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The Steve & Alex Super Smash Bros. amiibo are releasing on September 9th

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate isn’t getting anymore new fighters, and despite reruns of Smash Ultimate online tournaments still happening, new updates for the game have ended. The only thing left is amiibo. The amiibo for the second season of fighters is still in progress of being released. So far, only Min Min’s amiibo has launched.

However, that is about to change soon. Nintendo has announced that the Super Smash Bros. amiibo for Minecraft characters Steve and Alex will be releasing on September 9th. You can see Nintendo of America’s announcement tweet about the matter down below.

10 thoughts on “The Steve & Alex Super Smash Bros. amiibo are releasing on September 9th”

  1. Anybody still actually buys amiibos I feel like the last time I had use out of em was when I got Mario Odyssey set, and they barely did anything out of the ordinary for real, I still use them and my other amiibos on the 3ds as they have more use on that system

    1. I still do, I have every Smash amiibo so far. If I really wanted to sell them one day I could easily make a profit since a few that I sold for under $10 ended up being more than $100, Mii Fighter amiibo being one of them.

      1. I can’t respond to everyone but I’m glad y’all have found use with them good too know, I never actually collected them though I just kinda brought amiibo base on the ones I really wanted. I know some are hard to find so I’m also aware that I can make a decent profit in the near future when people really start hunting down for them.

        1. I just wonder how expensive these things will become 20 years later. I’m probably sitting on a mini gold mine with the amount of amiibo that I have.

    2. I still collect amiibo- my late best friend helped me start my collection with Luigi, Captain Falcon, and Link from the Smash line and I’ve snapped up every Smash amiibo since (with the exception of Yoshi- haven’t had luck finding that one so I have the Mario line one instead); I’ll be damned if I leave it incomplete.

      1. I’m surprised the Yoshi amiibo costs that much. I went to check Mario as well and he’s $98! There’s a lot more amiibo that have skyrocketed in price than I initially thought, I’m genuinely shocked.

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