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Luminous Arc Developer Announces New Simulation RPG For Japan Named Stella Glow

stella_glow_famitsu_scanJapanese developer Imageepoch – most known for its stellar work on the tactical RPG Luminous Arc – has announced a new 3DS game named Stella Glow. Currently in development, Stella Glow arrives for Japan as a simulation RPG on the back of the studio’s tenth anniversary. While in-depth translations are yet to come through from the Famitsu announcement, the game will focus heavily on fantasy magic, along with a storyline teeming with witches and their abilities to use song magic.

Stella Glow will also feature strategy-focused battles and four main characters pictured in the scan above. While Imageepoch’s DS title Luminous Arc was released in 2007 for North America and Europe, it’s hoped the same can be said for Stella Glow, though confirmation of such may not happen until much later in the development.


CyberConnect2 Working On “Shocking Project” Will Be Announced End Of This Year

CyberConnect2 company president Hiroshi Matsuyama has revealed at Machi Asobi this weekend that the company is working on what he describes as a “shocking project.” Matsuyama wouldn’t say any more on the subject, but said an announcement is due at the end of the year. CyberConnect2 made the fantastic Solatorobo on Nintendo DS.

“It should be around the end of the year that we can announce a shocking project from our company.”