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Next big Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak update coming 24th November

monster hunter rise sunbreak

Capcom has revealed that the next big content update for Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is due to be released on Thursday, 24th November. The Version 13 update brings a number of additional changes, features and fixes including new Risen elder dragons, new research quests, 14 layered weapons and more. Monster Hunter Rise and Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak expansion are both available now on the Nintendo eShop and PC. We have included the trailer for the new features etc in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak down below.

Version 13:

  • New monsters
  • Anomaly Research Quests
  • New layered weapons are now available!
  • Follower Quests
  • New original character voice: Kagami
  • Additional paid DLC
  • Event Quests

1 thought on “Next big Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak update coming 24th November”

  1. Can’t wait until November 24th, more layered weapons, that might have been free event quest rewards turned into paid dlc. Let’s go paid dlc!

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