Freedom Planet 2 Officially In Development

GalaxyTrail have announced today via social media that they have been hard at work on a sequel to the well-received Freedom Planet. The game which is simply titled Freedom Planet 2 is coming to PC/Mac/Linux first followed by Nintendo platforms. You can read more details about the creation of the game on the company’s Twitter account.

Thanks, thestrangablog


  1. HollowGrapeJ (Da Ji- Deadly Servant Of Lord Orochi And Cunning Fox Woman Of Whom You Are Simply Inferior To) says:

    That’s awesome! I still gotta get the first game but the demo is great. Nice to see another is coming along!

  2. that was fast. looks fun and sadly i havent bought it……yet, i will on the next payday unless something happens like an awesome wii u game or 3ds game comes out by then or an older game i still want that i prioritize first.

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