Flipnote Studio 3D Now Available To Download For US Club Nintendo Members

Flipnote Studio 3D is now available to download for Club Nintendo members in North America. It may have been a terribly lengthy wait for the animation app to arrive on the eShop for many, including a small hiccup last week, but Nintendo of America has updated its rewards catalogue page with a confirmation note of its release. Club Nintendo members can simply access their “to-do list” on the website to receive their free download code.

Available as a free download to Club Nintendo members in North America until June 30, 2015, Flipnote Studio 3D allows users to create three-dimensional animations, add background music and sound effects, as well as use various touchscreen drawing tools. Animations can then be shared to 3DS users over a local wireless connection, or be saved onto an SD card and shared over social media.

For Flipnote Studio 3D, please check your To-Do list to receive your download.


        1. Speak for yourself. I like to animate and I dont really care about the community, Its nice. but I have other outlets for people to see my work

          1. But other people don’t have other outlets like you do, let alone people that would actually view or care about them. ;,,(

            1. Indeed, my 3DS is set to a non US/Canada country, so I can´t redeem the code, but it seems that I´ll have to wait for the normal non code Flipnote studio, which will release who knows when, then I´ll make the animations

      1. I checked and the only way to get flipnotes from another user from flipnote hatena is to enter in their user id. You can check your old id on the dsi version of flipnote hatena

    1. No friggin clue. I’m assuming they will later on and Club Nintendo members will get it for free earlier. At least that’s what I’m thinking, not that it will happen. Nintendo does the weirdest shit sometimes, so it wouldn’t be surprising if they don’t put it on the eShop.

    1. D,;


      My dumb 3DS wouldn’t turn on for the past couple of weeks. ;( Such perfect timing!
      I tried sending it to Nintendo via the website but the piece of crap site gives me a glitch every time I go to the confirmation page!!

      It’s like every odd is against me. D:

      1. Oh good, I’m not the only one getting that crap.

        Whatever Nintendo’s new rewards program is, hopefully the servers are better outfitted for high traffic and have better scripting so that these blank pages don’t happen.

  1. Can you even redeem this in a non US eshop? Im getting:

    Error code 011-3108
    The item corresponding to the dl code its not currently being distributed.

      1. Thanks for the link, its useful to check, my eshop is set to mexico so no luck, can only redeem it if its generally released, that or give it away.
        Its Photos with Mario all over again :(

    1. It appears Club Nintendo and NoA are having technical difficulties issuing codes. So even though you may have received your code, the download might not be able to register just yet due to the influx of members also trying to download it. It might just be the case of waiting a tad longer (I know, it sucks) for the codes to become active.

  2. Sorry!

    Club Nintendo is currently unavailable due to site maintenance.
    We apologize for any inconvenience.

  3. I can’t get ANY codes right now! I went on to get Flipnote and Star Fox 64 3D (since my original hard copy got stolen) and all I get are blank pages when I click “Get it/Order now!”

    Guess I’ll have to come back at 3am when no one’s on.

    1. Aaaaaand that still isn’t working- still get stuck on a blank page when I try to get codes for both.

      Just great.

  4. I figured that if Nintendo were to ever try to release it again, it would be without online. I mean it seemed like they would do that . I just wish Flipnote Hatena hadn’t been shut down so early for the sake of this.

      1. Well, we can blame those little girls for adding the pedophiles in their 3DS Friend Codes in the first place. That is why Parental Controls exists. Parents really need to look at what their children are doing.. if that didn’t happen, we would’ve gotten Flipnote with online and Swapnote would remain active, but whatever.

        Good thing those perverts are done for.

          1. I’m pretty sure the only reason Miiverse exists is because Nintendo was forced to get in the present with a general online community. Otherwise, I don’t think they wanna have anything to do with online. They still pretty much live in their older glory days, and they’re kinda lazy to get in the present.

            1. Their next console better be fully decked out with online stuff everywhere or I’m gonna be severely disappointed when it’s 2018 and Nintendo still can’t do online right.

              1. Agreed. “Ehe ehehehe eheheh….we don’t need to do all this work to add online, everybody will buy our Marios, Zeldas, Dankey Kangs and Metroids regardless.”

        1. The only people to blame are Nintendo with that. It isn’t a gaming companies responsibility to raise children for their parents. This kind of stuff is going to happen regardless if a kid has a 3DS or not.

          If you actually read the story, you’d know these kids broke the parental locks in order to do this. Which means they had to have had a computer or a smartphone to do this, which also means they were already talking to these people on either. It was even said in one of the incidents that the girl was already talking to these men in an online forum before hand.

          So the 3DS being a small part of this, really didn’t make a damn difference. These kids were at least smart enough to know they could look online to unlock the parental controls. So even if they couldn’t communicate or send pictures on their 3DS, they would do it some other way, on a phone or computer. It would not have made any difference.

          It’s a slippery slope because even with the best parenting, sometimes your child can just be a little shit no matter what you do. Even with good information given, sometimes you just cannot stop a child from doing something stupid, that’s life. Unless you lock them in a room and monitor their every movement 24/7, they will most likely get into some trouble every now and then.

          Nintendo is also stupidly restrictive about certain things, then they don’t even bother with others, which makes no sense at all. You can add people easily on the Wii U, but then on the 3DS, it is a total pain the ass.. Both could have children playing them.. So how does that make sense again?

          In Animal Crossing you can add virtually anyone or talk to anyone on the islands, through Club Tortimer. So why are they going to remove something like Swapnote, but then still let kids just talk to anyone in Animal Crossing pretty much? Cause let’s face it, most parents probably have no idea their kids can even do that in a game like Animal Crossing. I know most young girls, that is literally their favorite 3DS game as well. To make matter worse, more children play that game period. Yet Nintendo hasn’t stripped down those features.

          The same thing could play out as with those other incidents. So why even bother? Like I said, even without the 3DS, these kids will find a way. I know I was a little sneaky rascal when I was younger, and if I wanted to do something, I’d figure it out. My parents weren’t bad either by any means, but they can’t watch you every single second of your life.

          I feel if Nintendo is going to try and be the parental guardians of gaming, then apply it to every aspect of your games and systems. Don’t just half ass it on one system, then treat the other differently, or allow to leave certain features in games that could lead to the same exact outcome with Swapnote.

          I can’t stand when everyone else is punished because of a few people who made some poor choices.. I could understand if it was some huge issue on Swapnote, and the only thing people were sending each other were nude pictures but it wasn’t. Yes, it is a very unfortunate situation, sadly it’s a situation that can’t be avoided and could have easily be done without any 3DS’s at all.

          So removing Swapnote made no difference, it didn’t make the world any safer of a place. There are still plenty of children at this moment I even write this, probably getting into a lot of trouble or doing things with adults they clearly know they shouldn’t be doing.

    1. Is there a way to redeem the code if my NNID is not from US/Canada? I got the code but can’t use it because I am in Mexico

  5. I see the flipnote on my to-do list, but i must add an american address? I don’t even live in america, how am i going to go past this.

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