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BioWare Says Mass Effect 3: Special Edition For Wii U Is More Than Just A Standard Port

BioWare has confirmed that Mass Effect 3: Special Edition launches alongside Nintendo’s upcoming console on November 18th in North America and November 30th in Europe. BioWare’s Melanie Faulknor says the game is not simply a port of the original version, Mass Effect 3, which released eight months ago for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Wii U’s version of the game is developed by Straight Right and includes bonus content and new features that utilize the Wii U GamePad.

Let’s hope that BioWare will eventually bring Mass Effect Trilogy to Wii U, too.

“The Mass Effect 3 Special Edition for Wii U is my first project as an External Producer, which means I work with both our internal teams and our external partner, in this case Straight Right from Australia. As this was the first time a Mass Effect game would be on a Nintendo console, we wanted to make sure we had a partner that really had a lot of experience working with Nintendo – and that’s what Straight Right delivered.”

“This was important because this was more than just a standard port project. We’ve added additional content and new features to fully utilize the Wii U GamePad. Our team in Edmonton and the team at Straight Right was working together constantly to create a feature set we think would enhance Mass Effect 3 and we’re proud of the results! You can control your squadmates, utilize both Shepard and your squad’s abilities and even play Mass Effect 3 all from the GamePad – something that comes in super handy if someone else in the house wants to watch or use the TV.”

-Melanie Faulknor

130 thoughts on “BioWare Says Mass Effect 3: Special Edition For Wii U Is More Than Just A Standard Port”

      1. Well it will come with Genesis for the ME1 story choices and was updated to include the ME2 story choices as well and I think most if not all the DLC for ME3. Which is good for me since I’ve already completed the series and am looking to retire my 360. I still enjoy mass effect 3’s online and with the new features being implemented for the Wii U, it give’s me a reason to play through the campaign again, which is great, and will make it easier to make a few choices I wouldn’t normally make(when you finally get to a point where you need to make a tough decision, I find it hard to choose the one I wouldn’t normally make, even though I know its not the “REAL” me.) and since it wont take very long to go through the 2 comics, it should help with that. This edition is perfect for me but probably not for everyone.

      2. If they gave us the trilogy maybe I would give a crap. Otherwise EA can get fucked. E3 2011, EA say they will be Wii U’s biggest 3rd party dev. Wii U launches, Ubisoft are laughing at EA on there way to the bank with all the cash while EA sit there coming up with a genius idea to get the lost money back. Battlefield 4, its Battlefield 3 with more blue tint

  1. BioWare Says Mass Effect 3: Special Edition For Wii U Is More Than Just A Standard Port. It´s just the last part of a Trilogy that you probably have already played complete in other console..

      1. More power to you, but I´m still confused by the fact they ( EA) are planning to release a Trilogy Pack for both, the PS3 and the 360, but not for the console that have non of the previous game. And for the Fact that Mass Effect it´s a heavy history game, getting just the last part it´s a big let down.

      1. Im happy bioware is bringing atleast mass effect 3 to wiiu the call of bringing the trilogy was mostly ea call on a easy buck on 360 has they not needed to code it on ps3 same but the reason is that mass effect 1 will be just a quik port whit no extra features so if mass effect3 do well not jsut in sells but in reviews too they will bring it

      1. You don’t know Take Two won’t be releasing their core franchises on the Wii U. They just haven’t announced any of them yet.

          1. Take Two’s core franchises are coming out early next year. (Bioshock Infinite, GTA V)
            They can still announce them any time now for the Wii U. They may not release at the same time as they obviously started on the PS3 and 360 versions well before they received Wii U dev kits.

  2. If I knew this was coming to WiiU I would of not bought the PC version at launch, as I have done with Batman AC. I wont be buying but this is stupid, they should of included the trilogy.

    1. NFS: Most Wanted as well coming early 2013.
      I guess it’s ok for now as they don’t want to port EVERY single game over that’s already old and possibly won’t make them enough profit.
      The biggest franchises are a start, though

      1. Fifa and Madden have features completely missing compared to the PS3/360 versions. The “brand new super realistic” physics engines for the games are also missing in the Wii U versions. Is that good support?

        1. I thought you meant support as in…releasing games.
          Not sure about the Physics engines and features, I thought they were meant to be the full shebang. EA’s been spending all this time at expos telling the world how the Wii U version of FIFA is everything that the XB/PS versions are plus more, with the addition of the gamepad features to boot.

    2. Look at what Ubisoft has done. ” exclusives and a perfectly normal version of AC3. That is going to sell sell sell. EA can’t really expect their sloppy throwbacks to sell well.

      FIFA and Madden are rushed , I’m sorry but if they had a year to make them then they should be better than the other versions. And with the trilogy coming out , it doesn’t matter how gamepadified ME3 is , it won’t sell well at all.

  3. Sorry Melanie. Your bosses shot you in the back. You did your best to bring the game to the Wii U, then they decide to negate all your hard work by releasing the trilogy which includes the original version of your game. What incentive do future Wii U owners have to buy your game now? I was definitely going to buy this game, but now I’m not so sure. Leave luck to heaven.

    1. I’m in the same situation. I was really excited to pick it up until I saw the trilogy. Now I’m going to wait and see if the trilogy comes to Wii U later or I’m getting it cheap on Steam.

      1. I doubt this is coming to steam since EA has origin now, there haven’t been any EA games on steam for quite a while.

    2. My thoughts exactly! The trilogy casts a very dark shadow over MA3 and I can’t justify buying it even with the extra content and Wii U controls for full price. EA screws up again!

  4. Still on the dense about this game seeing how I am getting Black Ops 2 as well… not sure if two shooters is overkill at one time and really wish Mass Effect 3 Wii U included the Leviathian DLC too so we could get pretty much all the story together :/

  5. Good to hear. I really like the “Off TV Play” option. Does anyone know if it’s available in Assassin’s Creed 3?

  6. I laughed a little when I read that. My honest opinion is that from what I’ve read it doesn’t sound that much more than a standard port, unless they utilize the gamepad to where it’s gameplay is entirely different and almost ground breaking. I’m not sayin that this won’t be a good game but there hasn’t be anything stellar mentioned about the game is all. Sigh, but i can only speculate

    1. Incorrect. Don’t make blanket statements. I’ve never touched this game. Thought it looked cool. But I wasn’t going to buy a whole console for it. Now…I’ll play it.

      1. Yes, but the point is that they are trying to hype this up as some brand new game completely different from the version of Mass Effect 3 when it is not completely different. In addition, most of the hardcore market they are trying to cater to already have a console on which they can play ME3 and would rather play it months earlier than wait for another new console along with a few other hardcore games that also came out months ago and a few exclusive titles.

        1. I only own Nintendo consoles. I don’t have the $$ to buy all consoles, AND handhelds AND all the games I want. I can barely keep up with thd Nintendo software for 3DS at the moment.

          So I’ve never played this, and to me, It’s going to be a new game.

          1. Yes, but you and others like you do make up the majority of people playing ME3. They are attempting to market it as a way of selling Wii U’s to people who own 360/PS3. If they already have either of those consoles, then 99% of them will not buy a Nintendo console, especially considering amongst most of the hardcore gamers Nintendo is trying to market to now consider any Nintendo console to be casual. Nintendo needs to focus more on hardcore games like Assassin’s Creed 3 that came out fairly recently and therefore more people have a chance of buying them.

        1. I’ve never played the other two and would rather see just the storyline.
          The Wii U version of ME3 gives me this option on top of more control options via the new game pad.
          That’s not stupid, it’s preference.
          Stop being an elitist wannabe.

                  1. Luckily I didn’t buy any of the Mass Effect games. Mass Effect 3 came out earlier this year for the PS3. If I bought that I would be pretty pissed off because they are selling the whole trilogy for the same price.

                1. Correction: Two games I don’t want to play through to see the story and the last one, which I do want to play through.
                  To me, that’s a waste of money regardless of whether or not it’s the same price.
                  I’ll take the Wii U version any day because it stream-lines the game right into the third entry by just giving out story options for the first and second instead of forcing me to play through the other two.
                  Try again yourself.
                  Oh, wait. You can’t. You’re still stuck on the idea that everyone wants to play the first and second one all the way through.
                  Good luck breaking that vicious cycle, amigo.
                  You’ll need it.

                  1. So if the trilogy and Mass Effect 3 were both being released on the Wii U and they were the same price you would buy the Mass Effect 3 game and not the trilogy? You are officially a dumb ass.

                    1. You’re the dumb-ass.
                      Have you never heard of something called “different preferences”?
                      You wanna slog through the first and second games again, when you’ve likely already played them, just to get to the third game?
                      That’s fine. Enjoy your repetitive trilogy trip.
                      The rest of us, who want the enhanced version of the best entry in said trilogy, without having to slog through every moment of 1 and 2, will gladly take the Wii U version.

                      Read again: I don’t want to play through 1 and 2.
                      All I care about is being caught up with the story so that I understand what is going on in 3.
                      The enhanced Wii U version supports all these desires and gives more control options on top of that.

                      You’d have to be the world’s most elitist anti-Nintendo bigot to not recognize this as a legitimately good idea for people who just want to get right to it instead of doing a trip through the first two. Again.

        2. Then I’m also retarded.
          And you’re an arrogant jackass. People who don’t think like you = retarded.

            1. What bullshit?
              They are offering a superior installment of the last entry in the Mass Effect series, for people who never got into it before, with a stream-lined system of storyline-path-option-choices via the new comic within the game, so that people don’t have to waste their time playing through 1 and 2 if they don’t want to.
              Just because you’re dumb enough to buy a trilogy pack of games and slog through the first couple of inferior ones when you’ve likely already done so when they were sold separately doesn’t mean the rest of us want to make that choice.
              It’s a solid secondary option and nothing your hater-centric rhetoric can say will ever change that.

                1. Yeah, it is.
                  If you don’t want to play through the first and second games, and want a better version of the third, while still getting caught up with the story.
                  How can this point keep slipping by you?
                  Are you intentionally ignoring it, or are you such a fan of the first two that your mind can’t wrap around the idea of someone wanting to skip them?

                  1. I know there are dumb asses all over the net but you’re definitely up there. The normal, smart people would buy the trilogy at the SAME PRICE! I don’t care if you’re not interested in the FIRST TWO GAMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! At least you have the option of playing them.

                    1. You really aren’t paying attention, are you?
                      Do you have reading comprehension problems, or are you a fan-tard for the first two games?

                      If I have no interest in playing them, WHY WOULD I WANT TO OWN THEM, YOU NIMROD?!
                      It’s a waste of my time, and I’d HAVE to play through them if I got the Trilogy, in order to understand the story.
                      How can you be so dense as to ignore that point?

                    2. “At least you have the option of playing them.”
                      What was that, did I say OPTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
                      What was that, those other two games are FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
                      Once again I don’t care if you’re not interested in the first two games. Learn to fucking read. The game on the Wii U will flop and you’ll be one of the retards who bough it. Congrats.


                      Which is why I WILL TAKE THE WII U VERSION.
                      Unless you can prove the Trilogy doesn't make me play through the first two games to understand the story and instead gives me a comic and decisions throughout it instead, you've got NO FUCKING CASE.

                    4. I’ve lost nothing.
                      NOWHERE on there did it say that the version of Mass Effect 3 present inside the Trilogy gives a comic that lets me read through the story of 1 and 2, while skipping having to play through 1 and 2.
                      As someone who never owned the first two games and does not wish to play through them, that would mean HAVING TO PLAY THEM IN THE TRILOGY TO UNDERSTAND THE STORY.

                      GOD, you’re thick!

                    5. What you are saying is you have to get the Wii U version of Mass Effect 3 to understand what happened in the first two games because it has an in game comic. That has to be the stupidest thing I’ve heard in some time. You can look up that info on the net. But nar, you’d prefer to get ripped off instead.

                    6. You really haven’t been reading anything about the Wii U version, have you?
                      The comic in the Wii U version LETS YOU MAKE STORYLINE CHOICES THAT IMPACT THE GAME BEFORE YOU START IT.
                      It’s like making all the storyline choices of the first two games without needing to play it.
                      Something that merely reading the story on the net does not accomplish.

                      You’ve definitely got some sort of reading comprehension issue if you haven’t understood this by now.
                      If a player has not played the first two, does not WANT to play the first two, but wants to see the STORY of the first two and make the decisions present in those two at critical points to affect ME3’s story when they finally start playing it, then the Wii U version is ideal.
                      Is that clear enough for you?
                      Or do I have to enter in a bunch of Engrish or Ebonics for it to make more sense to you?

                    7. The majority of the people on this site agree with me and say it’s a rip off but hey you go for it. I’m done with you.

                    8. No, fuck that.
                      This “Most people” shit is something you made up for your own convenience.
                      Read this:

                      Straight from the article:
                      “Mass Effect 3 Special Edition will ship with Mass Effect: Genesis, an interactive comic from Dark Horse. This comic, which originally shipped with the PS3 version of Mass Effect 2, re-tells the story of Mass Effect. The Wii U version of Genesis has been updated to include ME2’s story as well. Players will make choices throughout the comic that mirror important decision points in those games. Those choices will then affect the plot of the players’ ME3 experience.”

                      Important point:
                      Players will make choices throughout the comic that mirror important decision points in those games. Those choices will then affect the plot of the players’ ME3 experience.

                      I don’t need to play through the first two games with this one because I CAN MAKE ALL THE SAME DECISIONS THROUGH THE COMIC.

                      At this point, you’re just butt-hurt that I stomped your logic into the dirt and buried it, by providing solid reasons behind why anyone who doesn’t want to play the first two would like the Wii U version.
                      So go ahead, walk away now.
                      Take your narrow-minded opinions with you.
                      You never stood a chance.

                  2. “This “Most people” shit is something you made up for your own convenience.”
                    Take a look at people’s comments on this post. I’m sorry but you’re outnumbered as most of them won’t full for EA’s bullshit. Have fun enjoying you shitty comic.

        3. It’s a great idea. Don’t be an idiot. And shut your filthy mouth off. In order for me buy the Trilogy, I’d have to spend money not only on that trilogy, but also on an inferior console. Bad idea. Now, if I already owned said inferior system, then that would be a different story. Wouldn’t it?

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  8. I’m looking forward to it.
    Didn’t feel much like playing through the other two but the story interests me, so the Wii U version covers that on top of giving me all the DLC and new control options for squad mates and abilities via the game pad.
    It sounds like a great port with slightly enhanced features that doesn’t pile two more games on top of it if all I want to do is read most of the story then get straight to the meat of the last installment.

  9. I’ve heard that Mass Effect 1 and 2 aren’t that great in comparison to 3.

    I am indifferent to Mass Effect 3 on the Wii U though; mainly because of the trilogy. I wouldn’t have minded just receiving ME3 and having to use the digital comics, but the announcement of the trilogy has proven that EA are just screwing us over. I am interested in ME3, but I won’t be picking it up at launch now.

    1. Is not such a big deal the ps3 mass effect player are being screw too has they are just getting mass effect1 and xbox players are just getting a repackcage nothing new will be added

        1. Right, because you have to be a fan boy or a retard if you don’t want to have to play through 1 and 2 to get to the vastly superior 3, and just want to be briefed on the story so far.
          Speaking of story, most people already own ME 1, 2, and 3 on their own.
          These people are still getting the Trilogy and are going to play through both 1 and 2.
          You’ve not yet called them out on that.

          Nice job at showing just how biased against Nintendo you are.

          That’s the only reason you’d possibly look down upon this; you’re just another bigoted hater sitting on his high horse.
          A clean target for someone to knock down. Like those cutesy little toys in carnival shooting galleries.
          Only uglier and with a sever elitist complex.

          1. I’m getting a Wii U Deluxe. I’m buying NSMBU, Assassins Creed 3, Black Ops 2 and Darksiders 2 with it. How am I biased exactly? I’m just not going to get ripped of by the dirtiest company in the gaming industry. I’m trying to help others out including yourself. Send a message to them.

            1. I’ve met plenty of people who own a system for two or three specific games, and otherwise call it and everyone who supports it complete and utter crap.
              I don’t need your help, and I’ve already explained why.
              Multiple times.
              But let’s take this nice and slow so that it can sink in:


              Was that annoyingly drawn-out response enough to get the point to stick?
              Or are you still under the impression that everyone wants to play the first and second games before diving into the third?
              If you are, then I’m stopping here.
              I can’t bear beating my head against a brick wall of “but you gotta get the trilogy because it’s got all three!” illogicality any more than I already have.

              1. I will hardly play my PS3 when I get my Wii U. I don’t own an Xbox 360. I have no plans on getting a PS4 or the next Xbox. I just don’t like companies that try to rip me off. Stop damage controlling everything.

                1. I’m not damage-controlling anything.
                  EA sucks as a majority rule.
                  I just happen to believe that this was a smart move to draw in people who want to experience the third entry without slogging through the first two.
                  Difference of opinion =/= damage control. The Wii U version will be perfect for people who want an enhanced version of >JUST< the third entry in the series but don't want to be left behind on the story.

                  1. Smart move? Other NORMAL people will see thins game on the Wii U as a rip off. Stop this people may not want to play the first two bullshit. They’re fucking FREE! Do you know what FREE means? You want to play the third game for the same price as the whole trilogy? If you can’t see that EA is ripping you off you need serious HELP.

                    1. The person who needs help is you.
                      Who GIVES A SHIT if the first two are FREE?
                      And with the trilogy, as I’ve stated before, to the best of my knowledge, YOU >MUST< PLAY THROUGH THE FIRST TWO GAMES TO UNDERSTAND THE STORY UP TO THAT POINT.
                      The Wii U version, STREAM-LINES THAT PROCESS WITH A COMIC INSTEAD.

                      Take your "two free games" and toss them at the nearest raging fire.
                      I don't want the freebies when they do not appeal to me and would force me to play through them if I got them for story's sake.
                      You need to learn that not everyone wants to play through the first two to understand the story, and that that's a perfectly legitimate reason for getting the Wii U version.
                      If you can't see that you're being a narrow-minded elitist, it is YOU, who needs serious help.

              2. “I’ve met plenty of people who own a system for two or three specific games, and otherwise call it and everyone who supports it complete and utter crap.”
                Yes, I’m buying a Wii U so I can play NSMBU, AC3, Black Ops 2 and Darksiders 2. Oh wait, three of those games are multiplats. You’re in another league of Stupidity.

                1. And you’re in another league of hypocrisy.
                  You should just stick to the other platform versions of those games instead, if you want to lend your argument any credence, but instead you’re buying games you’ve already got on another system.
                  You’re a disgrace.

                    1. So because I dislike how EA is treating Nintendo means I dislike the Wii U? It’s the only next gen system I’ll be getting. I’m not going to waste my money on all gaming consoles because I actually have a life outside of four walls.

                  1. I haven’t got AC3 or Darksiders 2. I’m waiting for them for the Wii U. You can’t prove me wrong but hey keep damage controlling yourself it’s hilarious. Black Ops 2 hasn’t even been released yet. I don’t even own and any Mass Effect games. I can’t fucking stand EA.

          2. I had separate copies of Metroid Prime 1, 2 and 3. Then I traded them in to get the Trilogy for Wii. I’ve played through all three games countless times and it never gets boring. If I ever wanted to get into Mass Effect, I would prefer to actually PLAY the games rather than read a stupid interactive comic. But that’s just me.

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  11. You’re so stupid if you want whole trilogy buy Mass Effect 3 when EA see that stupid Nintendo fanboys who crying only to play stupid boring Mario already 20 years had buy Mass Effect 3 for WII U maybe they will release the whole trilogy you really don’t deserve third party games you deserve whole life to play that Mario for babies

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