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Video: Pauline Joins Mario Tennis Aces As A Playable Character In March

New playable characters are heading to Mario Tennis Aces, and Nintendo has announced that Pauline will officially join the roster in March. Pauline can be unlocked by playing the in-game online tournament from March 1 to March 31. She will then become available for everyone after April 1. To see the official gameplay trailer for Pauline in Mario Tennis Aces, check out the embedded video below:

9 thoughts on “Video: Pauline Joins Mario Tennis Aces As A Playable Character In March”

  1. I’m surprised. Surprised they didn’t shrink her boobs, ala Zero Suit Samus in Smash Ultimate. lol

    Anyways, it’d be funny if the Peach rejecting Mario & Bowser’s proposal at the end of Odyssey is Ninty hinting at bringing Pauline back to be the maiden Mario needs to save from Bowser & such for awhile. And is also why Pauline is finally appearing in the Super Mario series. Let’s be honest. Before Odyssey, Pauline has always been more of a Donkey Kong character than a Super Mario character. So what if..? Dun, dun, dunnn! Food for thought.

    1. I thought her appearance and promotion to mayor of New Donk City in Odyssey was a great way to bring back what I thought was a largely-forgotten character. She might be the new Dry Bones- reintroduced in New Super Mario Bros. after being absent since World then proceeded to be added into EEEEEVERYTHING.

      Now if only other franchises did this with characters we haven’t seen in years…? (Like Fang the Sniper/Knack the Weasel coming back in Sonic or Captain Falcon and F-Zero coming back at all)

      1. “Bowser is fed up with kidnapping princesses of kingdoms! Now he’s kidnapping politicians of democracies! Mario must save Mayor Pauline from the evil clutches of President Bowser, the Koopa President!” xD There’s the tagline for future Super Mario entries! lol

    2. We must protect the kids! We must shrink boobs from fictional character and never take children to beaches lest they see girls in bikinis and have their innocence destroyed!

  2. I kinda sense more personality from Pauline than the other Mario gals.

    Not sure but I think she’s the damsel in distress held captive by Donkey Kong and to be rescued by Jumpman.

    As far as I know, Pauline is probably the oldest female video game character.

    And speaking of female characters, bring in Rosalina as well!

  3. This is honestly so cool. It’s been so long since she’s been in a game, but when Odyssey brought her back, it gave her the chance for a second life. We may be seeing her in more games as a playable character from now on! How cool!

  4. I love it when relatively obscure characters are brought into the future, animated, and expanded dimensionally while keeping their original essence. Seems to be a trend.

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