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Splatoon 2 Producer Explains Why Octolings Are Hurt By Water

During a recent Nintendo interview, Splatoon 2 producer Hisashi Nogami addressed various questions regarding Octolings and the Octo Expansion DLC in general. One of the questions asked why Octolings are effected negatively by water – and the answer may surprise you. Read on below to see what Nogami had to say about this particular topic:

The concept behind these creatures is that they evolved to be able to transform, and at one point in that evolutionary process they lost the ability to live in the water. The Octolings evolved in the same way that the Inklings did, like their skin is a little too thin for the water now – that’s why they can transform – but just like the Inklings they can’t swim in water anymore.

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12 thoughts on “Splatoon 2 Producer Explains Why Octolings Are Hurt By Water”

    1. Just like anything in this world there is a balance to keep too much or too little of a substance/molecule destroys the body. We are fragile creatures

  1. It really doesn’t matter. Suspension of disbelief. The concept as playing as transforming sea creatures is already weird. Just… not everything has to be lore or explained or whatever. This is becoming a weird thing with folks. It’s just silly and unnecessary.

  2. I’d understand it more if he said something like they couldn’t hold their humanoid form in water the they have to return to squid/octopus forms. So rather than dissolving they should just return to squid/octopus then be teleported or whatever back to the spawn point where they can return to humanoids and resume the turf war. I’m no game designer though so what do I know lol.

  3. Poor guy, he must be thinking “these fans ask lots of questions and try so hard to make sense in a game lore, I guess I’ll make them up on the spot in each interview”.

  4. I really don’t understand why questions like these exist to begin with. Splatoon is a world of fiction, in other words, it’s a world where things happen that can’t happen in reality and squids being able to transform into humans, last I checked, is something that doesn’t happen in reality so why oh why would people think this is meant to make sense?
    I guess sometimes the power of curiosity really cannot be contained.

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