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Bloomberg Says Nintendo Heads For Best Holiday In Years As Profit Seen Tripling

News publication Bloomberg and analysts are confident that Nintendo has had a great holiday season due to a renewed interest in the Wii U, the new addition of Amiibo, and also strong Nintendo 3DS sales. Eight analysts have raised profit estimates and some are calling for the Kyoto based company’s profit to triple to 36.8 billion yen. Nintendo expects to sell 3.6 million Wii U systems and receive $1 billion from Amiibo sales just in the United States.

“Nintendo has picked up good momentum heading into the Christmas season,” said Tomoaki Kawasaki, a Tokyo-based analyst with Iwai Cosmo Securities Co., who raised his rating to neutral plus last month. “This time they have a hit lineup. Amiibo represents a new revenue source, and we are watching it very closely.”

“Last year was just a bad year for the game business, and this year is a recovery,” said Hideki Yasuda, an analyst at Ace Research who raised the stock to neutral on Oct. 30. “Add to that Amiibo, and you’re likely to see a considerable improvement in earnings.”

143 thoughts on “Bloomberg Says Nintendo Heads For Best Holiday In Years As Profit Seen Tripling”

          1. So while their raking in 300 plus mill Sony is losing Billions and Microsoft is losing money on ever X Box One they sold you consider Nintendo not doing that great?

            1. MS’s and Sony’s loses still don’t mean shit to Nintendo’s profits. Truth is, trippling a small amount specially over the holidays isn’t such a big feat specially for a company of Nintendo’s Caliber.

              1. Yep, it does mean something. MS and Sony´s loss means that the console market is not as profitable as it was years ago and no one can be rest on laurels, so it´s remarkable that a company focused only on console gaming is still able to get some profits.

                1. Actually MS and Sony’s issues are from other sub companies.

                  This is great news for Nintendo as Nintendo is only 1/10th the size of Ms or Sony financially.

          2. Considering that Nintendo was losing millions recently breaking even would be good news. Let alone a profit of $300 million.

          3. Well.. considering the situation of the current console makers, it´s not that bad. Sony is doing ok with the Playstation4, but terrible with Vita and even worse as a whole company. MS is trying to get profits from Xbox1 but since the last board meeting where some investitors recommended it to sell its videogame branch we haven´t heard a word.

      1. The title is accurate. It’s impossible to be optimistic when your stating a fact. Nintendo has already seen triple profits. Notice the past tense in “seen”.

      1. In fact, all of the reasons the so called “hardcore” gamers claim to hate Nintendo for being kiddy or make weak hardware are pure garbage excuses that are nonexistent.

        People can say all of the BS they want. But looking at their careful track record, their approval and acclaim rates are usually surpassed expectations almost every time and makes their poor bastard 3rd party competitors wish they were that successful instead of playing chickenshit on ditching support and relying on stupid people to buy their games of white lies and con arts with BS Microtransactions, one port being better than the other or rehashing the same shit using the cheapest gimmick imaginable to sell a repeated game design to morons.

      2. True. If I didn’t have access to the internet, I’d have no clue that there was so many idiots out there that talks trash about Nintendo and the Wii U. It’s unbelievable hoe foolish and idiotic some people are.

    1. Nintendo, please don’t rest on your laurels with this success. It seems to be like that every single time you get profits. Please continue improving Wii U and making the best games possible!

        1. How’s that great? Without him we would never have Nintendo, Atari, PS, Xbox, et cetera. RIP man, we’ll forever be in debt to you

        2. Have some shame. The death of any man, let alone such an icon of the Video Game industry is not ‘great.’ Do you have any idea about who that man is, he is the Grandaddy of Video Games. Without him, the Video Game industry might not even exist. But thankfully, he lived a long life. Living until 92 is amazing and must be acknowledged as an astounding feat. R.I,P Ralph Baer, you will be severely missed………..

  1. I was happy reading this… then I read that they plan to sell 3.6 million Wii U Units this holiday season and I’m admittedly expecting disappointing news in the near future. They’re shy of 8 million units now after two years… I don’t know if I can see them selling half that number in this holiday season alone just because of Smash and amiibos.

    Hopefully, though, the profit still increases. That, I /can/ see happening still.

    1. Actually I think they can. They sold 250k Wii U’s in the U.S. alone on the week ending on the 29th. That means globally they probably sold 400-500k. In one Week. Thats the best sales the Wii U has ever seen since launch. There are about five more weeks of holiday sales to account for. I had my doubts, but after seeing those numbers from last week, i’m convinced the Wii U will break ten million by the end of December. The 3ds is also doing extremely well, selling over 300k in the U.S. alone last week.

      1. Nintendo has no problem selling 3DS as it’s still selling by the buckets :) And Wii U is doing fantastic this year and it’s going to do even better next year with the line up for 2015. That line up alone that the have for any system would be proud to have it! Go Nintendo! :)

      2. Yeah, they can. All Nintendo needs to do is make a proper advertisment for the Wii U and it’s games + make a Smash Wii U bundle with the GC adapter and Amiibo.

    2. not 3.6 million this holiday season (in the US alone even) that would be ridiculous
      tjhey’re planning to sell 3.6 million this *year* in the US

    1. I wouldn’t consider it a failure, although it’s not as popular as the other two systems it’s still a good console imo. If you do pick one up with games like lets say Smash Bros or Mario Kart you won’t be disappointed.

      1. The PS4 is popular, the xboxone is the one dwindling, selling at a loss. WiiU is selling at a profit. Nintendo is smiling right about now.

                  1. Dude your sorta not smart back in may here was when news broke.

                    David Gibson @gibbogame
                    WiiU target of 3.6m units will need more manufactured than in current inventory, no loss from hardware any more, more games at E3

          1. That was a bullshit pseudo survey where they had 1000 people scan in their receipts online showing what they bought, not something one would call hard facts, oh and the WiiU has been selling at a Profit for over 8 months now, seriously people we have google for a reason maybe use it once in a while lol.

          2. “P.S the Wii U is also sold as a loss.”

            you don’t honestly believe that do you?^^

            it was sold at a slight loss when it *came out*

            that was 2 years ago

      2. The PS4 is popular, the xboxone is the one dwindling, selling at a loss. WiiU is selling at a profit. Nintendo is smiling right about now.


      1. How does it get in the way? I am sure you don’t even own a Wii U. The game pad is a very comfortable and convinient controller that allows people to play their system without the use of a TV.

        1. FuckWithMeYouKnowIGotIt

          Well I do own a Wii U and a PS4 thank you very much. May I say that the PS4 is far superior in every way. Anyways how is the Gamepad comfortable? How the hell can you focus on the TV if you have that brick of that so called “controller” distracting you. Ask anyone and they would say the gamepad is uncomfortable.

          And don’t give me that bs about that off tv play, no one really uses that shit. They’ve bought a home console so that they game play their games on the big screen.

          I can write a book about how unesessary (spelt that wrong) the gamepad is.

          1. The gamepad is my favorite controller. It fits right into my hands and I have no issues with it getting in the way. I love everything about that controller. As for the pro controller I am annoyed at the placement of the right analog stick and how far the buttons are away from my hand. So you are wrong about everyone hating the controller. I know a lot of people who like it. If it isn’t your favorite that is fine but you can’t be sure that someone else won’t like it.

          2. I use Off tv play all the time, what are you so undeveloped that you can’t multitask? also some people live with others and have only one or two tvs so yeah when someone wants to watch tv and the other wants to play a video game they can both do just that and in the same room no less. Anyone who says the Gamepad is uncomfortable is literally just complaining for the sake of complaining I have sat and played 6-10hour sessions of MH3U on multiple occasions and not once was my hand cramping or getting sore because the Gamepad was uncomfortable.

          3. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

            1. The Gamepad is comfortable, anyone who doesn’t agree is an Xbot…

            2. Many college students and others with low income may not have the option of buyig a big tv and so the Gamepad offers that convienient…

            3. If you can’t focus on 2 screens, it only proves how primitive you humans are…

          4. Well, that’s just your opinion. Lots of people say that the gamepad is comfortable and many people use off TV play. Just because you hate the gamepad, doesn’t mean everybody who owns a Wii U also hates it.

          5. You don’t own a Wii U. If you did you wouldn’t be saying such horrible things about it. Everyone who REALLY owns a Wii U loves it.

            And the Wii U is selling better now than it ever has, and selling at a profit. And I just read on IGN where analysts believes Amibos will make Nintendo a profit of over a Billion dollars.. Yes, Billion with a B.

            Just face the facts dude. Nintendo is on fire right now… I told you knuckle heads never to underestimate them..

      2. Jokes on you. I’m using the Gamepad to type this out right now and I’m having no problems with it…WHILE LYING DOWN AND HOLDING IT WITH ONE HAND. It’s comfortable to hold and not that heavy. Your probably using it wrong……

    2. It’s not. It maybe another repeat of the GameCube in terms of sales but that doesn’t mean it’s terrible. It had a troubling start for number of reasons but the main one is the social media trashing it because of what the BS 3rd party is treating the platform/fans and all of the “Wii U is crap/weak” lies to further the negative impact on top of Nintendo’s stupid ass marketing or piss poor marketing of the system with its name brand that kinda confused people..well, only the stupidest kind who can’t tell that both systems and their package boxes look different.

      But 2014 & 2015 will change its course and help improve it even better with more kick ass crossovers, 2nd and 1st party titles coming.

      1. It might do better than gamecube numbers. Everyone seems to be ignoring the numbers I keep reporting on… You will see them I guess when Sickr decides to make an article about it.

        I’m telling you, the Wii U is selling so good right now.. it’s truly amazing..

    3. from a gamers standpoint it never was a failure.. and regarding profits of the company selling it: why should you care? they’re not going to abandon it if that’s what you’re fearing

  2. Its simple smash mk8 hw b2 mario world controller with a screen?

    Or a bunch of broken games on last gen and current gen consoles with console prices from 100 to 400?

    And the 3ds.

  3. The Wii U started off slow in early November. But now the Wii U is seeing the best sales it has ever seen since launch. Amibos are flying off the shelves, and we get a new console Zelda next year. A good time to be a Nintendo fan.

      1. You must not have read anything I wrote. I’m talking about weeks. There is not one week during December or any month in 2013 where the Wii U sold 250k Wii U’s in the U.S. alone. The Wii U is already hitting those numbers in late November.

        The week ending November 29th 2014 the Wii U sold 400-500k. It NEVER sold that good last year, or any year except for launch.

        Those numbers are only going to go up. December is always the biggest month, so the Wii U could easily sell 500-700k a week for the rest of the year..

    1. Yeah. Amiibo and Smash Bros. with Bayonetta 2 and Hyrule Warriors really help give Wii U the push it needs. Now it’s Zelda, Star Fox, Xenoblade, Kirby, Yoshi and possibly Metroid’s turn.

      1. Exactly! Hopefully the momentum continues next year and beyond 😀

        Im sure there will be suprise games aswell possibly mario as its the 30th anniversary.

      2. Speaking of Bayonetta 2, it needs amiibo support. I’d love to be able to unlock a Zero Suit Samus cosplay of Bayonetta by way of the Zero Suit Samus amiibo. I’ll even take Shulk’s outfit with a Bayonetta spin to it!

      1. You misspelled “Majora’s”. XD

        Anyway, I would love to get it since I never played that game before but I’m worried avout the 72 hour time limit thing that I may not fully complete the game before that creepy ass moon destroys the world. ^^;

        1. Don’t worry, there’s a way to go back to the 1st day and you can do that infinite times just like the original Majora’s Mask.

                1. Yes. Its using the Ocarina of Time but its very simple to use because all you have to do is play the Song of Time to save the game and go back to the 1st day.

            1. No, you don’t complete the game in one go. You only complete one dungeon within 72 hours and go back to the first day via Ocarina. Then repeat the process but with a different dungeon. Every time you go back to the first day you start at day one with out any money but you keep most of the stuff you earned (bow&arrow, hookshot,bomb bag with no bombs, ect, ect, ect)

              You do have a “bank account” that saves your rupees thoughts.

              1. Okay. HTF does the time thing work? XD Complete one dungeon with 72 hours and then it just resets for another dungeon by which reversing time should undo the previous dungeon progress.

                My brain hurts. XD

                1. If you clear the dungeon you can keep the obtained items by saving via the Song of Time. The dungeon resets itself but not the items.

                2. Yes correct, those dungeons become undone everytime you reset the time. Its weird, but that’s the messed up part about it, you grow to like some of these characters and you just can’t save them all.

                  It has some side quest that actually require you to use up all of the 3 days in order to get the item that they give you.

                  It’s a really good game that actually sounds harder than it is, once you get use to the time mechanics you should be at home with Zelda.

                3. You finish one dungeon then if it takes too long and the time is almost out, you go back to the first day to do the next one. There are a lot of sidequests you can do that happen on different days and some of them take the entire 3 day period or some of it. Sidequest are really worth doing since you get different masks from them that you can use to make things easier for you.

                    1. You can slow the flow of time by playing the Song of Time backwards to clear the dungeons without the worried about running out of time.

            2. Majoras Mask is not as complicated as some are making it sound. There really is no time limit. You have as long as you want. There are three days. At the end of the third day the moon crashes into the ground and kills everybody. You play a song at the end of the third day before that happens to go back to the first day. It’s really as simple as that. You do that over and over again until you beat the games four dungeons. Different things happen on different days. Some sidequests can only be done on the second day, some only on the first day. It’s different from any other Zelda game becouse of this. However it plays exactly like Ocarina of Time…

  4. Yeah, and some of that profit was from suckers like myself. Spending every dollar I have (and don’t have) on amiibo and games. Being a collector is like a curse.

    1. If I had a shelf with a glass door, I would be one too. As I don’t, I’m not, and I get to spend my money on games instead. :)

  5. if amibo is limited to its current use and already being discontinued, then they shouldn’t expect a lot of profit from it.

  6. Comgratulations Nintendo. Both the Wii U and amiibos deserve the success they’re are getting. Just when people thought that Nintendo was down and out they come back with a vengeance and keep pushing the envelope when it comes to fun gaming experiences and innovative ideas. Games like Super Mario 3D World, Captain Toad Treasure Tracker, Bayonetta 2, Super Smash Bros, Mario Kart 8 and especially the new Zelda are proving that a majority of 3rd party developers were all wrong about the Wii U’s graphical power. Haters can hate all they want to, but Nintendo is proving with their new found success that they are still ” the measuring stick of the gaming industry ” 😃

  7. I noticed how fast the prices of the Amiibos have gone up… I hope they release more. I’d be pissed if they do not release more of the product so those fucktards who jack up the price get shit in the face for hiking up the price of their limited stock.

  8. Winner of 7th gen: Nintendo
    Winner of 8th gen: _____
    Winner of 9th gen: ____
    Leave your thoughts for the blanks. The winners are judged by game quality, not console sale numbers and whatnot.

    1. ._. *not sure if being sarcastic just to troll the ones still saying Nintendo is doomed or is actually part of the idiots that still think Nintendo is doomed even when the facts say otherwise* Whatever. I’ll laugh regardless! lol

        1. It’s fine. >.< This was nearly a year ago, anyway. Sadly, my stance on the Nintendoom has changed. At this point in time, I don't really know for sure but if Nintendo keeps heading in the direction it is going in, they could very well be right some day. All empires must fall sooner or later & Nintendo will not be the exception if they keep making mistakes & ignoring the majority of their fans.

  9. People are indeed raising an eyebrow when they hear about the Wii U now. I see tons of people planning to buy one during the Xmas holidays or at the begining of next year, and that’s a great thing. This console has a very strong lineup of games and more big games on the way, it was about time Nintendo started promoting their shit and make their voice heard from gamers.

  10. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

    Excellent, with the amount of resources we will gain now, I’m that much closer to an upgrade…

          1. I also have that trouble with the grappling guardian in Veteran Mode. I may not beat the Hyper Mode unless I become better at playing it.

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