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You Can Now Get The Conductor Wig & Outfit In Super Mario Odyssey

Nintendo has announced that Super Mario Odyssey players can get a brand new costume in the game. After you’ve beaten the story, you will find the Conductor Wig and Conductor Outfit in the in-game’s store. The Conductor Wig costs 500 coins, and you will need 1,000 coins for the Conductor Outfit. We’ve included Nintendo’s official tweet down below.

9 thoughts on “You Can Now Get The Conductor Wig & Outfit In Super Mario Odyssey”

  1. This is the cheapest combo yet!

    And I already farmed 9999 coins (in case Nintendo went NOS on Luigi’s Balloon World).

  2. People seriously complaining about free content probably made by trainees/junior staff members?
    I’m sure Miyamoto himself is sitting 12 hours a day in his office just making costumes.
    The staff that could make additional content for the game, are either making it, or concentrating on a new game.

  3. Too bad NG+ isn’t a thing for Nintendo games like Super Mario Odyssey and LoZ: BotW. Since it’s not a thing, I won’t bother trying to collect every single outfit in SMO (or collect every single outfit again in BotW) so I’ll most likely not bother with this outfit.

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