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3DS 12

Capcom Says Monster Hunter 4 Was Met With “Overwhelming Popularity”

Capcom has released its annual report and says that Monster Hunter 4 sales even took the development team by surprise. The company says that the game was met by overwhelming popularity and created a huge buzz even comparable to a sort of social phenomenon. Thankfully, Capcom announced that the west will be getting Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate for Nintendo 3DS sometime in […]

3DS 9

Capcom Reports Sizable Increase In Sales Figures Following Monster Hunter 4

Struggling Capcom reported its financial results today for the period ending September 30, and has experienced a sizable increase in sales as a result of Monster Hunter 4’s enormous launch figures. The company’s net sales shot up to to 53,234 million yen, increasing 16.9%, while operating income rose 15.2%. In addition to the huge numbers from Monster Hunter 4, which is […]

3DS 12

Monster Hunter 4 Director Says Japanese Game Market Lacks Energy, And He Wants It Back

Kaname Fujioka, director of the Monster Hunter games since their inception, has stated in a new interview with Polygon that he feels energy is lacking from Japanese gaming at the moment, and he “wants to get that energy back.” He talks about the experience of meeting overseas gamers enthralled by Monster Hunter, and seems to imply that the same enthusiasm […]