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Ubisoft Says Just Dance 2015 Will Be At Gamescom, No Mention Of Watch Dogs Wii U

Today, Ubisoft revealed a lineup of games including Assassin’s Creed Unity, Far Cry 4, Just Dance 2015, Just Dance Now, Tom Clancy’s The Division, The Settlers Kingdom of Anteria, Shape Up and more for Gamescom 2014,  taking place August 13 – 17 in Cologne, Germany. New, as-of-yet unannounced titles for PC, mobile and digital channels also will be shown during Gamescom for the first time.

Visitors to Ubisoft’s booth (Hall 6, space A021) have more chances than ever before to learn more about their favorite titles first hand at the show. Assassin’s Creed Unity and Tom Clancy’s The Division will be showcased in dedicated 150-person and 85-person theaters, respectively. Attendees also can get hands-on time with a number of Ubisoft’s upcoming games, including Far Cry 4, The Crew and the recently announced Assassin’s Creed  Rogue. Assassin’s Creed Rogue will be available on 40 pods, and The Crew will be available on 24, with the popular simulation chair available again for players who want the added thrill of playing from an interactive driver’s seat. Finally, Far Cry 4 will be playable on 90 pods, the biggest demo installation of its kind for Ubisoft.

There also is a packed program of activities scheduled at the booth. Just Dance 2015, Just Dance Now and Shape Up will be featured on Ubisoft’s center stage. Assassin’s Creed fans will find cosplayers roaming the area and tattoos will be available for every person who plays Assassin’s Creed Rogue.  Meanwhile, Far Cry fans can have their photo taken sitting in Pagan Min’s throne. With additional community activities, prizes and performances planned throughout the event, there is something to keep every fan entertained.

“Ubisoft is making it easier than ever for Gamescom attendees to look at our games and connect with their favorite franchises,” said Yves Guillemot, co-founder and CEO, Ubisoft. “We’re hopeful that every type of gamer will find something to enjoy in our lineup and will have a chance to share their feedback with us.”


167 thoughts on “Ubisoft Says Just Dance 2015 Will Be At Gamescom, No Mention Of Watch Dogs Wii U”

      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

        If they lowered the price on the gimped games by 25-35%, I wouldn’t have much against them…

        But since they aren’t, I hope they choke on their own greed and lies…

        1. Have you not been to the eshop? AC3 was literally $15 awhile ago. The games aren’t overpriced. Maybe it’s just where you live.

          1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

            I’m talking about when they first launch these games, I don’t care if they only cost 10-15 dollars now, it doesn’t change the fact that they want to scam our people…

            1. good thing nintendo games such as mario bros games cost 60$ for the same game every time, also wind waker remake, oot 3d remake, they are all priced as a normal game.

              not to mention every other nintendo game is priced 60$, and nintendo doesn’t invest half the money ubisoft does. ubisoft invests in graphics, audio, voice actors, online. while nintendo games are like indie games now, indie studio could make any of their games

              1. Ignoring the fact all of those Nintendo games are fully finished & not half assed. Sure some of them were made in a short time but least they aren’t gimped, delayed for no good reason, & missing features. Anyway, how’s your boyfriend sasori & your girlfriend Nostalgia? You three make a great couple… of losers that think every opinion you spew is a fact. So how’s that hoping for Iwata dying going for you, anyway?

                1. NSMBU is not finished. That game is incomplete. Too short. Mario Kart 8 is good but needs more tracks. Super Mario 3D World should’ve had online. And I agree with him. I like Nintendo games, but let’s not kid ourselves here. They do not need to be $60. Mario Kart 8 and 3D World? Perfectly understandable. NSMBU? NO. That needs to be $40 maximum. It’s been 2 years now. Lol. Pikmin 3 should be at least $40-35. The high prices believe it or not affects how many people can get the game. Not everyone is rich.

          2. Because it sold like crap due to being available on other consoles months ago with gimped features and porting.

            Of course it’ll be $15. Its garbage.

  1. The self fulfilling prophecy continues. They’ve managed to kill most interest from Wii U owners for this title and frankly, the game isn’t worth my time imo. Just another game that if I really liked this style of game, I’d play it on a PC, not a console.

        1. Dude are you trying to look stupid? The guy said he’d rather play on PC and the other guy told him that the port was shitty for PC. Then you bust in in moron mode.

          1. EstocZero, Nintendo Assassin

            The article is about Wii U. Therefore what he said had no relevance. To the article.

            Please try again, only this time, use logic. Thanks.

            1. Idiot. The article was about UBISOFT. Not everything revolves around you Nintendo-filled wet dreams.

              And aren’t you the one to speak, huh?
              “Then stop being stuck on that rotating cactus”
              Very relevant

  2. … Why do I get the feeling Just Dance will be the the new Guitar Hero? In a few years they’ll run it into the ground with too many half-baked installments.
    Also, people didn’t exactly rave about Watch Dogs. Best I heard was that its kinda good.

  3. Watch Dogs isn’t all that, so I’ll pass. But it’s clear that this game isn’t coming out for the system.

  4. You know, at first, I was kinda looking forward to playing Watchdogs. Now, I have no enthusiasm about playing it at all. Thanks, Ubisoft. Supporting Wii U my ass.

  5. Ubi really knows how to run their franchise to the ground by rehashing old shit and their new IPs are sub-par. But them tattoos tho.

    1. They really are going to shred the AC franchise. I bought 3, it was fun but got really stale.

      AC4 Was MUCH better… Once you put in a few hours, the Fleet control and free-roam naval battles are just fun as hell.

      Fuck the story, I just like to play Pirates and raise hell everywhere. Lol

  6. Have Watch_Dogs for Ps3 adn PC and I can tell you it is not what many ppl thought it would be

    WD for Wii U must have different stuff or it will be the same over-hyped game it is now

      1. the game is cool

        but not THAT cool

        It is true, you feel like a 1337 hax, but that’s it

        after 3-4 missions, you see the entire length of your abilities, not to mention 80% of the missions are pretty much the same(imagine AC’s case, where it’s kill a target or follow him without detection)

        anyway. the game got its charm but it was overly hyped as shit

        1. EstocZero, Nintendo Assassin

          I agree with you there. I saw my friend playing it, and honestly after about five hours of gameplay, it started to seem like I was working the same missions with a different target or plot behind it.

  7. We ARE getting Watch Dogs!!
    Thus is probably the biggest topic I bump heads against my fellow Nintendo fans with. (Stranga, Commander, Whom I respect them both, but I’ll get into a nose bleed fight on this topic with! xD )

    1. Watchdogs ain’t coming and quite frankly, no matter what happens to the Wii U port, nobody fucking cares anymore. Ubisoft should fuck off and stay away from Nintendo. They dare talk BS while making us suffer for what? We loved ZombiU and wanted a sequel, denied. We wanted Rayman for launch. Denied and even after we still (kinda) forgave them about that stupid delay and bought more Wii U versions than any other ports they hoped to claim more sales but they shot their own plans in the face and how did they thank us for that? Delaying yet another completed or should’ve been completed Watchdogs port to high heavens and extorting us expecting more install base and sales when Wii U (currently at 7 million) is already ahead of Xbox One by 2 million, behind PS4 by 1.5 and will likely kick Vita’s total global sales ass in a month or two.

      I say, fuck Ubiliars, Ubidiots, Ubishit, Ubisuck, Ubidorks, Ubifuckheads, so forth.

      1. Nintendo Knight Equilibruim

        I thought the game was cancelled
        I was so happy about it😬
        Is Watch Dog still coming on Wii U?
        😱 pls “NO” the game is 🙊stinks

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  9. I support Ubi 100% for everything they’ve done for Nintendo. I’ve bought all their games on WiiU except Lets dance. I’ve ENJOYED all their games and disagree with the “gimped” accusations.

    If Watchdogs skipped WiiU, I’d understand. Business is business and it’s not like they haven’t published more games than anyone else. If we don’t qualify for their “Mystery game,” I’d understand…

    but I swear to god, If they DON’T give us Watch Dogs after all the shit they said, confirming it’s delayed release, I will no longer be their Nintendo-Damage Controller because not only would they have lied, but they will have made me look stupid for trusting them after Raymond.

    That said, I still believe we are getting Watch Dogs, and I believe it will be out last AAA game on WiiU.

    1. I didn’t know retards and hypocrites can act as one huge fail and a sheep to 3rd party BS.

      Go ahead and keep supporting those jackasses for nothing. You’ll learn soon enough, the hard way.

      1. I generally learn most things the hard way. xD
        Seriously. Spinter Cell Black List, ZombiU, Child of Light and AC4 (AKA, Pirate GTA) Are among some of my favorite WiiU games! Y U No like them??!

        1. Blacklist? Gimped. ZombiU? A real great horror game with potential that its sequel got shot down by Ubidickheads and various idiots of the media who rated that POS RE6 higher than this game. Child of Light? Don’t care. AC4? A boring ass byproduct of Splinter Cell with BS Wikipedia history facts change that has no DLC or support while overpriced than the other versions getting more? Kiss my ass.

          1. So it’s not really the fact that they aren’t supporting, but more so the fact that you don’t like the games….. Why didn’t you just say that? XD

              1. Yeah, hate on Ubisoft… the only third party that has been supporting the Wii U…

                And weren’t you just complaining how Nintendo was soooo lazy when not adding online in Hyrule Warriors?

              1. Stranga, someone needs to hook you up with a PS4. Seriously, I know you’re angry and I just want you to be happy and play these games. They aren’t bad at all. You just have to try them. Or at least get a PS4 as your backup console. We all know that you should never buy a Nintendo console for third party, so it was to be expected. There’s nothing we can really do to change that.

                  1. Yeah, I originally got the Wii U because of E3 2011 when they promise third party. Luckily, I ended up getting one for free. If my parents hadn’t got me one, I sure as hell would not have bought it at this point. My original plan was to get a PS3 so I could play all those games I missed. It’s different now though because I’ve decided I’m saving up for a gaming PC for third party and using Wii U as an exclusive machine. Idk about you though, Jaded. If you only plan on staying Wii U this gen, well… Sigh. Best of luck then. XD

                    1. I really don’t want to support multiple console…. I buy a lot of games, and I’ve been doing a fuck-ton of gaming on my 3DS. The indie games on WiiU have actually been pretty good…IDK…

                      With Hyrule Warriors soon, then Smash,…damn. What else is coming out this year? :/ I might be ok with just a wiiU.

                      That’s awesome you’re getting a gaming rig, but I kinda got out of gaming PC’s a few years ago. Mine is strong enough for digital Video editing, but I think it’s outdated for gaming, and I just don’t want to spend the $$$ on PC upgrades right now…

                      I’ll make due with my WiiU and 3DS, and if I can get a second used console cheap, I may consider it… I’ve just been Nintendo exclusive so long, It’s a hard habit to break… Besides, Nintendo is a good company. They have more heart than any of the others, but if they continue to put casuals and kids before me, then maybe we’ll end up growing apart next Gen. ;.;

                1. I just bought my PS4 the other day, I already like it more than my Wii U. And the Wii U is already a great console ( despite of the gamepad).

                  1. Wow, lucky… I might get a PS4 after I get a PC. But I’m thinking maybe I should get that white Destiny PS4 or the way first since that’s most likely a limited edition.

                    1. That’s definitely going to be a lot to manage. If you’re going after a PC, then you might as well not bother with the PS4 imo. I was considering the destiny bundle, but they sold out, and I didn’t want to leave empty handed…

                      1. Well, not really. You see, I’m getting PS4 for exclusives and as my backup system just in case my PC isn’t powerful enough for the next gen games. I doubt it won’t though considering that I’m willing to spend up to $1000 on it. And for my graphics card, I’m not going any lower than GTX 770. Which is a very powerful card. Lol.

                          1. I LOVE the game pad!! Off screen play FTW!! People need to stop knockin it!!

                            What games did you get for the PS4?

                            1. All I got was Infamous Second Son, but I’m going to get either Tomb Raider or The last of us (Don’t know yet). I’ve spent a little over 500 dollars on that system. My wallet is currently recovering :'(

                              1. Oh, that sounds cool. I’d have gotten Tomb Raider as my first game and probably would have picked up AC4 and BF4. Those are my choices. :)

                                1. Hmmm. Tomb Raider it is!

                                  And you know what? It’s about time for me to finally play an Assassins Creed game.

                                  1. Yes. Get AC4. I still have yet to get it but I loved 3. And have fun playing the definitive edition with better graphics. ;)

                          2. You remind me of how I felt about Nintendo the first year of the WiiU after they made promise after promise, then broke every single one like dominoes. So I can empathize with how you feel, even if I don’t agree.

                            1. Hey Jaded… you’re finally going to be able to play X after almost 3 years of waiting. ;) Oh, and did you hear? There’s this epic new Zelda game coming out that you won’t be able to play until another year from now too! Awesome! XD

                              1. IKR??? What a long fucking wait it’s been X.x… I don’t care how the game turns out. It’s the biggest carrot Nintendo dangled at launch, and going to play it!

                                1. Yep. Should took that casual, blood money and pumped it back into software for the life-long fans, not neglect us for the bandwagon casuals. (nothing against the casuals, I’m glad they had fun, but damn did the rest of us get fucked over!)

                            2. And what promise they broke? Wii U did sell well enough for 3rd party to jump in and expand. They backed away, once again, over stupid ass reasons that were never true. EA doesn’t count for shit because they’re a bunch of pissy greedy fucks whining when they don’t have their greedy ways with another company which explains why Microsoft/EA are best friends because they’re on the same level of corporate leeches. Ubisoft had lied about their support from the start over Wii U sales issues that never happened until they pulled that Rayman delay stunt that left potential Wii U buyers sour. Activision, lied about Nuketown DLC on Wii U BO2 which left Wii U owners angry about 3rd parties not giving the same support they wanted that other platforms are getting thus also affected Wii U Ghosts sale aside from being the laziest POS game in the series. Bethseda also lied about Wii U hardware regarding the CPU being “weak” when everybody here has forgotten that they build Metro Last Light for Wii U demonstration and was running and looking great plus forgetting that the GPGPU was build in to handle most jobs a CPU does.

                              So, got any other 3rd party damage control excuse to cover their exposed BS?

                                  1. It’s okay, I know you can’t take facts. It’s the testosterone, it’ll go away when you turn 21

                                    1. Ok, in all honesty, what is testosterone? I’m not trying to be funny or anything. I just want to know. :3

                                1. Damage control or not, it doesn’t change the fact everything Stranga said is true. 3rd parties screwed the Wii U over FIRST chance they got.

                            3. Except it’s not really Nintendo’s fault but the 3rd parties’ fault. Nintendo probably thought it was okay to make that promise because there probably was a few 3rd parties saying they’d help with the Wii U & look what happened: gimped ports, delayed games, & no games. Some support. Nintendo NEVER should have trusted 3rd parties as their only true loyalty is to money, not fans.

                        1. EstocZero, Nintendo Assassin

                          honestly, the only one you stated that had a good release for the wii u that was either equivalent or better (depending on how you look at it) was child of light. I loved the shit out of the game, though, so maybe I’m biased.

                          1. No offense, but If Child of Light is the only good game you see on that list, then I think you may have to look harder. XD

                              1. EstocZero, Nintendo Assassin

                                Played the first one a long time ago, and loved it. Played the second AC, kind of disliked it due to the ridiculous FF7-esque amount of hype. Never finished it. Played the third one and liked it for about an hour before realizing just how bad of a main character Connor was.

                                The fourth one seems different, but then again, that’s what I thought of the third one.

                                A lot of the other games I just never really cared too much about. I tend to go for really unique art-based and RPG type games. Either that, or games that are so hard it’s almost unfair.

                                I’m also a sucker for platformers and anything indie or fantasy-related.

                                Except skyrim, because that game is incredibly boring. And tedious.

                            1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                              Or maybe he’s just not interested in the rest, if that is the case, maybe telling to look harder won’t make a difference. Remember Hollow, we all have our preferences, unless you are a complete retard like Sasori.

                              1. No. It is required by law to play at least one Assassin’s Creed game and like it. Sorry, I didn’t make the rules. Hehe.

                                  1. AC4 is fun. I played AC3…and I REALLY, really tried to like it… I did actually, but it got so stale and boring…

                                    AC4, However, at first you are like, “Oh shit, it’s going to get boring like AC3 did” but then you unlock your fleet and free mode, and it’s a whole new game… You can send ships on quests and just sail around, hunting sharks, whales (I feel a little bad about the whales) and hijack random ships. It’s SO much better than AC3.
                                    take it from someone who has played both extensively.

                                    1. I’m not really sure though. I HATED the Naval battles in AC3. And looking at 4 and seeing how it’s based even more about those, I’m like “Sigh. No, not these things again…” Lol, I like the land a lot more. X(

                                    2. I feel bad killing the whales AND sharks. Both are very important to the oceans’ ecosystem. Without them, the oceans would die followed swiftly by the rest of the world.

                    2. I’m sure it’s coming but they’ve left a bad taste since their comments about selling more units before they release more games. Get off your high horse Ubi. Every one wishes they were what Nintendo is, it’s disrespectful how they are treating the big N.

                      1. They do seem to be getting a little arrogant. That’s always the first thing to happen before a giant topples.

                        Happened to Nintendo after the Wii printed money. Everything went to shit after and now they are suffering from their hubris. If Ubi’s not careful, it could happen to them. I think the horrible glitched versions of Watchdogs could be the beginning. We’ll see!

                      2. What the fuck? There’s no reason for them to give “respect” to Nintendo. So, they’re old and have a failing console. Very respectful. You know what really matters in the end? Profits. Everyone wants profit, and if your system can’t provide the dough, you’re useless to Ubisoft

                        1. EstocZero, Nintendo Assassin

                          True, although if ubi$oft weren’t so Jewish with their money, they’d realize the potential the Wii U has in the game industry is much higher than both the PSWhore and the XBox Done.

                        2. Yes, respect! Without Nintendo, video games wouldn’t be where they are today. In fact, we’d probably still have crappy computer games.

                    3. Platinum would be a better place to put your support money, dude.
                      Bayonetta 1 and 2 look like worlds more Fun.
                      Don’t apologize for bad multiplats anymore; support the exclusives.
                      Make those sell and more like them will come, then we’ll never have to deal with bad multiplats again.

                      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                        Agreed but if they continue to exclude the Wii U like the REHD remake in the future then it’s time to take a hostile stance against them aswell…

                    1. Dude, at least Capcom still shows some support and faith left. Capcom deserve our support far more than the traitorous Ubisoftdicks right now. Besides, if anything, I hope. Nintendo acquires Capcom to revive Megaman and bring in their shit tons of great IPs later that they will never need another 3rd party jerkoff like EA and Ubisoftdicks ever again.

                        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                          The Resident Evil franchise is destroyed anyway, I won’t buy another game of it unless they totally reboot it…

                          And just because MH3U made it to the Wii U, doesn’t mean that all entries will do that in the future…

                            1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                              They never lied about it so the expectations people have for it are unjustified and can only blame themselves for the disappointment…

                              1. How would you feel right now if you only had a Wii U? No PC or 3DS. No Monster Hunter 4 for you. Hah! But in all seriousness, I don’t really care about MH. I want Street Fighter. But instead, I get the old SF2. That’s bull.

                                1. You can’t get upset about a game that was never coming to the system to begin with. Like with the people mad about Bayonetta 2, Devil’s Third, & the Monster Hunter games not being on Sony or Xbox systems: own the console the games are on now or tough shit.

                        2. SF4 is another unfortunate On-Disc DLC spammer while RE1 is ported almost as much as RE4. If Capcom brings RE4 HD to Wii U, then that’s a better deal for me as a RE fan. RE4 is just so awesome no matter how many you play and buy it except that crappy iOS version.

                  2. Capcom is Nintendos biggest supporter, always has been. By not buying Capcom games your not only hurting yourself, your hurting Nintendo. MH4U is gonna be a great game. Ubisoft is overrated, and they are cry babies. Zombie U has sold 700,000 copies I believe, and with a low install base. Thats pretty damn good, but not good enough for the cry babies. I can never get fully invested in the AC games and Child of Light got boring and repetitive after one hour.

                    If a third party company doesnt want to help support a console with a low install base, then they should not be allowed to reap the benefits of that console when the install base grows large.

                    1. C(-r-)apcom is a horrible Supporter… in Europe.
                      Not horrible compared to Ubi, but such a Comparision isn’t fair at all, the Problems of those two are very different.

                      1. Capcom isn’t like Ubisoft who promise games and some other good shit to Nintendo and then say fuck you at the last minute, mutiple times. When Capcom brings games to Nintendo, they bring it.

                              1. Capcom has changed for the worse in that period. Many of their key devs have left. It’s really a huge shame, but that’s what they get for setting up so many restrictions and cancelling so many games (fuck Capcom and Mega Man Legends 3)

                    2. Exactly my friend. You finally got the truth nailed down that I have always been saying for months to some of these idiots who never do their homework or open their eyes during the brightest days.

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                  4. sasorideidara obi the puppet master clown destroyer

                    hmm ….. this article is irrelevant. did ubisoft ever say they would present the game in event or show….. NO. they said their bring it to wii u and thats FINAL. look how sickr is making you fanboys dance. “UBISOFT SAYS JUST DANCE 2015 WILL BE AT GAMESCOM, NO MENTION OF WATCH DOGS WII U” did ubi ever say they ever show watch dogs at a show or gaming events….. NO again. :P click bait jackpot confirmed

                      1. gay fantasies with videogame characters?. sasori’s comment says a lot, even the smiley confirms it.

                    1. EstocZero, Nintendo Assassin

                      Yo mah homie g dog broham, wassup mah homeslice? Jus’ poppin’ in to spout bout how much of a re-re ya are.

                      ^how I have to type in order for sasori to understand me.


                  5. You guys seriously shouldn’t hold grudges against companies for delaying games. If you like a game’s idea or the concept of it, buy the game. Don’t pay mind to whose publishing it or what company developed it. Quit having a childish and stupid mentality and grow up.
                    Ubisoft hasn’t said Watch Dogs would not release on Wii U anyway; it’s coming in fall and they’ve said this multiple times. It’s the fucking middle of summer so I don’t understand why people are screaming that it’s not coming.

                    1. Exactly. For example, I don’t like EA, but I bought NFSMWU and it is one of the best fucking Wii U 3rd party game I have ever played. Smh…

                      1. Omg, that game is Gorgeous… That’s a disc I’ve kept. I’m not a fan of racers…actually I generally find them boring as hell, but NFSMW was just amazing, I didn’t mind crashing every 5 seconds! xD

                        I think I’m going to have a few shots and play that tonight! Lol! (but never IRL!)

                      2. I only got the game for the developer making it & because I was looking to the game before EA pulled it’s temper tantrum by not having some control over the Wii U. EA & Microsoft are a perfect couple: they both like the idea of controlling the people they partner with.

                    2. So much this^^ if you are interested in a game you will buy it without excuse, simple as that. Anyone that says “I’m not buying it now” probably wasn’t going to get it in the first place.

                      1. Except in Watch_Dogs case, this isn’t true. I definitely was going to buy it til Ubishit pulled their… well shit. lol Now if it sales a hell of a lot better than what I’m expecting, I’ll gladly buy it… if it’s fully supported & not gimped.

                    3. And Ubisoft shouldn’t be making BS excuses in every turn themselves over some imaginary problems that they help caused on Wii U in the first place.

                      I don’t give a fuck about delays in general. I hate companies doing so just for the sake of screwing a fanbase that supported them all this time. Watchdogs was delayed over BS. Ryaman was delayed over BS. Ubisoft is extorting Wii U fans over BS and you’re asking us to grow up and stop holding grudges? They have asked for it and they’re gonna get it and its not our money or spcustomer support anymore. How about you grow a fucking brain and stop supporting their shady ass stunts.

                      1. Honestly, most of what you said is irrelevant. The bottom line is that if you want to buy a game then you should do so because YOU want the game. Not doing so because of lack of support or delays is a childish reason. Also, if he wants to support a company then let him. It really shouldn’t concern you anyway since it’s his money

                        1. Irrelevant? Do your research. Ubisoft has been pulling strings only on Nintemdo fans for a long time and it must stop. I’m not thorwing money away for intentional half assed work from the 3rd party just so it can continue. You wanna be a dumbass sheep wasting money for imaginary support, be my guess.

                  6. Lol look at these pathetic fanboys crying that nobody wants to support their console. It’s not Ubisoft’s fault, it’s the Wii U’s (Nintendo) fault. So just suck it up.

                    1. EstocZero, Nintendo Assassin

                      Lol, look at this Micro$haft fanboy crying about how nobody likes his console. It’s not our fault, it’s your fault that you decided to buy an Xbox Done. So just suck it up.

                      And thus, the tables have been turned. *puts on slick shades and puts feet up on table*

                      1. As soon as I give a negative comment, you people assume I don’t like Nintendo, but I actually do. See, I’m not a fanboy like you, I can say postive/negative things about Nintendo, and still like them. Sometimes, you fanboys are ridiculous.

                    2. Go back to same 3rd world place you named yourself over.

                      And suck it up? No thanks. I don’t wanna do what you love on a daily basis.

                    3. Yes because Nintendo delayed Rayman Legends, because Nintendo delayed Watch_Dogs, because Nintendo gimped games like Splinter Cell, Assassin’s Creed 4, etc. Pathetic bitch of 3rd party damage controlling for his precious shitty 3rd party. Tell me. Do you also suck EA’s corporate dick as well?

                  7. Watch Dogs for Wii U never existed, FACT!! I’m pretty damnb surprised that Ubisoft never assumed that Wii U announcement back in 2013 as a mistake, a misunderstanding :v

                    Damn you Ubisoft, show some footage of the game on the Wii U, this kind of treatment is so sick :p

                    1. Forget about that trash GTA wannabe. There are other games note worthy and dont make tons if false promises like Watchdogs.

                  8. Sickr, quit copy/pasting these articles & giving the games NOT coming to the Wii U publicity. Just tell us about the games coming to Nintendo consoles, list the games that aren’t coming to Nintendo consoles, & put a link to the actual article for those that might want to learn more about the games not coming if they are interested in them. Nothing more, nothing less. You’re practically posting a commercial for games NOT coming to the consoles.

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