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3DS 5

Orion’s Odyssey Coming To Nintendo eShop After Kickstarter Success

Here’s another title that’s getting ready to hit the Nintendo 3DS eShop after it succeeded in reaching its Kickstarter goal of $4,092. Orion’s Odyssey: A Patterns Block Adventure – made exclusively for Nintendo DS and DSiWare – is a comedy-puzzle adventure where you play as an alien robot named Orion, who can construct objects of any shape and size. And […]

3DS 77

Older Pokémon Games Are Still Selling Pretty Well

Released Title March 2012 March 2013 Increase 2007 Pokémon Diamond/Pearl 17.61 million 17.63 million +20,000 2010 Pokémon HeartGold/SoulSilver 12.40 million 12.67 million +270,000 2011 Pokémon Black/White 14.71 million 15.42 million +710,000 Last year, Nintendo released the latest Game Freak-developed Pokémon role-playing games for the Nintendo DS, Pokémon Black 2 and Pokémon White 2 – both of which have sold over […]

Nintendo 45

Nintendo UK Will Continue To Sell DS Hardware This Year

Earlier today, Nintendo’s financial results from last fiscal year led us to believe that the Nintendo DS hardware would no longer be sold for the current year. However, Nintendo UK have stated that they will be continuing to sell DS hardware – although this is not indicative as to whether the console will be coming to a halt later this […]

Nintendo 111

Miyamoto Says To Give Wii U Time, Compares It To Nintendo DS

Nintendo designer and producer Shigeru Miyamoto told that he feels people will get more familiar with the Wii U and they’ll eventually understand its concept. Not unlike the Nintendo DS, people interact with two screens while playing Wii U games. At first, according to Miyamoto, people were skeptical of the Nintendo DS, because they couldn’t imagine playing video games […]

3DS 35

Nintendo Online Services To Be Disrupted Next Week

Nintendo has announced that its online network will be disrupted due to another emergency maintenance update. Games that will be affected include Pokemon Black & White and Pokemon Black & White 2, along with Wii U matchmaking and rankings. The services will be affected from Monday, February 25th till Tuesday February 26th. Here’s the maintenance window for the following services and titles. From […]

3DS 74

Nintendo Is Planning “Emergency” Online Maintenance For Monday

Nintendo has announced that it plans to carry out “emergency” online maintenance starting from Monday. Nintendo has made it clear that the Wii U eShop, Nintendo 3DS eShop, Nintendo DSi Shop, and Wii Shop Channel will all be inaccessible during this time. There’s also some games that will be affected including Pokemon Black & White and Pokemon Black & White 2. You […]

3DS 196

Eight Out Of The 10 Best-Selling Video Games Of 2012 In Japan Are Exclusive To Nintendo Platforms

According to Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu, out of the 10 best-selling video games of 2012 in Japan, eight are exclusive to Nintendo platforms. Nintendo DS titles Pokemon Black 2 and White 2, which were released in Japan on June 23rd, 2012, have sold practically three million units in the country. Nintendo 3DS-exclusive Animal Crossing: New Leaf, also known as Animal Crossing: […]