Infinity Ward Says There Was No Way They Were Going To Do Modern Warfare 4


Call of Duty community manager Tina Palacios has revealed that Infinity Ward had decided it wasn’t going to develop another game in the Modern Warfare series once development of Modern Warfare 3 was wrapped up. The development team thought they needed a fresh start after the mass exodus suffered by the developer back in 2010.

“After Modern Warfare 3 ended, we already knew from the beginning that we didn’t want to do another one. There was no way we were going to do another one. We wanted to go in a new direction.”

“I feel like it’s not necessarily the game that gave us that sense [of a fresh start], it’s more of moving into a new studio. It’s a unique situation to be in for any studio because for us making Ghosts, not only are we putting our heart and soul into the game but we’re still really close friends with other developers. I think what we’re trying to do is create a game without anything else holding us back. We really just want to focus on creating an experience that’s new and fresh for us because ultimately if we don’t enjoy what we’re doing we’re not going to be there.

“So yeah, our main focus is just making sure that we ourselves would go home and play Ghosts without thinking of anything else on the side.”

Call Of Duty Developer Says “Games Are Becoming Harder And More Expensive To Make”


Infinity Ward executive producer Mark Rubin feels that games are now becoming harder to make and also more expensive to make as developers aim to produce AAA games which demand a much higher budget. Rubin says that consumers now want better graphics, they want more realistic looking art assets, and that all ultimately comes at a cost.

“It’s a scary thing, and I’ll take my Call of Duty hat off for a second here, but games are becoming harder to make and more expensive to make. And I feel like smaller studios are having trouble. I can’t speak for them, but I would think they are having trouble making big games that hit the big AAA market because they’re harder to do. People want better and better graphics, they want more realistic looking art assets, and that comes at a cost and that’s a hard thing to have to deal with.”

Infinity Ward Says Making A New Game Rather Than COD “Would Be The Easy Way Out”


Call of Duty Ghosts executive producer Mark Rubin has told EGDE that he thinks that making a brand new game, rather than creating a new Call of Duty game, would simply be an easy way out for the company. Rubin then went on to say that to change a Call of Duty game every year is something that’s a huge challenge for Infinity Ward internally.

“Yeah, there is a lot of pressure there. It would, in a sense, just be easier for us to go just make a brand new game that isn’t Call Of Duty, that doesn’t have any limitations. That would be the easy way out.”

“It’s actually much harder to know that you have something that’s very important to a lot of people, and a formula that people really love as it is. To change that every year is something that’s a huge challenge for us internally, but it drives a lot of our passion. We end up becoming our own biggest critics – when we ship, we postmortem what we did right and what we did wrong. We really tear it apart. That drives us to keep going on the franchise, and not take the easy way out, in a sense.”


Call Of Duty: Ghosts Teased For Wii U

call of duty ghostsCall of Duty: Ghosts has been teased as coming to the Wii U, according to Infinity Ward’s executive producer Mark Rubin. However, the title is still yet to be officially confirmed by publishers Activision, who are still making neither heads nor tails of the decision.

Earlier in May, we heard wind that Activision may reveal the Wii U version at a later date, then earlier this month a Wii U version was disproved by no mention of it on a PR listing. Now it appears there is hope for the first person shooter after all, and it’s all stemmed from a GameSpot stage show at E3, where Mark Rubin stated that a Wii U version has been kept hush-hush all for a spot of PR mystery. Yeah, we don’t get it either.

“That’s probably in the next-gen bin, but we’re not actually talking about Wii U yet. ‘Cause we want to keep it mysterious.” – Mark Rubin, Exec Producer, Infinity Ward

Modern Warfare 4 Heading To Next Gen?

An Infinity Ward engineer’s resume seems to hint that the next edition of the immensely popular Modern Warfare series will be heading to both next generation and current generation platforms. Alongside the currently available consoles there’s an intriguing “TBA” for other unannounced platforms. It seems reasonably likely that we will be seeing the game on Wii U, and at a long-shot the Wii.

Robert Bowling Announces His New Game Human Element

Robert Bowling, who previously worked at Infinity Ward on the Modern Warfare series, has finally decided the time is right to show off his new game. Bowling’s latest project is titled Human Element, and the story appears to be based around survival. Human Element is in development for next generation consoles, PC, mobile and tablets. We should hear more about the game at E3 next week.

“Their greatest strength is the fear that [zombies] instill in us, the survivors, that unreasonable fear. Unreasonable fear that leads us to do unreasonable things to survive.”

“Human Element ‘s character creation system allows players to choose between three different character classes, Action, Intelligence, and Stealth, and three different identities, Survive Alone, Survive with a Partner, and Survive with a Young Child.”

“How you choose to start in the world will determine how you can engage and impacts the scenarios you will be presented with on a physical and morality level.”

Ex Infinity Ward Devs New Game Won’t Be At E3

Respawn Entertainment, the development team that comprises of ex Infinity Ward employees, has announced that they won’t be showing off their new IP at next months E3 event in Los Angeles. Respawn Entertainment employees will attend this year’s E3, but they won’t be revealing the title that they’ve been working on until a later date.

“Some of us will be present at E3, but we won’t be showing anything or doing any press related to the game.”

– Respawn community manager Abbie Heppe