, titanfall, no 3rd party games, gimped ports, no dlc….it’s buisness, right? it hurts the game, like i said, it’s just a fan service that seems out of place. like mario seemed out of place in that nba street. there should never be any fan service like this just because. hyrule warriors, ok. it’s supposed to be dynasty warriors with zelda characters, smash bros, ok, it’s a fighting game with nintendo characters and some 3rd party ones, but that’s the point. mario kart, i wouldn’t have a problem if the next one was nintendo racing or some shit, where there is link on epona, captain falcon in blue falcon, fox in a landmaster, or some new vehicle…

                  those kinds of games, ok. but to put a link costume and items in a game that is it’s own thing? that just feels wrong.

                    1. make alot of retarded decisions that made them into what they are today, the most incapable, shitty company there is, at least what in gaming industry. they made the wii, and thought “oh, well, we sold 120 million units with this piece of shit gimmick, we can do it again”, but no, they cannot, casual market is not sustainable, it’s like flock of birds, they go anyway the wind blows. and now they are still not there, retards don’t know how to create basic online structure that works, they make games like mario bros u that costs close to nothing to make, because they don’t invest in their games, but put a full price on it and BAM there ya go, buddy.

                      they never listen to fans, fans want majora’s mask remake…wind waker
                      fans want metroid….donkey fucking kong
                      fans want voice chat…. animal crossing retards galore
                      fans want folders….. bam, quick menu start shit
                      fans want miiverse with less restricions….. bam, 2 minutes of waiting between posts
                      fans want the ability to invite someone in your game…. nope, fuck you
                      1st party demos so we can try their games?…. fuck you and your mother
                      they even don’t want to make a completely new zelda game, they reused the world from alttp and even half the shit that’s in the dungeons, also items

                      they don’t invest in their games, no voice acting, no orchestrated music except for mario galaxy and zelda ss (even though they weren’t fully orchestrated), no new engines for most of their games, but still a full fucking price, because fuck you

                      1. I actually agree with every single thing you just said. Lol. I can see why you’re angry. The only reason I put up with it is for some of their exclusives. I’m hoping these Wii U games are the best games ever made. Otherwise, I might just have to give up on Nintendo…

                      2. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                        Because he is an Xbot and I don’t care that he has said 5 times now that he has a Wii U, the only thing he has ever done in this site is to bash me and our empire…

                      3. this nintendo commander is just….he’s just a….just a fucking retard. i think this site is beyond saving with idiots like you, my dear imbecile, the worst thing is, you all encourage one another to be handicapped fools, and god dammit, i’m done with you

                      4. I’ve won.

                        you had nothing on me there, it seems like you haven’t played any of those games, and had no idea what you were talking about.

                        albw is the same world as alttp, with the same items, with the very similar concept of dungeons
                        mario galaxy 2 are the leftover ideas of the galaxy 1, i liked it better than galaxy 1, but it is what it is
                        star fox 64 is a remake however old may it be… sorry

                      5. dude, your right about most of the things but your also wrong on the other half of that shit. Like for an example:

                        “oh, well, we sold 120 million units with this piece of shit gimmick, we can do it again”.

                        The wii was no gimmick at all, their mistake was aiming for the casuals and made games easy, Microsoft and Sony both followed after that huge success…Why to you think they are lazy now?

                        “Hey I know, Nintendo is making their games easy now, I wanna be lazy and make easy games too”! BAM! Shooters, BAM! DLC…BAM! horrible fucking platforms (no one is looking at you Knack)…

                        If Nintendo was not throwing profit into it, then I guess those games like Super Mario 3D World forgot to give the company name that made it. Its not called First party for nothing asswhole, means they did throw profit into it. Games like Hyrule warriors is where Nintendo is not giving profit to make it, that is done by team ninja and toei or Monster hunter 4 (which I am looking forwards too since I am both a monster hunter fan and a Zelda fan), Capcom is making the jump by asking permission to use links outfits and weapons, and if you HAVEN’T NOTICED, that goes for the girls too…they can wear link’s outfit and use his weapons.

                        I also find your reason to be pissed at them a good point but a useless point too…there is no reason too if the other companies are doing the same shit too…look at Xbox one with kennect, people didn’t buy it, why? they hated it. THEY thought THEY can use Motion controls LIKE WII, THERE’S YOUR GIMMICK, the kenect itself, also Playstation Move, that’s a gimmick, Nintendo TVii…is a MOTHER FUCKING GIMMICK!!! Learn what a gimmick is and quit being stupid, DAM!

                    2. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                      If they listened to people like you, we would have more rehashes and remakes than new games, your logic is flawed and always has been…

                      Exposed, now go home…

                      1. you have those already, you fucking imbecile, you retarded piece of shit, are you this fucking dumb? huh? is that even possible?

                        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                          Said the retarded imbecile who is -fucking dumb- that can’t understand a simple comment…

                        2. a simple comment that has no point.
                          link between worlds
                          new mario bros u
                          new mario bros 2
                          new mario bros wii
                          mario galaxy 2
                          wind waker hd
                          star fox 3d
                          ocarina of time 3d
                          monster hunter 3 ultimate

                          did you just say something about how if people listened to me, you’d have less remakes and rehashes?
                          you see, i understand buisness, i am an intelligent human being, more intelligent than all of you combined… you on the other hand are an imbecile who talks like he knows something, but is actually mentally challenged

                          1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                            Yes you are so intelligent…

                            For an ape perhaps, but I find them slightly more intelligent than you nontheless…

                            Mentioning, ALBW, Stafox 3D and MG2 is enough proof to define you as retarded by default since ALBW is a sequel to ALTTP made 22 YEARS or 11 Cycles, Stafrox 3D is a remake of the game made 14 YEARS ago…

                            Even if I also think that the NSMB games are the worst rehashes ever made in our empire’s history, still made in 4 different consoles unlike the other idiots out there that makes 2-3 sequels with basically no real changes on one console…

                            And WWHD was made 2 generations ago, and I’ll only give you MH3U that had nothing to do with our empire…

                            Enjoy your remaining arrogant ape life…


                            1. New Super Mario Bros U is the worst rehash ever. It takes everything from NSMB Wii but makes it worse. Assist mode with the Gamepad is one of the most retarted decisions they ever made. Why not just let a 5th player join? It is literally copy and paste. With only HD, and Baby Yoshi’s being anything new. Miiverse for the game is pointless and stupid. Wasted $60 on this game. It doesn’t even deserve to have the word new in it. Nintendo should never make another one again. Let that series die please.

                                1. It’s like Nintendo punched me in the face when they released NSLU. That game looks leagues better than the garbage I bought. It has actual difficulty, it has my favorite power ups from NSMBW, it introduced Nabbit, and really just looks like the better game. Why couldn’t NSMBU be like that? Disappointing… Anyways, stay away from that abomination. If you want to try one, get Luigi U. Don’t waste $60 on copy/paste like I did.

                                  1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                                    I bought the Wii one for 80 dollars because of stupid pre-order crap policy the apperantely had at GAME…

                                    It was fun at first but I got bored with it…

                                    I traded it in after 1 year for SS, best decision ever…

                                    Like I said once before, if I ever want to have my 2D Mario fix again, I’ll just buy Mario Maker…

                                    1. Have you played it with friends? It’s incredibly fun. Everything from the Propeller hat to the Penguin suit and different colored Yoshis. It’s awesome! I played it for hours and hours with my cousins. NSMBU on the other hand… removed my favorite power ups from the game, recycled the EXACT SAME STORY, made the levels cheap, boring, and stupid, and all the baby Yoshi’s except for the pink one pretty much suck. And they took out a lot of normal Yoshi. He’s in like what, 2 levels? Lol. If you look in the dictionary for the definition of downgrade, a picture of NSMBU is exactly what you will find. They better not make another one because no one is asking for it! Keep that crap away from me!

                                      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                                        Yes, it was fun but you can’t expect it to last long either…

                                      2. this is supposed to go here, didn’t see the reply button, it’s so small

                                        I’ve won.

                                        you had nothing on me there, it seems like you haven’t played any of those games, and had no idea what you were talking about.

                                        albw is the same world as alttp, with the same items, with the very similar concept of dungeons
                                        mario galaxy 2 are the leftover ideas of the galaxy 1, i liked it better than galaxy 1, but it is what it is
                                        star fox 64 is a remake however old may it be… sorry

                                        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                                          Saying “I won” just declares you the loser automatically, try again…

                                          Desperation is the enemy weakness, and you fell for it…

                                          And it’s obvious that you have fallen for the Anti-Nintendo agenda that everything they do is a rehash…

                                          If our empire makes rehashes then everybody else makes exact copies…

                                        2. Four Mario games, three Zelda games, a Starfox game, and a game that Nintendo has no control over. So, instead of using an iconic character with an enormous fan base Nintendo should have made the Mario games with original characters? Sure that sounds like good business. Wind Waker, Ocarina, and Starfox were all console defining games in their day. People still love them so, what is the problem with putting some polish on them and reintroducing them to a new generation. Both Sony and Microsoft remake games that were hugely popular on older platforms (Metal Gear HD and Halo Anniversary.) A Link Between Worlds, being set in the same universe as the original makes it a rehash? Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, seriously, the Monster Hunter series is known for releasing an expansion game every generation. They don’t usually jump platforms the way it did this time around but, what does that matter? Not to mention that Nintendo doesn’t own Monster Hunter. There is a difference between a business contract and ownership. Most of the games that have these special costumes or gear are not things that were pushed for by Nintendo. Game developers are allowed to be fans just as much as you or I. Well, maybe not you, you are a blithering idiot and deserve to been treated as such.

                                        3. Valve Admiral GLaDOS


                                          Wrong, because if you really won, you won’t be arguing, you be off jacking off in your corner, but you are still arguing here, therefore you have doubts you have won, meaning you did not win. Doesn’t matter though because you never win any ways.


                                        4. He said that if people would listen to me, nintendo would only be doing remakes and rehashes, and i proved that they have been doing that for some time already. i think i explained everything too well, so even you can understand it. be a good moron and shut up. i am the one who rules this site

                                        5. @Glados retard
                                          there are always those too stupid to just accept the things as they are, and i’m here to prove them wrong

                                        6. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                                          @Donko the dumbass

                                          Is that all you have left to defend your bullshit against me? Insults and fake facts? Pathetic.

                                      3. Duude, its exclusive to the 3ds, who cares? It doesn’t hinder the game and it does look cool, even though I have never finished a single zelda game in my life, but I am a huge fan of monster hunter, I think this is a cool idea and I’m just curious what the stats and elemental effects the armor does have.

                                      4. Yeah I see your point, but if the fans like it then it’s fine. I loved having Link in Soul Calibur 2.
                                        I don’t know if you’re a fan of Xbox, but I know a lot of Xbox fans would leave bricks in their toilets if they announced Master Chief for the next COD.

                                        1. LOL…xD You speak truth but I see it possible to know it can happen. Now if Nintendo would really shock every fucking gamer is they did add link in SC 2 HD and cross it up among the other systems…THAT would make gamers shit out bricks…but I also see the comments of “nintendoooooom” bullshit getting worse if that did happen…


                                          I can just see something among the bullshit like that being said and its not going to be pretty.

                                      5. Don’t get mad, just play the game. It’s a small detail that won’t matter to anyone except those who want it (and the people like you that complain over extra content)
                                        I bet you got PISSED when bayonetta 1 was confirmed to have a link costume ;$

                                        1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                                          Actually he did.
                                          His reasoning was “They are whoring themselves out.”
                                          Overall result of his argument: Made a complete retard of himself

                                    2. Stop defending yourself. Donko is an Mule-fucking idiot. God only knows why he comes here. And thanks. I’m looking forward to MH4 a LOT!! Took me over a year to give MH3U a try, now I’m hooked. Trying to build the Mozgal armor now. (X rank) I love looking like a scarecrow from hell. ;)

                                        1. What is wrong with a company giving a fun easter egg as a “thanks” for Nintendo in allowing this game to be made?

                                          I mean it’s not as if Iwata said to the CEO of Capcom

                                          “If you do not put a reference to LoZ, I will cancel MH4’s development”

                                  2. I’m a fan of both Zelda and Monster Hunter, so it’s a bonus for me. It’s called fan service, brand appreciation, brand loyalty, cool shit for REAL fans of something. You are pissed off about something else and for whatever reason find it necessary to take it out on us. You should probably fix you personal issues before trying to ruin innocent people’s fun

                                      1. Oh trust me, it will, once your passed that “holding your hand” tutorials, it will leave you alone to fight your own battles…top advice, collect anything and learn to fight the monsters…follow that and you should be good, that includes knowing when to heal, what heals you and shit.

                                        1. Monster hunter is one game that will require you to HAVE a guide book just to get started, what to carve, and weapon roads to take for the one you want or need to finish off monsters…think of it like a massive pokemon game with Zelda or dark souls visuals too it. In pokemon, you always need the right pokemon to over come the other one based on strength and weakness, right? Like Pikachu vs squirtle, squirtle loses because he is a water type and Pikachu is electric…same way with monster hunter, Each weapon you make from the monsters you kill or capture depending on the monster mail element (Rathian/Qurpeco = fire weapons, weakness verys like rathian and rathalos are weak to thunder and dragon elements, qurpeco is weak against water and ice). Stick with me commander and you’ll go far in the game.

                              1. You made some good points below, I’ve bitched about them myself, but You don’t need to call everyone that enjoys Nintendo games and isn’t as mad as you a “fanboy.” Maybe we just really like Nintendo Franchises.

                                You’re comments would be more valid if you didn’t attack every Nintendo fan on this site and smother your reasonable complaints in horse shit. That’s just going to make people not give a fuck what you say regardless it’s validity.

                          2. Do you also point out how “retarded” Sony and Microsoft are when they do that in comment sections?
                            So calm down. Jeez. It’s just a little costume Capcom put in for the fun of it, not something that Nintendo did as a way of whoring themselves out.

                                1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                                  Hi Admiral ,I’ll let you enjoy yourself now, I go play a bit of Fire Emblem now…

                                        1. I don’t have a troll account. Lmao. I was just messing with you. I’m gonna make one though.

                                          1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                                            I was messing with you too. But, you’ll probably not believe me and say “Sure you did.”

                                      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                                        When I have enough resources to spend I’ll try your republic’s holy game too…

                                    1. dude! I’m guessing you’re playing in brutal difficulty, where the game turns into Frederick’s Awakening XD

                                      1. I just made a new save yesterday on Lunatic, and I must say the game really is Frederick’s Awakening. This is my first time playing Lunatic, yet I can barely make it through the first levels. XO

                                          1. If you have never played a FE game don’t even go near Lunatic let alone Lunatic+. FE is a game that you must put a lot of thought into, its not something you can just walk into and expect to beat on your first try.

                                2. actually its not…that’s like saying Hahachi in Sony Super Star Battle royal is showing Namco that they are whoring out when every other fucking character from different Devs that stayed on Sony is a whore…as I said before man, quit being stupid.

                                  Here let me help you…


                                  and again in Spanish now


                                  Feel better? Maybe you get smarter now that your more relaxed, yes?

                            1. because some people will buy it just for the link costume alone and introduce them to mh at the same time. so many people bought sould calibur on gc just to play as link and never even played sc before

                            2. are you an idiot sir? Characters like Link are iconic, not some Celebrity to be momentarily swooned till it’s down the drain. That’s why Disney bought Marvel. It can diversify important characters that can dwelve into rich stories. Almost Filipino in fact, borloloy-esque

                          3. Why? This was in Corcoro and posted on this site months ago before it was released in the East.

                        3. Nice, I love all these collabs Nintendo are doing with developers. Not to mention that even if Nintendo lacks third parties at least they’re Indy-friendly.

                        4. Yawn, Finished mario Kart a week ago, will be busy playing TLOU REMASTERED

                          1080p 60FPS

                          Looks better then every game on my wii u

                          1. I didn’t care for TLOU because of the whole zombies angle. I’ll stick to Epic Mickey for now. Although, I won’t deny that TLOU has good graphics…MK8 just has better ones =)

                              1. The Last of Us has a very good story though. It’s really emotional and makes you feel for the characters. I really want to play it. :/

                        5. OH MY FU#%NG GOD! i swear imma make a nintendo news site of my own and kick every single bastard that talks anything other than the topic at hand. i would rather we talk about the fu#%ing games than divert every topic to “oh my god the graphics suck-looks like shit-nintendrones-trolls!” i have lost faith in you guys and something needs to change in your brains. SO FU#%ING PISSED OFF RIGHT NOW! nearly none of you are talking about anything related here!

                        6. I think this is pretty cool. I’ve never played a Monster Hunter game so far, but I know that they don’t typically come to America. If one does come here in a physical release I’ll definitely head to Gamestop and see how it looks. Only a few more months until the Gamecube Adaptor and my big buying spree! Until then, it’s time to go back to Epic Mickey.

                          It’s sad that just putting Link in Monster Hunter has gotten so much fanrage….

                          1. They got one monster hunter 3 about 3 versions of it for the 3ds, wii and the wii u. And they might have some for the ps3 or xbox 360.

                            Give it some time and it will hook you. I say give it time because the control scheme can be quite a learning curve.

                        7. Everyone keeps telling me the demo of MH3 was not the greatest representation of the game and it is much deeper. Considering I am a Zelda fan, this intrigues me a lot.

                          If someone can explain more to me, what makes the game so appealing, please do so. I want to like the game, but again, the demo left a bad taste in my mouth.

                          1. I haven’t played it either. It’s the customization of the weapons and armor that’s reeling me in. Also the sweet battles with those awesome monsters look so fun.

                          2. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

                            The game is much more fun when you can carve monsters & use the pieces you cut from them for armor & weapons. Oh & online multiplayer if you don’t mind some of the people online being assholes that think their teammates should have the best equipment to win against the stronger monsters. But if you can find the right team, the online play is quite fun as everyone will not be so dead serious & snap at the ones getting killed.

                        8. @retro,

                          The monster hunter games are all about boss fights. Everytime you enter a map, you have at least one monster boss to fight or capture. Thats always my favorite part in MH games, exploring a new map and looking for a new monster. So exciting! Every monster has at least two sets of armor (some have many more) that can be made from thier parts. Each set of armor is unique with different abilities and skills. The stronger the monster, the stronger the armor. Weapons are also made the same way. That is the driving force in MH. Make better gear, to kill stronger Boss’s. It can become very addictive. You craft everything in MH games, including items. It can become very complex for newcomers, but VERY rewarding. By far the most rewarding game I have ever played. Many people will tell you that the story doesn’t matter or exist in MH games, and I disagree. MH3U had a great story in my opinion. I have heard that MH4 has the best story so far. An amazing series that I highly recommend. But I will warn you, if you catch the MH bug you may not see the sunlight for weeks.

                        9. I also want to add something.

                          Many people who play MH for the first time hate the combat. They say that it is to slow and simple. This alone will make many avoid the game. I can assure you that the combat is amazing, after you have gotten used to it. I hated how slow attacks were when i first played a MH game, but now I wouldn’t have it any other way. Dont let the combat scare you off, you will quickly adapt to it.

                          1. This game is a almost-confirmed big seller, AT LEAST in Japan, although I worry about the numbers there after looking at the sales charts the past year. Costumes are just a cool addition

                            1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                              It has already been released in Japan and it has sold over 4 million copies already…

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