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Wii Mini Confirmed For North America

Nintendo of America has confirmed that the budget Wii Mini console will be launching in North America this month. The Wii Mini is priced at $99 and comes with a WiiMote, Nunchuck, and a free copy of the best-selling Mario Kart Wii. The Wii Mini has been a controversial console for Nintendo as it lacks a number of key features […]

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Wii Mini UK Launch Is Disappointing

Several major retailers have told Tech Radar that the demand for the Wii Mini has been virtually non-existent in the United Kingdom. One of GAME’s flagship stores told the publication that it wasn’t even stocking the console due to underwhelming interest, despite having pre-orders up on the site beforehand. HMV also told the publication that it is not stocking the Wii […]

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Survey Says 74 Percent Of British Gamers Think Wii Mini Is Pointless

VoucherCodesPro have conducted a survey which consisted of 1,003 British consumers to see what they thought of the Wii Mini which is coming to Europe on March 22nd. Interestingly, 76 percent of those who were surveyed thought that the Wii Mini wasn’t a very exciting prospect. The poll asked, “Are you excited about the Wii Mini announcement?” 76 percent said no, while the […]

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35,700 Wii Minis Sold In Canada

Nintendo of Canada’s Communications Manager, Matt Ryan, has revealed that Nintendo sold 35,700 Wii Mini consoles in Canada since launch. Ryan said that the Canadian market has reacted positively to the system which lacks a lot of the functionality that the original Wii console contained. Nintendo Europe announced yesterday that the system will go on sale throughout Europe on March 22nd. […]

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Wii Mini To Retail For Around £80

UK retailers have already begun pricing the Wii Mini which was announced for Europe yesterday. Both Amazon and GAME have the system listed for £79.99. The pricing for the console is significantly higher than the $99 Canadian price, which would put the machine at around £65. As usual Nintendo has left the pricing up to retailers. The Wii Mini lacks Gamecube […]

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New Nintendo Selects Games Coming To Europe

To coincide with the launch of Wii Mini, Nintendo is also adding to the existing range of Nintendo Selects titles, offering great value for everyone to enjoy classic Wii games. While Nintendo Selects games such as The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, Super Mario Galaxy and Animal Crossing: Let’s Go to the City are already available, other classic Wii titles being added […]

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Wii Mini Launching March 22nd In Europe

After nearly 100 million Wii consoles sold worldwide, the new look Wii Mini launches across UK on 22nd March. The latest addition to this family of home consoles offers great gameplay at great value, putting the focus squarely on games with over 1200 disc-based Wii titles to choose from. Wii Mini is smaller than the original Wii, and comes in matte black with a red […]

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Wii Mini To Launch Outside Of Canada?

NeoGaf member Qurupeke has spotted a listing for the Wii Mini console on the official Nintendo UK website. Nintendo previously said that they aren’t planning to release the console outside of Canada, but that looks set to change. The Wii Mini launched in Canada on December 7th, 2012. The console doesn’t feature Gamecube support and does not support S-Video or Component video cables. The console also […]

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Nintendo Explains Why It’s Launching Wii Mini

Nintendo of Canada’s spokesperson Matt Ryan has discussed why the company is releasing the Wii Mini which lacks, Wi-Fi, SD Card functionality, and Gamecube support. The Wii Mini, which is currently exclusive to Canada, is a smaller, budget version of the Wii console. Here’s what Ryan had to say. “They are two very different products for a different type of player. It really depends on […]

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Nintendo Says No Plans To Launch Wii Mini In The UK

Nintendo UK has confirmed that it has no plans to launch the recently announced Wii Mini in the United Kingdom as it’s focussing all its attention on Wii U. The Wii Mini is currently only available to purchase in Canada and comes with a $99.99 price tag, The Wii Mini doesn’t have internet access, neither does it play all those […]