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Monolith Soft looking to focus on Xenoblade brand, though wouldn’t mind creating smaller project

Monolith Soft studio head and Xenoblade series creator, Tetsuya Takahashi, has said in a recent interview that the company is looking to focus on the Xenoblade franchise in an effort to strengthen that particular brand. However, Mr. Takahashi says that he wouldn’t mind exploring a smaller-scale project to add some variety to the teams work. Here’s what he had to say:

“From the point of view of giving Monolith Soft more variety, I would like to do a smaller-scale project if the opportunity arose. But right now, I think we should focus on increasing the value of the brand that we have created with the Xenoblade Chronicles saga. Of course, if we manage to organize ourselves in a way that allows us to do so, I would also like to give a small-scale project a chance.”

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9 thoughts on “Monolith Soft looking to focus on Xenoblade brand, though wouldn’t mind creating smaller project”

    1. The original X’s story left on such a cliffhanger. They either need to continue from that, or maybe tell the story of another Ark that managed to escape Earth’s destruction (though that would probably be more of an X 1 1/2).

    2. Me too. That game has a lot of cool things going for it. If they touch up the tutorials a bit more, it could be even better.

  1. To be honest I’ve lost interest in Xenoblade as a franchise now after playing Xenoblade 2,XB1 was my favorite by the way,but after playing XBX I hated the combat system and the auto attack making it feel like the game is playing for you instead of playing the game itself, why couldn’t they just revamp their whole combat system and replace the auto attacks with a hack and slash method ,look how amazing the combat system of Trials of Mana,combat to this overrated series of a game even this Definitive Edition was such a let down,not only is the stupid combat system out dated now but the graphics are atrocious, the Week Switch cant even run a Wii game in 1080p docked ,and 720p handheld lol…

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