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Snake Pass Limited Edition Now Available To Pre-Order For Nintendo Switch

The recently-announced physical version of Snake Pass is now available to pre-order for Nintendo Switch. Titled Snake Pass Limited Edition, the upcoming release is priced at $34.98 USD and can be purchased from Super Rare Games. There are only 4,000 copies being made, so be sure to pre-order one right when you get a chance if you want to secure a copy. Snake Pass Limited Edition will be shipped to customers on November 8.

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  1. Being that this game is one of the… maybe 2 Switch games I regret most (the other being WWE 2k18), I think I’ll pass on this dumpster fire of a release.

  2. What’s up with all of these sites with games that are only available (physically) for a limited time? There’s SO many I’m going to miss out on because of not being able to afford every one of them when they become available.

  3. The moment a limited edition is released all of the obese greedy scalpers do the only exercise they ever do in their miserable lives and snatch up every copy they possibly can, then resell them for an outrageous price only desperate fools will do there fore feeding their greed and making the scalper outbreak even worse! They should call these games
    ” Can’t be assed for a massive physical release so…. Meh here’s a few go nuts edition”

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