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Bandai Namco continues recruiting for Nintendo contract project

bandai namco

The team at Bandai Namco has announced on their recruitment site that they are looking for more individuals to help work on the company’s Nintendo contract projects. News first came of Bandai Namco’s joint project with Nintendo back in April, 20223 during which three job listings were advertised on Bandai Namco’s website for a project contracted by Nintendo and the listings have once again become available. Whatever the project turns out to be it will a 3D action game presumably based on a key Nintendo series. Nintendo and Bandai Namco have yet to officially reveal the intriguing project.


12 thoughts on “Bandai Namco continues recruiting for Nintendo contract project”

    1. Kid Icarus is a Sora Ltd game by Masahiro Sakurai not a Bandai Namco game.

      Bandai Namco has nothing to do with Kid Icarus, its like asking EA to remake Pokémon Black and White.

      1. There has been rumors for a while now that BN is developing a KI title (most of them pointing to a Uprising remaster), and more importanly BN has developed or assisted on Nintendo-published games several times before (and I’m not talking just about Smash) so its not unreasonable to think they could be working on KI despite having no earlier experience with the franchise.

      2. Alright let’s take this 1 apart
        1. Kid Icarus is a Nintendo IP, it debuted on the NES so they can ask whoever they want to make a new game.
        2. Sora Ltd is literally just Sakurai, he created it as a way to make it easier to make contracts with companies. It came about long after Kid Icarus was created.
        3. Bandai Namco technically had nothing to do with Pokemon until they hired them to make games like Pokken Tournament or New Pokemon Snap but that still didn’t stop them. This logic makes zero sense.

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